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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Macaron, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Macaron Guest

    I was wondering what's a good line in the AA tree and which one to go down into to improve my solo experince. Becuase im still lvling up and at lvl 53 im having hard time taking down named at lvl 42-45 ^^^. Idk if that's normal or not my gear aint the best but I tought maybe a diffrent line in the AA's can imrpove that situation.
  2. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    You should be able to do those mobs if you are where you can kite. If you are in an enclosed area /meh, sometimes. I use my BG spec to solo with and it works well for me. (psssst don't show anyone else my spec ) Though I am sure there will be naysayers.
    Others might have better feedback for you. Though my Ranger is my main it was a long time ago, 2005 that I was playing a level 53 ranger and what I do/did might not be good for that level anymore.
  3. ARCHIVED-thephantomposter Guest

    I can kill Green and some blue ^^^, I am 42 with 114 AA (you didnt say how many you have)
    Predator tree AGI I stopped at Crit with 10, Int I Got Intoxication with 10 in Toxic Expertise
    Ranger Tree, left side Fettering and Caustic 5s and spent enough to get Conservation
    Ranger Tree, Next one over, snare, imobilizing lunge and snaring shot 5s
    Ranger Tree, very right, the whole enhance line to get double Arrow
    I use Fettering/caustic poisons, make sure intoxication/honed reflexes/killing instinct and focus aim is on, I use back arrow if everything lands good, Green ^^^ is down to orange/red not much more to do, I DPS it.
    Blue^^^, if everything lands, yellow/orange. They hit me hard so I need to keep them away. I melee them, what I use to get away from them when they are close, point blank shot then trick, searing or tripple depending which is up. I can get at least one off with using point blank shot. Immobilizing lunge is very nice, I usually get all 3 plus one of my longer casting crippling arrow or miracle shot.
    Other things, if I know it is gonna be a close call, I also have hex dolls and use god spells too. I like anvils that stuns 8 foes for 30 secs, so if the named has adds, you can pick one off at a time. If the adds are easy then I kill the named first. If the adds are tough, then I will kill adds first, usually die then I come back for the named who is alone at this point.
    I can do this in enclosed spaces to as long as I am able to use my sweet spot between ranged and melee.
    Hope that helps.
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    All of the above is good advice. I'll throw in my 2 cents on top of that.
    At level 52 you got Thorny Trap. Make sure you use it (gives a root and then a snare). Really, snares and roots are your best friend and what will allow you to kite the named. Also, ensare and immobilizing lunge can both be cast on the run so make sure you use them while you are kiting when the mob gets to close. Once you get enough distance you can stop and cast snaring shot. Some named mobs are immune to roots (at least scout roots, not sure about everyone else) those are going to be quite a bit tougher.
    Unfortunately, the 50s really suck for upgrading your spells and gear. The loams are ridiculously expensive. However, you should do your best to upgrade the key spells to adept 3 or masters. I would suggest: snaring shot, rear shot and/or hidden shot, immobilizing lunge, triple shot. focus aim and killing instinct when you get to 54. It gets a little easier at 58 when you get Sniper Shot. It's a great opening to taking down a named, big damage, knockdown and stun all in one.
    For gear, make sure you get the best bow you can and use good arrows. Other than that, 50's mastercrafted armor would be fabulous but it's not always affordable.
    One last thought, make sure you clear trash mobs first so you have room to maneuver.
  5. ARCHIVED-Macaron Guest

    tokar cant see your link but now I got 72 AA's lvl 53. Also yes you guys did help thx.

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