Soloing Ranger AA priorities

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-erinn, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Hi all, returning player here. I dug out my old level 24 Ranger who had no AA points at all, chrono'd her down and did both the New Halas and Kelethin starter areas. I now have 31 AA points.
    I've done some research, and put 25 of those points into the Predator Agility tree, just enough to get Poise (so my Agility tree looks like 8-4-10-1).
    I have 6 points left, and of course will be earning more. I'm struggling with where the next ones should go. I almost entirely solo, and don't expect to ever be raiding when I get max level. From looking at AA recommendations, the STR line and INT lines seem good. I like the idea of boosting my Parry, since soloing I often end up having to do a little melee to finish off a mob. Or should I be working on skills in the Ranger trees, boosting my shot damage or poison effectiveness? Eventually I'll do both, but what priority should I put on these as I slowly gain more AA points?
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    If you are mainly just doing the solo thing thing i would probably do 4-8-10-1 down the STR line next. The added parry will give you a little bit more survivability, and a good DPS increase with Precision of blades. After that if you are mainly still soloing i would probably do the STA line next. That would give you a decent HP boost, a few tricks to use if you pull multiple MOBS, and an o sh%t button if you are about to die in inpenetrable strikes.
    I would just forget the wisdom line all together, and save the INT line for later if you start raiding and want a DPS boost.

    Switching over to the ranger tree you may want to spend a few points Enhanced: Survival instincts focus at any time. This would give you a decent boost to your Defensive stance, which i used while soloing coming up.
    Most of the Ranger tree is pretty straight forward, and if you look at any raid spec or PvP spec it doesnt vary a ton. Strictly for soloing in that tree, the snares and immobilizing lunge is nice.
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    Sounds like some good advice. Thanks!
    I must admit, I was looking at the AA for Immobilizing Lunge and drooling.
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    Just throwing in my 2 cents.
    I agree generally, but I would just go 4-4-10 on Stamina, the Impentetrable Strikes isn't very useful in my opinion. After than you can jump to the Ranger tree. It depends on your level when you get to this tree what makes the most sense. If you are into your 50's then Focusing and Multishot would be my suggestion. If not, then going for the Immobilizing Lunge and Snaring Shot (if you are at least level 44) would be a good idea. Once you get Snaring Shot at level 44 you will use it a bunch so the 5 seconds is huge.