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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Skeezie, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Can you tone down your own rant? What is it so hard to understand nobody ******* saying that solo needs drop raid gear. Jeez, are you that angry that solo has random drops of fables that you cannot even have civil discussion. Good grief. Read OPs reply to you. If you don't like solo zone don't run them stick to raid zones then.
    EDIT: and don't even tell me about purs on everfrost. I am on the same as you server. Couple of guys including your raid tank ran them before this expac. Not anymore.
  2. mouser Well-Known Member

    Pretty much this. What I think is happening is a shift away from "solo gear" vs. "heroic gear" vs "raid gear".

    Now there is only "gear" - Play it Your Way (tm) and have a chance at acquiring gear (hopefully by completing challenging content, as easy mode bores people very quickly). I know that's not exactly true, and there are still differences between gear from Adv Solo and HM raid, but it's the paradigm shift that seems to be happening, whether you agree with it or not.

    I agree with Estred that the single group players are kind of getting the shaft here. Not only is it easier to get gear (arguably better gear) by playing solo, but even if they want to group it's becoming harder since the people you would have grouped with are too busy solo/molo'ing to join heroic groups.

    I'm not really sure what the answer to this one is. Allowing merc's in the zones actually helps, since now you can go without having to find five other people to roll with. I think increasing the drop rate (so that everyone should be able to walk away with a chance at a good drop) would help a lot as would upping the gear there a bit. Maybe have bosses drop chests that have an item for every "real" player present at the time of the kill (yes, I know this is a multi-boxer's wet dream...).
  3. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Drinal steward gear is complete set and better than solo regular drop. Only available through group running. They don't have red adornments. Fables have but what drops is not complete set. On both my chars I haven't even seen one. You guys talk about solo fables like it regular reward for killing the last name. It is not. It's random. Might happen might not. Note. I dont whine that i haven't gotten a single one. I just run few that i like in hope to get something nice ... eventually. All this angry talk about entitlement mentality of soloers is plain stupid. Nobody is pure soloer or grouper or raider. Everyone is a bit of everything.
  4. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Well.... no me, i don´t solo any (if i dont have to ^^), to boring to be on my own in a mmorpg. I did for questing needs and got fab drop on every char (maybe my lucky run ^^). Also, not a single piece was usefull to the char who´s run the zone oO
    But, the grp loot should be boosted a bit, as it normaly, even if i run all the heroic zones, perhaps 1 jewelery could be usefull. Normaly none of the loot is interessting :rolleyes: and i ain´t got luck on random for obols :D
  5. Lempo Well-Known Member

    No one will run them anymore because of the fact that solo zones drop fabled and etherals like a piñata drops candy, so they are not willing to run them since they are not guaranteed a drop and yes I know that you don't get one on every solo run but it is not anywhere near as bad as some are trying to make it appear. So don't you go telling me about PUR's on Evefrost.

    Next week they will be saying Drinal should have a 'small' chance at dropping mythical cloaks.

    This is like someone running around a potato field with a shovel and a pickaxe saying "I'm tired of digging up these potatos, I should have a small chance of getting a gold nugget or a diamond!"
  6. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Are you that dense? You were the one claiming ppl still run purs and then in quote above said nobody runs then b/c so and so... make up your mind. I am done arguing with you... have a nice day.
  7. Tylia Well-Known Member

    You are over exaggerating here Lempo. I have never gotten a fabled drop from a solo zone, much less an ethereal. My hubby has gotten 2 total fabled drops and neither was one he could use. He has never gotten an ethereal. I have only seen ethereal drops from a couple people in my guild, and fables from the solo zones are not a regular thing. It is not anywhere near as GOOD as you are trying to make it appear.

    And as for the potato field analogy, yes.. I should have a small chance of getting a gold nugget or a diamond! ;)
  8. Gnaff Active Member

    Honestly. If something as small as gear is the only thing that make people raid, Frankly if i was SoE i would do away with it. I always hear this same argument over and over, "If you can get the same gear solo as you can raiding then people will not raid." Why is that exactly ? why would people not raid if they enjoy raiding ? Perhaps people *shockingly* dont like to raid ?!?

    SoE has made a step in the right direction with the solo content in the latest expansion and i hope to see it continue even further and should be praised for giving what "the majority of players not just the raiders" actually want.
  9. Silzin Active Member

    the BIG underlying problem as I see it is that for a loot of gear slots (outside of one of Avator Gear) the best gear in the game is 2 year old Content that no one likes to do since its just no "Fun" and stated so by the people that WW1sted it.

    there are some lots that can be upgraded in from the PoW gear by the CoE HM gear but not all and that is the problem. the CoE HM gear could have a full set of gear. this gear should be (stat wise) fare better then PoW this would give the programers the room to have enuff tears of gear between where solo gear is know and the HM Raid gear for EM grouping, HM grouping, and EM raiding.

