So, Worth coming back at all

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Atan, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    Took a couple year break from the game, thinking about sticking my toe in an MMO again.

    Is it worth considering this one again? Or is it just recycled?

    Curious what people think.
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  2. Justaplayer Member

    Depends on what you want to do and who do you want to do it with, and what you expect from playing.
    If you mostly solo and occasionally group in old areas you'll have a great time.
    If you want to decorate,go ahead.
    If you want to do heroics or raid in the latest content you'll have a LOT of soloing to do first. Catching up will be monotonous and you'll be forced to level your crafting.
    If there is anyone who can run you through zones to gear you up, set you up with the newest adornments things will be easier but you can't skip the huge amount of questing in older zones if you aim to be your possible best. Tithe is a huge factor, and grinding it out can be tough.
    If you don't care about how you perform in a group and want to group with like minded people I'm sure you'll find your crew.
  3. Phaedrix Active Member

    Consider TLE. It's fun. KA has been hugely controversial and it may be prudent to wait for big modifications before wading in.
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  4. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Try it and you decide. But I suggest you don't spend one dime on it until you try it out for a bit to decide if you want to subscribe to be an allaccess and then to see if you want to buy the latest expansion. Take it one step at a time, play for free and talk to people. Find a good guild to join, at least for the time being. Make friends, relax and just play for a bit.
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  5. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Agree with all three, in particular what Meneltel said about spending money. There is a huge time commitment for older content if you have not done it and you want to take advantage of the zone increase. If we were RL friends I would tell you no, it is not worth it but for you it might be. Without a group of dedicated friends it will be a long and "painful" road back.
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  6. Lil Mantis Member

    The road is a long one indeed if you are wanting to do the latest content. I'm still on the road limping along and since I hadn't done any of the older content, I'm having to go to those zones and complete particular time lines just to advance forward in the fighter epic 2.0 quest. I've done the majority of my time playing molo/solo.

    Would love to venture into grouping for heroics but finding groups can be challenging for the lower tier heroics.
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  7. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    The game is not in a good spot to just jump right back in. If you come back, be prepared for a mountain of things to do. Now, if you're looking for a mountain to climb, that includes forced wait periods of time, a lot of time in older zones if you haven't done them yet, and quite a bit of experience grinding, then this game is for you. And I'm not necessarily saying that type of thing is terrible. But you need to be prepared for a long list of things to accomplish before you have the goodies and before you have 'caught up' to those of us who started at launch.

    If you are looking for a game where you can jump in, do a few things, and be ready to have fun in end game content (such as how the previous expansion here, Terrors of Thalumbra, felt) then this game is not currently going to be what you want.

    Also, depends on your class. Not that some classes necessarily have it easier to get the epic, it's just that some feel more rewarding when you climb the mountain.
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  8. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Depends on your objective
    If you are coming back just hang around refresh old memories - take a sweet time doing some quests, TSing perhaps - yeah it still here still good to come back
    If you are PGer in nature and want to raid and do relevant to today date heroics oh boy you will have long and bumpy road - Long more important - at least 44 days before you could theoretically get you epic 2.0 and this is sort of "must have to play current content" thing sorry to say
  9. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    You'll be fine, the 'raiding' population seems to be reporting some 'pay walls', but you have some time before you get to that point.

    Crit mit is back, but is called 'resolve', for me a huge barrier to entry, I'm sure you will conquer it ASAP.
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  10. Dude Well-Known Member

    Resolve is easy. I don't raid and I'm over 260 resolve.
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  11. Moorefallen Active Member

    Come on in the waters fine...I came back with KA... I am still working through stuff for my epic 2.0 but that's cause I resisted it...( because i really do hate crafting ... puts me to sleep). But I am having a blast.. Meeting awesome people, doing great things. & besides some one told me there be cookies....Still looking for the cookies...But seriously the game is what you make it. Come back if you Have a great time that's all matters, if not try something else.;)
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  12. Dellmon Active Member

    Atan asked...
    Curious what people think.

    Hello Atan,

    Given what I know about you, your play-style, and what you find enjoyable from having been part of Inner Circle for so long back in the day - I don't think you would find the current climate in EQ2 to be all that enjoyable especially given the hiatus that you have been on. Currently there is a fair amount of questing, back-flagging, and yes, even some tradeskilling that would be needed to get caught up. Tack on the "wall clock" / cow-clicker that is needed to gain Ascension and I just don't think the game today will resonate with you nor would it have any staying power.

