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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-sXeSasquatch, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-sXeSasquatch Guest

    I'm currently leveling a warlock and I just hit level 20. I'm looking for some kind of build that will allow me to solo effectively, and if at all possible be able to pull my weight if I get a chance to run some dungeons along the way.
    So far, I put 10 points in the Magi Shield line in the Warlock achievement tree then I started down the Strength line to get the spell crit increase. Am I following the right path? I'm just trying to get an up-to-date build that can tell me where I should be investing points, and at what priority.
  2. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    Balthier@Unrest wrote:
    At that level I'd probably toss my first 8 points into the first skill in the INT tree (Just to boost your INT). At lower levels it has a huge impact.

    Toss your extra points into the first ability in STR, just to increase your carrying capacity so you can haul all that loot.

    When you have enough points to finish a single line, respec and complete the AGI line. That will speed up your casting timers.

    Soloing will be a bit rough for you until you hit the right level to have the right tools. Until you receive your second root, and Null Carress it will always be a bit choppy for you.
  3. ARCHIVED-sXeSasquatch Guest

    Thank you for that.
    When you say complete the AGI line, do you mean put 8 points in every spot? Also, after I do 'complete' the AGI line, where do I go from there?
  4. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    Balthier@Unrest wrote:
    What your looking from in that line is the casting time reduction. Fully train anything that augments your casting speed reuse/recharge.

    I think I threw the extra point into Shift Momentum.
  5. ARCHIVED-arvydys Guest

    Warlocks are a GREAT solo class. One of the best int he game once they get their big aoe at 20 and the m2 nuke at 24.
    1st point you can toss into familiar, but point 2-11 should go into enhance magi's shield in the warlock tree. This will increase you survial by a lot, and allow you to chain pull non heroics without rooting or much stopping at all. Its also handy in dungeons because you will likely draw aggro and its nice to have an extra half second for tank to grab aggro.

    These points can be respecced much later on if you wish, but they are invaluable for low levels, and in fact the most pwoerful first 10 aa points ive seen on any class.

    After that i would do the str tree. increased crits at the end of the tree, pluss the guaranteed crit ability is handy.

    If you want to solo dungeons I would recommend the STA tree instead, you get some very powerful survival in that tree but it wont help much grouping.

    But spec doesnt matter much for grouping while leveling up, its having your nukes/dots ad3 that matters.

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