    But since they where holding on to the PoW gear as a stranded then they have a gear sealing that are working up agensed and dont have any room to work around in.
  10. Skeezie Active Member

    My take on it is that it should be about alternatives and I think that's what we're seeing. Some of the collection quest rewards are amazing gear, the quest cloak as well (nobody is complaining about those). There are only a couple slots worth of ethereals in the solo runs - not an entire set of gear. There is fabled in solo runs but the number of garbage drops far outweigh those.

    I see it as, if you are a solo player you take your chances at a decent drop you can actually use. The drop rate is run by the you need to kiss an awful lot of frogs principle. If you want a better chance you run heroics - where you know, for instance, the captain drops shoulders - you have a far better chance of getting class arms in a group than you do in a solo instance. On the Steward gear - you need to run heroics to get the spirits and you can either solo trash in the open zones or raid to get the Obols. You have choices on how to gear up.

    Raiders must like to get decent drops in solo/heroics as well - the alternative methods we're seeing cover pretty much everyone's play style. I'm still not convinced that's bad.
  11. Lyyle New Member

    IMHO raid gear doesn't need to be "better" than solo gear, it needs to be different. Raiding isn't like soloing isn't like grouping. Raiding is the sum of input from a large group of people each with specialized but cooperative roles. Solo/group has a much broader focus and can support more involvement on an individual level. Both can be equally challenging, so why should one set of gear be of lesser or greater quality? If raid gear is superior in all ways to solo gear, then I would think the game is out of balance. It seems to me that raid gear should be less useful to a solo player because the gear would be tuned too narrowly to be the best choice... and not so overwhelmingly powerful that the mobs simply fall over dead in a heroic zone just because you've got on raid stuff.
  12. Estred Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I am off because I am speaking form memory and as such will be a bit broad.

    2 Ethereal items; one ear and one belt,
    3 Primal Armor Pieces (trash drops from Raids that can be 1 grouped)
    2 Solo-Fabled Armor Drops (though I think 1 Primal replaces the Gloves)
    1 Heroic-Fabled Legslot
    Steward Gear makes up the rest.

    Now last I checked even TSO/SF/DoV heroic level players (note the difference here) were able to get roughly 1/4th of a gear set (armor and jewelry) from Instances without ever touching a raid. I don't see a reason to deny that ability to Soloers fully I am fine with them having 4-5 really good drops that are better than Heroic and even close to Raid level quality.

    - Though you never got Armor outside of Raids that you had to raid to get in DoV it was bridged by the Tower of Frozen Shadow X2 Raid. What you got from instances was Jewelry.

    Above I noted you could 1 group raid-trash for gear, which you couldn't do in TSO/SF/DoV very well. Granted yes to get the best non-raid gear you must grind Obol/Essences it is no different than grinding Marks of Manaar the only difference is that you CAN'T do a quest to get more of them faster.

    In a way CoE is even more grindy than TSO/SF/DoV (the expansions with shard/mark currency) just to get Steward Gear. The missing link is that the Heroic Legendary is not markedly better than Skyshrine Fabled which is what many had; that stems from Plane of War remaining as the "best gear" thus limiting what/how gear grows into. I do hope the next GU gets rid of PoW and finally shows us something "New" because gear wise CoE is just a muddy water basin, there may be some diamonds in there but you have to wade through all the mud and filth to find them.
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  13. Polychrome Member

    I don't think it's a matter of "liking". A lot of people simply don't have time to sit around and camp an instance for hours. A lot of people have long work hours, sometimes people work nights and can't find a raid on the pickup, some work unpredictable hours and can't commit, some have young kids.

    And unlike in Aion, where pick-up-raiding is the norm, here in EQ2, the community expects you to sign up or make appointments, assuming they don't just expect you to be there weekly at a specific time. Frankly, I prefer the "pick-up-raid". More adventurous. But it's pretty rare to find that sort of thing here. It's not impossible, I've seen and jumped on a few, it's just not all that common.
  14. mouser Well-Known Member

    If you look at how I came up with a thousand, you'll see I was being generous with my calculations (ie: deliberately overestimating).
  15. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    HE can be cleared to Drinal with a pur easily. Altar I think a lot of people would fail on Imp. Sleepers you can probably do all of.
  16. Estred Well-Known Member

    How would they fail on the imp? He has yet to even activate his script and we are hard-burning him in 3 minutes.
  17. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    ^ this. He is too fogiving on dps check now to even start noticing anybody before he is dead :)
  18. Hammdaddy Active Member

    Dat scout mythical on a guardian.
  19. Estred Well-Known Member

    If you are referring to Sullon's Wrath and Sullon's Vengence those are Tank/Scout weapons the true "Scout" myth is Tallon's Bow. Mostly an observation not a judgement.
  20. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Nope, didn't fail on imp yesterday. It was a good pur. Lots of regular raiders on their alts.

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