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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-timeless, Jan 29, 2010.

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    i have been toying around with this game on and off for quite a while now (2 months here, 6 off, 1 month there, etc.) and i have decided to really sit down and play. i have looked all over the place but the info i seek eludes me.
    from a very virgin POV what do i need to make a solo friendly necromancer (as opposed to having 1 already at level 80 etc.)?

    what stats should i focus on (int im fairly sure of others im clueless)?
    what "AA's" should i build up?
    what skills should be my bread and butter AS I LEVEL and are there any i should avoid trying to get?

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    and again the key word is solo.

    Hello Timeless,
    to solo,
    Aim for intelligence mostly. and stamina for health. the various skills you need just level up as you use them (like disruption etc. A bit of strength (via armour stats) is useful for carrying round big boxes for your inventory.
    the main things you need are: -
    the best tank pet you can afford, the best defensive stance spell you can afford, and the absolute must-have which is tainted heals (manipulation line of AA exp) which means every manipulation type spell you cast heals your pet for 18% of it's health. there are 5 of these spells and another one you can toggle on and off if you can be bothered. i am talking things like stun, root, etc.
    with gear, because it is fairly easy to break the pet's aggro, extra stamina to give yourself more health is useful as is the best level armour you can afford. the mastercrafted stuff is usually pretty good for the price. another must have is perceptor's command, (middle of middle line of summoners AA line) as that is very successful at getting aggro off you and back on your tank pet.
    other AA just put into giving your tank extra hit points to start with, and by the time you have done all that you will be in a position to make your own decisions for the rest. Despite the sorry state necros are in for raids and groups, you can still solo them well enough to have fun.
    Have fun yourself
  3. ARCHIVED-Taemien Guest

    Tainted Heals just makes things rediculously easy. I just hit 50 yesterday on my Necro and I can solo anything thats not a triple ^^^ yellow heroic. Then again I've not tried either. It was nice questing in Everfrost and being able to kill those pesky named that like to spawn in the middle of the questing areas.
    I personally went down the tree to get Lifeburn first. But I did alot of grouping at the lower levels (this may not be an option depending on server). But since my pet was weak, I wanted to dish out damage (by quickening the DoTs). It paid off. I currently run about 76 AAs, which is alot for a 50. But it allows me to have Tainted Heals, Lifeburn, and my STR tree down to get the spell crit. Its a mismatched leveling build, but it matches my playstyle of grouping and soloing very well.
    I'm working down the STA tree right now to beef up my fighter pet and when I hit 70 I plan on putting points down the INT tree to improve the Mage pet. In the necromancer tree I plan on getting the fight peter enhanced (already is actually, 10% damage reduction helps) as well as the mage pet. Not sure where else I'll spend points, I'd have to login to check.
    My build isn't optimized for solo or raiding by any means. But I plan on doing solo and group content without having to respec. So far its working extremely well and I'm having a blast with it.
    As someone said, get the biggest baddest fighter you can afford. The more HP they get means the more damage they can mitigate and the more HP they have. More HP means Tainted Heals will heal for more. The difference between a pet having 2000hp and 3000hp for example means TH will heal for 180 more, which equates to alot since the better pet will be mitigating more. Not saying a master has 1000 more hp (it may or maynot, I haven't checked), but you get the idea. And the better defensive stances enchance that even more so. A Master pet with a Grandmaster defensive stance just doesn't take damage anymore. Sometimes I miss being a lower level. Now I'm running a expert pet with an adept stance heh, but it still gets the job done.
  4. ARCHIVED-Daelim Guest

    Taemien@Lucan DLere wrote:
    With the release of the SF expansion pets got buffed up quite a bit. My lvl 77 Master Tank pet had 20585 health at lvl 82. I'm in kind of a small guild, We don't raid other then jumping into pick up raids so we aren't the best geared on the server but we do have some very skilled players. Our guilds main tanks are both SK's in T2/T3 Shard Armor. With just my buffs on him, my tank pet is the biggest tank in our guild... He doesn't have the SK's mitigation but he has them both beat by about 2k health and with my AA setup and T1/T2 shard gear Tainted heals average heal is just over 7900 health. The pet can hold agro again as long as I'm solo and don't have anyone else going balls to the wall on the mob as soon as I pull.
    I went back to my solo leveling spec for the grind up to lvl 90 and its working great. The important things are Tainted heals and anything that increases the tank pets health or mitigation. I honestly can't remember the last time I lifeburned a mob when I was soloing. The tank pet can't hold agro off a lifeburn, necro's can't root to save thier lives and you can't lifetap health back fast enough to not get one shotted if the mob makes it to you before it dies. In my experiance its faster leveling if you do not lifeburn because you save a lot of time not having to run back to your questing area from the graveyard. lol
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    I'm in the same boat as the OP, level 57, returning necro, logged in and everything was reset since its been a year or more since I played. All kinds of new abilities, very overwhelming. So I have to respec and decide what abilities/spells to use in conjunction with my tank pet.
    At level 57 it says I should be doing the solo timelines in lesser fay, sinking sands, and pillar of flame.
    Any advice beyond that?
    As far as what spells to cast while the tank beats the mob? Just dots and some nukes? And of course any buff spells.
  6. ARCHIVED-timeless Guest

    yea seriously im worse now than before (though i appreciate the great feedback).

    can anyone post some post SF advice?

    seems to me we hardly need int tree anymore..
    help please
  7. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    INT Tree is for the mage pet.
    For bread and butter soloing with the tank pet, you want the STA and WIS trees. My recommendations as a minimum:
    STA 4-8-10
    WIS 4-10-10
    Also remember to pick up these from the Necro tree:
    Enhance Tank Pet
    Tainted Heals <-- Number One Priority over everything
    From Necros Sentinel's Fate:
    Minion's Adeptness
    Minion's Soulstealing
    Noxious Barrier
    From Shadows:
    Pet Weapon Mastery
    Minion's Critical Strike
    Minion's Constitution
    Minion's Mark
    Shield of BonesWrath of the Undead Servant
    For your gear, concentrate heavily on INT and STA. Useful pet effects will be rare until you hit Shadow Odyssey instances and Sentinel's Fate zones.
  8. ARCHIVED-Dizix Guest

    So I'm level 63 now, close to 64, I have met your suggestions of 4-8-10 and 4-10-10.
    At level 63 can I even utilize shadow and sentinel trees? Should I save my points OR finish off the 4-8-10 to 4-10-10?

    I'm not having troubles soloing I'm doing really well actually.

    Also what should I chose for abilities? Those got reset to. I have not chosen anything. So there are some masters to be had in there :)
  9. ARCHIVED-timeless Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    as far as i can tell that ^ is exactly what i was looking for!
    thanks all.
  10. ARCHIVED-Dizix Guest

    Dizix wrote:
    I still need to know this info PLEASE
  11. ARCHIVED-Azanos Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    So, would you place points in Tainted Heals before you put anything into sta and wis tree?
  12. ARCHIVED-Wazeau Guest

    Zorvyn@Kithicor wrote:
    What I did when leveling was Sta and Wis UNTIL I had enough points to get the actual Tainted Heals ability, then I respec'd, got Tainted Heals, and restart over in Sta and Wis.

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