    Not to be said that it can't all be done - and - certainly the definition of what is fun and enjoyable varies from player to player and even from time to time can be different for the same person.

    That being said - beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and ultimately only you can decide for yourself. So give it a try and see. But I just don't think EQ2 will have what you are looking for.

    Hope that helps...
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  13. Atan Well-Known Member

    Thanks, this is good feedback. I'm for sure a PGer in nature, and when I left 18 months or so ago, I had done pretty much all content that was in the game at least once, if not 20 times.

    The 44 days to be relevant for current content certainly is not something that interests me, and not playing current high end content doesn't really interest me.

    I can understand a mature MMO being at the state that it rewards those that spend the time grinding. As a former player, I can certainly respect that very much. But as a potential return player, it is a very high entry barrier, and one I'm probably not at a point to seriously consider.

    In the end, this may be less the game's fault than me own, that I'm just not a player that has casual interests, but at the same time not willing to take one a greater than month barrier to entry to current content.

    Maybe I'll give it more consideration at next expansion as the likely
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  14. Lil Mantis Member

    I'm a power gamer by heart. Now, I don't stress about being in the top rated Raiding guild but I would like to see current content with the hopes of being able to jump into some raiding content. Luckily I did get to see a bit of raiding but where I was and what we were doing.. I don't know. It was a whirlwind. =)

    Heck, I haven't seen heroic content yet (plenty of adv solos) but as others have mentioned, if you are new or been on extended hiatus. It's a climb to get up to the latest and greatest content. I like the challenge but I must admit, I feel that if I don't log in every day to get my ascension scroll, that I will just be that much further behind and oft times that means that I may start to feel a bit burned out on the character I'm working on.

    The server I'm on "Maj Dul" has a what I feel to be a great community. Met a few folks by doing Public Quests (still missing KP helm..UGH) and general chat seems to be civil for the most part and very helpful when people post questions.
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  15. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    If you left 18 months ago you will also have to try to wrap your head around this 'new' class purpose system. The inflation of stats and change away from melee/autoattack stats has created a very destructive DPS community. Currently everyone revolves around 3 stats (mage) and sad to say the classes were never designed to function on those alone. The AoM ranking/tier system has gone out the window entirely. The main reason I did not get KA is because they are trying to make everyone even, which is not how the game was made. Player tears have all but created another ocean and it is slowly but sure causing the game to implode. As far as the actual content I can't add much to what has already been said because the guildies I left behind at launch have told me the same thing I hear from everyone else. I even tried the progression guilds on live but the ability to keep steady attendance is flat out impossible. These players are either all for it or like me and trying to find the last little be of enjoyment out of the game. I know this sounds pretty negative, but having been in 3 top ten raid guilds I struggle to fit myself into such a different system than the one that used to be in place. Wish you luck in finding what you are looking for though.
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  16. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Major problem not even tithe grind (new mechanic that provide you new basic modifier for potency, crit bonus and sta) but rather you ability to access to the epic 2.0. Granted that some Ascending classes give you better start of the bat but still you need to get at least to the level 6 to do meaningful damage with it (and most important you need upgrade your ascending at least up to expert).
    If my guess is correct - by the summer time needed to grind even first Ascending class will be dramatically reduced via double-triple exp weekends. Already every Tuesday you get extra 5 scrolls (which shrink original time lag down to merely 40-44 days - unlike you we had to spend 89 days just to get Ascending level 9 to complete epic).
    I also project that with new P2W system mechanism of bypassing some of more notorious time sinks via paying DBC will be introduced not later than May
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  17. Lil Mantis Member

    I was wondering why I got 5 extra scrolls the other day. I didn't think it was Tuesday that I got it though. I think it was later in the week like Friday/Saturday. I'll check when I get home tonight.
  18. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    We getting those scrolls (+5) once a week its possibly that for different players timer started at different day of week (for me that was Tue)
    So over week period you getting nowadays 12 scrolls instead of 7 - that's a boost to speed to Ascending level 9
  19. Kari Well-Known Member

    You get the five extra scrolls once a week now, if you have a sub. So that does cut the time almost in half for a returning player that is subbed. But its still quite a time requirement.
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  20. Lil Mantis Member

    Makes sense. It's probably based on the date you started the ascension level climb. Not complaining. I'll take what I can get. =) I missed out on the double scroll weekend as I was still going through the KA timeline at that time. Catching up is soo much fun..
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