Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Heroic]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Hello everyone!

    Please post any feedback and/or bugs regarding your fiery torment within Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Heroic]. The wrath of The Burning Prince awaits!


  2. Anyai New Member

    For the Sol Ro x4 stay alive for 2 minute fight at the end, I can't see the sun rays. Are the sun rays the triangles between the inner and outer circles or is there something to equip or click in order to be able to see them. All the mobs that were supposed to be killed and circles clicked to activate sun rays were killed and clicked. Also, as a gnome and someone with limited mario skills, those jumps in combat are impossible for me. I stand on the edge to jump and still fall way short. Could you make the triangles a bit bigger to shorten the distance a little?
  3. Chrol Developer

    Any that you activated in the outer hall should show up in Solusek's room. I tested this on beta just now and I was able to see them.
  4. Leedsen Member

    So'Valiz fight, wow that is tough, its the regular "claw clock fight" but one person cant click more than 1 of the claws. This makes it super difficult as everyone has to run around the room. Tank had 70% run speed for the zone but healers/mages had only 16% run speed due to some debuff im guessing... so moving everyone around is difficult without the utility in the group. In guessing pact of the cheetah etc would have helped but we didn't have a fury or a troub - defo needed next time. We survive 4 rounds in a row, first its 1 click by 1 person, then 2 clicks requiring 2 people, then 3 clicks requiring 3, then 4 requiring 4, then 4 requiring 4 but we wiped, and the mob was only at 60% or so I think.
  5. Leedsen Member

    Suggested changes for So'Valiz fight (from experience 5 days ago, will run it again today hopefully)

    Either give everyone a run speed buff when the claw event triggers and keep the timer the same
    Allow one person to click as many claws as they want, not just 1 claw per person.

    Also, it seems like the claw event has to be done too many times. We were on the 5th round and the mob was only on 60-65%. 5 times maximum is more than enough, and is still a great challenge.
  6. Chrol Developer

    Try it again today. Bunch of fixes went in for that zone, including So’Valiz, where only one person needs to click the claws.
  7. Leedsen Member

    we are unable to click more than one claw per person on each event
  8. Absin New Member

    The power drain in Monolith is also very harsh--power drain in all the zones/fights where it comes up is a bit too much imo.

    Our group last night was able to get past So'Valiz, but it was brutal. Overall we were in zone for about 5hrs, and I'd say a good chunk of that time was just figuring out how to effectively get everyone clicking the claws in time.

    Xulz was another story. :( No matter what we tried, soon as the 5th Shard of Obsidian was killed and the final sword dropped, it would wipe the group. Looked like Blazing Reflect on named was the culprit, but we even made sure no one was hitting name/no AEs/no pets/singular focus etc, and it would still one-shot everyone.
  9. Chrol Developer

    All of this was fixed/adjusted and should be on beta today.
  10. maxximum Member

    Can now click more than one claw but still a horrible encounter. 2 full rounds of claws is unnecessary imo.

    Pls add option to respawn at xuzl, have to keep running back via two teleporters.
  11. Leedsen Member

    The Sol'Valiz after patch changes today took us 12:20 with Frannk above. The fight requires good communication, and it that respect it will catch a lot of people out, but the changes are good ones. As long as you have two people paying attention you can do this, instead of 4.

    As it is now, it is still quite a challenge, because it sort of feels like two fights back to back. This fight is quite unique because high dps isnt important here at all, communication and class balance in the group is. We were pulling our hair out for a while, but we beat it so maybe its for someone else to comment on now.
  12. Chrol Developer

    Respawn loc added to Xuzl's room.
  13. Leedsen Member

    Estrixya fight was fine no bugs we could see there. We pulled Xuzl for a few hours as you saw, we didnt quite perfect the strat, theres lots going on there! Will definitely be giving it more tries the next few days.
  14. Leedsen Member

    With Xuzl, I went back and studied the solo and then came back with a small group to try progress the script in heroic, and actually beat it. For anyone struggling with a boss, going and studying the scripts for the solos (obviously) helps a lot
  15. Chrol Developer

    I will be reducing the claw event for the So'Valiz fight from 10 to 6. But that last one will require you match 6 claws.
  16. Marranda Member

    To much trash with to high hp. Taking way to long to kill. Making the heroics more of a Pain than fun. Would be great to see HP lowered or less trash. Thanks
  17. Raenius Well-Known Member

    First named: straightforward like in the solo-zone + need to cover more translucent gargoyles - worked fine.

    Second named: with the change you can adjust more than one blade to match both sides way easier - worked fine.

    Third named: damage increased quite hard on group the more lives that Phoenix lost, but was manageable with templar/defiler-combo - maybe needs pulsating damage tuned down a bit so a good solo-healer can manage it, depends how hard you want this zone to be - worked fine.

    Fourth named: worked fine as well.

    Last named: can up the threshold to spawn Avatar of the Sun from 90 to 95% - considered Sol Ro has lots of hitpoints and you just mash buttons, fight itself worked fine - although dead people who released zone couldnt come back clicking the teleporting brazier since they were dragged into the fight. Might want to change that, depending how harsh you want repercussions to play out if you died in the first place.

    Trash: seemed to have less hitpoints than before - IF you plan to reduce it by another notch I`d say another 25% less and its absolutely fine.
  18. Kari Well-Known Member

    We ran this last night and it took 3.5 hours to complete. By comparison, it took the same group 1 hour to complete bastion of thunder, winds of change. A lot of that time was on trash, which seemed to have a lot of hp. The zone could stand to have the trash die faster or it should at least have uber loot to make up for the extra time investment (maybe it has the loot, I'm in beta scaling gear so i wasn't looking at it too closely).

    On the Avatar of the Sun fight, we bugged him out somehow. He got down to 0% and layed down on the platform but he wouldn't die. Sol Ro reappeared and we kept trying to dps the Avatar, but we kept getting error messages that he was already dead, so we couldn't attack him. We tried sacrificing our ranger, but it turned out he was an assassin so it didn't work, and we had to wipe it and start over.

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