Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Once, but it was with another player, so not a good test of the timing.
    Double PG tokens on live have distacted me a bit from beta for a bit. The adorns from PGs are nice, but double tokens is the only thing that can get me past the tedium :p
  2. Elinea Well-Known Member

    My last attempt at it was yesterday morning, and I had to go to work but left myself afk in the zone. When I got home, my husband had finished it for me, so I'll have to go back in and try again myself. He said he died twice before he got it, but he's always been more adept at the movement game than I.
  3. Toxlas Member

    This zone is so boring. I love the layout and the basic ideas behind it but this zones reminds me why I don't like raiding. It's boring. All of this is from the perspective of a SOLO player, using a beta rolled zerc with an inq merc (Stampy)

    First boss, Jiva: you have to fight in the red gargoyle to do damage. The red gargoyle is outside of melee range, so I have to use my crossbow. Fight takes forever and is just a boring stand-off as his health slowly goes down. The only thing I could do to speed it up was taunt him - that's right, I killed him with my taunts.

    Second boss, So'Valiz: once you work out the mechanic, it's fine. The insta death thing was annoying but that's gone so it's OK. Could do with more time but I think that will come as well.

    Third boss, Estryxia: kept killing me for 2 days, using Untamed Fire on it's 3rd life. Today it didn't cast it so I killed it, finally. No idea if I did something different or if it's been changed, don't really care, just glad it's done. Fight is a huge power drain, most of the time I was just auto-attacking and flicking Weapon Counter when it came active, having no power being a zerk with no power regen.

    Fourth boss, Xuzl: Stuck on this one and got so frustrated I had to come and write this. Again, a massive power drain. The only way to start the fight with him with any power is to use auto-attack on the shards. I ignored the imps as the distraction they are. Auto-attck fights are slow and boring. When you finally get to fight him, there are those 5 swords to keep extinguishing. So the fight consists of having merc attack, me run around putting out swords and then get a 3 or 4 second window where I can start to do any damage before having to start running around putting swords out again? This is a SOLO zone, remember? Best I've managed so far is to get him to 78%. Also, the only way out is to jump into the lava and die.
    I can guarantee that this will be the least used zone due to the boring fights. I can't wait to get a guildie in to help put out the swords while I kill him.
    Hopefully this zone will be finished soon and I don't have to come back, ever. I know I do for the sig quest on live and I'm already not looking forward to it.
  4. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Having some troubles with the script on Estryxia...just can't quite figure out what is expected.

    I've talked to friends who have made it through and they weren't really sure what worked. They just kind of beat on her and ran back and forth and after a few tries (and dying a few times), she finally died.

    (One note: These were KA Tier4/Epic2-geared people, most of them are top-tier DPS (ranger, necro). They were surprised to see how long it took my toon to kill and to run through scripts; it was a big difference from their experience to mine. I'm currently running through with a ranger friend in order to progress and keep testing...I plan to go back on my own afterwards to get a better feel for the true "solo" experience.)
  5. Chrol Developer

    I need to add better messaging for Estryxia. Essentially, it's kill her each time on one side of the flame then the other. You see the rings each time she is killed. If they reach the top/bottom of the pillars they're on, it's a wipe. Partial hint on the name of the sustained damage spell that's on you, called Balance of Flames. If memory serves there's more detail on that spell's examine.
  6. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Ah, got it, thank you. I saw the Balance of Flames damage and saw that the rings moved when she died, but couldn't figure out what made them move as they did.

    Various things I tried (I really did try to figure it out, I promise :)):

    * Alternating the pillar she died near (thinking it was her death that moved the rings down on the pillar closest and up the far one)
    * Keeping her in the flames as we fought ("balancing" her in the flames)
    * Making sure she died in the flames (phoenix/fire/ashes)
    * Fighting her between the flames and the pillar ( "balancing" her between flame and pillar - got tricky as the flames would move into/behind the walls on either end, so I wasn't sure if they were actually there)

    (I honestly didn't have a chance to do a closer examine on the damage spell. I tried a few times, I was too busy running and hitting and curing...and dying. <grin>)

