Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Greetings mortals,

    Please post any feedback and/or bugs regarding your trespass through Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo]. And remember, keep out of the lava. It burns. Because it's lava.


  2. Pioneer Member

    Got a bug with Balrezu at Obsidian Core (solo).
    drop his HP to 73% (not 75) and event get stopped.
    Mob is immortal and i can't do anything with him.
  3. Bardonio Member

    Did he disappear and spawn adds on the braziers? Or just broke script and stayed there immortal?
  4. Malahk Member

    I'm on boss on level 4. He disappears and you have to choose one of the fires to follow him, but I just dies choosing the wrong one each time. How do you know which to choose?
  5. Catterinna Member

    okay I followed the dopples but when it gets to 25% a dopple flies higher than usual and doesnt drop anywhere so i cant follow.

    Also if you die and get rezzed you cant continue? all the portal kill you?
  6. Catterinna Member

    the one that flies high kinda disappears through the ceiling instead of one of the portal thingies on the floor
  7. Vanyel Member

    The spirits fly and you memorize the order. 1st time = 2... then 3.. then 4

    You have to remember the order as you are ported for room to room.

    I died about 20Xs until I figured it out.. now it's just EASY
  8. Vanyel Member


    The ghosts aren't always coming out of it like they should

    This one fight she did 2,3,3 vs 2,3,4 and I'm being killed on the 4th one because I was never shown what it was

    i watched her like a hawk so I know it wasn't me missing it
  9. Anatha Active Member

    There is a portal on the ceiling as well. Zoom out and pay attention to where each mob goes.
  10. Chrol Developer

    You should be able to click the braziers after defeating the adds.
  11. Chrol Developer

    I'll add some messaging so it's more clear as to where they're heading.
  12. Zuicidal Member

    zone in location anyone?...Please?
  13. Zuicidal Member

    Found it, and yes some messaging would help tremendously!
  14. Efbomb New Member

    Is the message currently in or will it be with the new update?
  15. Chrol Developer

    No it's not in right now. I'm busy with the gods in Molten Throne. They're a needy bunch...
  16. Elowith Active Member

    I took a break part way through zone, and upon returning, the lift operator suggests I need one (and I do) but one never comes.
  17. Hypozeuxis Member

    Left zone last night after killing level 3 boss (because of impending update). Tonight lift is back at the top, but Operator is at front of lava (1,-6,-55) is not in range to hail from the lift itself, and only option when standing cloe enough is "summon the lift" which dosen't actually do anything because it's already there.

    Reset zone, try again
    * 3rd floor - bodies of scorched fiend with lorew Obsidian Sun Disk often lands on top of loot chest, blocking access to chest. If a disk has already been looted, need to destroy to lloot another to make body disappear so chest can be clicked.
  18. Andric Member

    similar to above by Hypozeuxis - I logged after killing Balrezu to raid on live, logged back in and lift was up top but was no graphic for lava, lift operator visible but way out of range. lava killed me(forgot buff), had to gate out after ressing and finding out what was going on.
  19. Hypozeuxis Member

    Xuzl's set of strats seems overly complex for a solo mob on a quest sequence. For a Heroic zone with a group, it should be fine.

    Also, landing on the pentagram is very difficult when it disappears at some angles and distances while getting bounced up - I don't thing EQ2 should be a test of manual dexterity, and certainly not of trying to land on invisible platforms.
  20. maxximum Member

    The platform may be a graphical issue. I've got graphics turned way up and can see an orange platform when I'm tossed up. Getting on to it can be tricky depending on which vent you use, but I can usually finish the fight relatively quickly.

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