SoE says rangers are "Just no good" --WITH PROOF!--

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Deify, Jun 5, 2010.

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    That's actually pretty uncool. In most industries blatantly poking fun at your own disatisified customers would be grounds for gross misconduct and immediate dismissal.
    I am not amused.
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    I think it is funny as well.
    If that makes you mad... try and remember this is .............JUST A GAME...........
    I don't play a ranger ...but know a few.. and none of them feel worthless.
    Margreth never says anything nice
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    It is a running everquest joke that rangers have problems. In EQ1 they would basically take some term and put 'ranger' on it which basically meant a ranger doing it and dying in the process. 'ranger pull' 'ranger evac' 'ranger tank' etc. got a lot worse with EQ2 though with people treating rangers as a charity case. Hell I would even take part in my guilds raids. Jokingly scolding anyone who got beat by a ranger on a parse.
    Unfortunately when the EQ2 team jokes about them though its not about rangers, its about ranger players complaining because the devs think rangers are fine LMFAO. Having any emotions about it makes you an a-hole apparently. Unless its positive 'light' attitude, even though it takes a personal investment to be positive about something just like being negative about. If you didn't care or weren't invested it in you wouldn't have feelings either way. So don't think for a second just because you don't 'get pissed over a video game' that you have a more level head or some BS, your just not getting screwed over like others.
    Rangers would be fine in raids and groups if they would stop using the most ignorant crap as 'balancing' parameters like being able to wear chain, auto attacking at range and range in general.
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    Its the little things like this they do that let us know that they really don't give a crap about us. Just like how the ranger pet in Outer Vaults is a ^^ when all the other pets are ^^^
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    Neiloch@Crushbone wrote:
    Ranger Down!
    That was the ranger joke back in my day (EQ1 beta to about 3 years after retail).
    I had such high hopes for my EQ2 ranger *sigh*. My ranger started out so well. Now, I haven't bothered to respec the AA's that were reset when SF came out. As gimped as my EQ1 ranger was, she had more utility than my EQ2 ranger - snare, harmony, and the ability to protect chanters and healers. Combine that with the fact that it was frowned upon for caster dps to burn through their mana (due to guaranteed death and very long regen time), and there was actually more use for my EQ1 ranger than my Eq2 ranger.
    So I'm playing a pally and a bard these days.
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    Tommara wrote:
    Ditto. My ranger is basically retired ( I level only often enough to keep the RA busy) whilst I play my Paladin and Dirge.
    And of courseironically either of those 2 classes is closer to what a ranger ought to be than an EQ2 ranger actually is.
    I've said it before, I'll say it again, if you liked your EQ1 ranger, consider yourself a ranger at heart and play a Pal or a Dirge instead.
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    SOE, please fix the Rangers, we are sick of being the butt of all jokes and many are ready to quit over it.

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