    Many thanks for the tip, I'll give it another try!
  7. Toxlas Member

    What!? Is that it? I totally missed that. I spent 2 days fighting this one (and dying) I thought it was fight her next to the roost. Killed her twice doing it that way. I just ignored the flames, figured it was something that would come into the heroic zone. I must have just lucked out each time she died.
  8. Spartanec New Member

    Avatar of Sun (x2)
    160 sec fight its impossible, because new buff fervor 250 (old version buff 500 fervor)
    Old version figth 240 sec +500 fervor buff more easy
    Need ~200sec figth this 250fervor buff
  9. Audrel New Member

    On Sol Ro at end of zone, the "sun rays" are disappearing without a message and well before 30 seconds. I am doing this for the second time, this time on my fury. If you fall in the lava, you die...understood. After you die, it dumps your body back in the room out of the lava. I used rebirth. Then when I try to jump the first time before Sol Ro is active, it is as though the sun rays are not there. You have to revive and click the brazier to port to reset them. However, I have survived well over 2 minutes and it isn't updating nor is the avatar spawning. I have a timer at the top of my screen and it has run down from 120 seconds, reset back to 120, and gone down almost to zero a second time, which would be 4 minutes. And it has done this twice. Please teach Sol Ro how to count down 2 minutes..
  10. Chrol Developer

    Time has been increased.
  11. Chrol Developer

    Can you PM me your name on beta so I can take a look. If you still have it active.
  12. Balcerak Member

    For Sol Ro I never saw any clue of 'sun rays' being available. I just kept fighting for 15 sec close to him and then jumped to the outside ring. Nothing said anything about a sun ray or lit up or did anything when I jumped on it except the triangles so I guessed those were sun rays. (I jumped on what I thought might be sun rays, the triangle things and they would light up after 2 secs and then poof and dump me in the lava so I gave up on them and just used them to quick jump between outside and inside). But by jumping in and out and doing dps I got the Avatar to spawn. But unfortunately using the same approach it insta killed me when I jumped to the outer ring. This whole fight is either not clear at all (shouldn't there be beams lighting up sun rays? or something?) or just doesn't work how it claims. It certainly never gives a warning other than saying 'you shouldn't stay on the outside ring too long' (how long is that?) or 'you shouldn't stay on inside too long' (again how long???) And when is it safe to go to one of the triangle things? Or is there something else that is a sun ray that I couldn't find?
  13. Fixmore New Member

    Yesterday 11/14, had no trouble killing mobs in east and west wings using aoe's. Today 11/15, aoe's are not hitting at all, they seem non functioning at all or very, very little. The Shard of Obsidian didnt have a knock back yesterday, today they will knock you out of the room and take very little damage at all. Good job on patch
  14. maxximum Member

    Not sure if anything else has changed but fount buff no longer has 3x potency, I've reported it here and on discord. Solos and duos are not doable at the mo.
  15. Chrol Developer

    It's never safe to remain in the outer ring, so just assume if you enter it and get that message, you need to leave as quickly as possible. And yes, the triangles are the sun rays and are safe if they're visible. In fact, they're a requirement to stand on as you get the Solar Powered buff while on them. As for the beam of the light, there is one when you stand on a sun ray.
  16. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Sadly, this zone has me in literal tears of both pain and frustration. I recognize that a LOT of hard work went into it, but it is brutal on me. I've actually made it molo as far as the encounter with Sol Ro, after a long time spent clearing the zone to that point, but now I've stalled.

    The jumping distance when you need to move from one ray to the center, then center to another ray while fighting is just really, really unforgiving, and is extremely hard on those with coordination issues for any reason, and I'm having to take longer and longer breaks in between my repeated attempts to get through this part of the instance. :(

    Edit: I *finally* did it, but, wow ... ow ow ow, that's a pretty brutal one for painful old hands.
  17. Apecoe New Member

    In the room where you kill the avatar of the sun, the shiny can spawn on top of one of the triangles. This might cause the shiny to be unreachable if the respective triangle is down after the fight.
  18. Chrol Developer

    Thanks. Will make sure those triangles become visible after the fight.
  19. Elowith Active Member

    Xuzl fight is unbearably long. Please increase the time between swords relighting.
  20. Elowith Active Member

    I would like to echo the difficulty of jumping for those who do not excel in Mario. This is really brutal if you have coordination problems.

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