Soloing Heroic Instance Bosses (When they con green); Dirge vs Troub

Discussion in 'General Scout Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Raji, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Raji Guest

    Hi all. I'm leveling up a bard. Dirge atm, but may betray to troub when I reach raiding levels.

    So, which would be better at instance bosses solo? Say, at level 90 going back and doing level 70-80 dungeons?
  2. ARCHIVED-gatrm Guest

    You might get frustrated doing this with a bard. Unless you have really good gear, lots of AAs, patience, practice, and maybe a little luck.... and even with all that, it may get frustrating. Sure, at 90 any class can self-mentor to 80 and solo a level 70 instance. Soloing level 80 heroics might depend more on your soloing abilities than on the class that you are playing. There's not much in the way of level 80-90 instances that you will solo on a bard.
    The highest level zones that I can think you might be soloing are places like OOA (mobs level 80-84), Sebelis (mobs level 78-82 I think), maybe Chardock (78-85---doable, but dangerous), maybe Deepforge if you make it green. Any of this stuff though would be easier or more efficient on another class.
    As far as which, I can't compare because I haven't played a troub. You will never solo a Velious instance with a bard. You might be able to do library in Sentinal's Fate, but it would require kiting, and I think it would be really hard to kite the first name, cause he breaks easily.
    As a comparison...Troub has a short duration charm and a mez. Dirge has stoneskin, parry buff, and more melee buffs, so dirges buff their own dps and their own survivabilty better than a troub does.
    Also keep in mind that you can not solo the key mobs for zones that have shard/mark chests because of an arcane effect that is placed on you preventing the casting of beneficial effects
  3. ARCHIVED-Raji Guest

    I understand bard's aren't the best at this. I'm not too worried about that. I'm playing a bard to group/raid mostly.

    I just enjoy pushing my chosen class to new heights when it comes to soloing; Maybe I'll pull off something dismissed as "impossible".

    And I'm glad to hear Dirges are probably better. I enjoy the Dirge a bit more I think; Though, perhaps mez kiting is the way to go for this as a Troub?
  4. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Having been a troubador then betrayed to Dirge. The Dirge would probably be the better choice for doing this.
    Though it's been a while since I was a troubador, things might have changed to make them a more viable solo class.
    But with that said, it will be tough even as a Dirge.
  5. ARCHIVED-JazzMaus Guest

    Yea, I agree the Dirge is probably better at this sort of thing.

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