So you want to preorder Reign of Shadows

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. SynnikuL Active Member

    Maybe someone who played beta can answer? If there is claimable 120 gear, I'd like to know how it compares to the 120 summer panda gear.
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  2. Jems Member

    Just dropping in to add my (unasked for) two cents and the premium / collectors editions of the new xpac.

    First, I've already picked up the top option, as I always do, but I am quite taken aback by the lack of detail of what will be coming in the xpac beyond the bare bones features (new AA tree, guild level increase and quests) that have been announced. I have to say 'so what?'. More grind? Who cares? Other games seem to be adding more personalized detail flavors, which I can only hope may be coming here too. Because as much as I love EQ, and I do, I have been here since the original came out, more of the same is starting to lose me.

    Also, I always buy the top edition for the furniture recipes. And I've got to say I seriously hope that the preview that is included in the 'what's jncluded' does not contain all of the items. I can't speak for everyone, but to me they are dull, uninspiring and don't seem all that special. Bridges, waterfalls, larger staircases or windows are the way to go.

    I have heard that there has been a lack of attention paid to crafters since the departure of a top daybreak figure, and I have mostly ignored it. But I know several dozen crafters who pay quite a bit because they love that aspect of the game. So it's a shame if these things are being left to the wayside because they are less understood than the raid and grind.

    Also wanted to add that I wish that more could be done to make true soloing an option, or allow people to switch classes but keep their tradeskills / achievements.

    I've played an illusionist since EQ1 when it was an enchanter, and I don't want to lose all of the crafting recipes I have. Yet I get quite disappointed when I try to solo through the supposedly solo timeliness and I can't put a dent in anything compared to a BL. Times change, and I find myself wishing I had played a tank all of those years ago. I know I've heard the same from others who are also more crafter-oriented. Bring us mages closer to par please. Groups don't happen the same as they did over 20 years ago.
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  3. Zen Master formless, shapeless

    You can buy the furniture recipes at the Collector Edition tier which is not the top tier. I tend to wait for the end of the year sale to upgrade from Basic Edition.

    I felt like they have done OK for decorators. They release new recipe books for annual events and festivals.
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  4. Jems Member

    Ok what I should have said was - I buy the top edition to get the furniture stuff and make my life easier by having a short cut the the potency boosts from the mercs, mounts and familiars to make the solo'ing easier on my illusionist self.

    And I don't disagree that they've done "OK" but I think they could do better. And the furniture recipes in this xpac exclusive (IMO) just look like crap.
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  5. Hellfiren Active Member


    Same here i cant reskill my Prestige AAs which is a huge Issuse for all classes.
    I have bought the preeorder since it was out, but as long the Expa is not live and we have no chance to reskill anything in is not OK pls fix this you broke more than a half of abilitys for every class , how we should go Weeklys or at least with missing our Perstige AAs ???:mad::mad::mad:

    Fix this fast and try not to kill somthing if fixing already broken things.

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  6. Spankyalater New Member

    This may or may not be the right place to post this but here goes....Still having launchpad issues . Gets stuck updating at 99% . Last nite i was able to log in fine on my main but when i tried zoning i was booted and couldn't get back in on that toon. I read somewhere to try to login on another character which i did and it worked then camp to character screen and log back in on my main which still didn't work and tried to login on the toon i just logged in on previously and then couldn't get in with that one either.
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  7. dreamweaver Developer

    There is not a claimable box of 120 gear on beta to the best of my knowledge.
  8. dreamweaver Developer

    Have you fully repatched at any point since the issue resolved?
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  9. Spankyalater New Member

    Hey Dreamweaver, It's re patched and validated . Everything good in that respect. Just tried to log in and same issue. Gets stuck at loading resources 99% with the little dinosaur in bottom right corner .
  10. Spankyalater New Member

    Are there others still having the same issues or just me ?
  11. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Maybe deleting your patch cache may help:
  12. Spankyalater New Member

    Okay thank you for the info . I'll try that .
  13. Spankyalater New Member

    Just tried to delete/clear those files and it won't let me. Says there's a folder or a file in it already open in another program
  14. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Hmm. Make sure your patcher is close or restart your computer then try again?

    It does sound like whatever is keeping that folder/file in use may also be inhibiting the patch.

    Sorry. I can't help beyond that. A petition to customer service may help you.
  15. dreamweaver Developer

    Echoing what Benito said, it sounds like there is possibly a second instance of EQ2 open on your computer somewhere or something else accessing those files.
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  16. FracasKrusher Active Member

    So pre-launch boosted characters are screwed out of better gear

    Any other details you wouldn't mind telling us about?
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  17. Robynous Member

    Is there not a sales crate with this expansion?
  18. dreamweaver Developer

    Incorrect, at launch people will still all have access to the new Tishan's Lockbox gear.
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  19. Bahzelina New Member

    Will the Vah Shir be able to start on Luclin and will there be a new beginner zone if they do?
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  20. FracasKrusher Active Member

    "Incorrect, at launch people will still all have access to the new Tishan's Lockbox gear."

    So there is no difference between the
    Tishan's Lockbox gear
    The boosted character gear?

    Defeats the purpose of buying before launch, huh?

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