So what do we do if the hotfix does not make us viable?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Vanessa, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ewor Guest

    I have to argree that skill is a big key I have no trouble holding argo or getting tells asking if I got a spot in my group from people everyday... I'm not pissed about that I'm pissed we took a 25-50% dps loss depending on the rare chance we go berserk and if your not tanking forget about it your not gonna zerk... Yes the proc rate and argo from BL was out of control but now we are lucky if we zerk twice from it in the 3 mins
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    Agreed that is the point almost everyone except the educated Zerkers are missing. We could care less about the loss of aggro, what makes us mad is the loss of zerking ability/dps that defined our class.
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    So far, guardians are seriously overpowered. They can deal out excellent dps, hold aggro, and have the defense mitigation skills. All in one package. A beserker's only ability to mitigate damage is dealing out mroe than they take. Now, that is no longer possible. Guardians are next on the nerf list, and you'll notice that the good guardians never reply to the crying on the guardian forums, because they know that a person who knows how to play one, have no trouble at all holding aggro, dealing out awesome dps and requiring very little healing while doing all of this.

    Our problem is these other classes claiming we are overpowered, when we really weren't. I hope you're next guardians, because you are the most overpowered class now and need to be nerfed.
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    Tbh i wouldnt say aggro is our is a big issue, its really not too bad now, but our inability as a berserker class to go berserk is silly.
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    " don't think that we are completely unplayable to the point of hanging up my vanguard. Skill alone can make up for a craptastic class. A player of above average skill and gear playing a crappy class is > an average player with the same gear playing an uber class."

    Thats just the point who would want to play a craptastic class in the first place.....i know i dont want to pay everymonth to play a game.. and then to have someone take all the things that i enjoy about the game away and give nothing back...i wish somone would really do a parsar test ...a valid one...and see exactly how much dps we have lost...if a zerker is going all out and and doing less damage then a guard somthing is wrong...everyone can see that...even guardians should be able to see that...jeesh..i just cant believe that people can hate a class so much that they cannot see that...we are supposed to do more damage the guardians..if we cant i dont want to play any more
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    Anyone with any EQ experience knows that:

    1. You can play a nerfed to *bleep* class and still play the game.
    2. Everyone will know your a nerfed to *bleep* class and it will effect you in every group, loot, lotto, guild, every aspect of the game.

    **** is ****, just because I can still "Play" does not mean it is worth it to play. My money is just as green as any Guardians, the concept that I would pay to be less then someone else is just silly.

    Utterly silly, i'm not paying to play so I can have it be a excersize in frustration and a challenge to do what others can do with half the effort.

    While some come here suggesting we learn some skill, see this as a challenge and adapt, "I" choose to instead reroll, grind my way back to where I was this time as a Guardian. The blessed gifted class that SOE has deemed worthy of being the only viable MT in the game.

    P.S. Unless they fix my Berserker in which case I will go back to playing the class that I love. But I'm hedging my bets...
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    My question is why the [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] did they not "Hotfix " the other half dozon skills that are completly broke, as in they dont work at all, instead of the one that works too good. I mean that would have made the adjustment a lot easier in my opinion lol.
  8. ARCHIVED-Faeye Guest

    To be honest, if I were in your shoes I would, as you are, mad to a point. Having power taken away is never fun. However, I think some berzerkers are taking it way too far. If SOE wanted to nerf guardians than so be it. I've never known SOE to nerf something so bad that it can literally destroy an entire setting of the game unless it was meant to be like that in the first place.

    The skill description blatently showed it self as broken, everyone admited to it. Did they use it? Heck yeah, why wouldn't you? The problem is all zerkers set the basis of their existance on that one skill - something no other class does. Clerics heal, but even they have at least 3 ways to heal.

    I would think it wise to increase the duration of a berzerk if people are really having fits about how many times they rage per fight. I think being able to do it at all is a class differentiation from everyone else.

    And to the person above saying Guardians had great defence, dps and taunt -- guess again. There are many times wher eI lose agro, even though I'm slamming my taunts, buffs and damage keys. Guardians do absolutely minimal DPS -- barely above a cleric.

    If you find this ot be a game breaking scenario, I feel sad for you. Please /feedback and /bug, petition and bug SOE -- but whining here will only give you a bad reputation. After all: most of this board's population is whiny children.

    Good luck.
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    Funny that the only ones saying Berzerkers are not viable are the Berzerkers who relied entirely on Bloodlust.

    Yes I miss my DPS, Yes I was a little pissed about it, and Yes I am still a very viable tank. Now the guardians saying they can solo ^^ green group mobs are showing me that we got hit a little too hard since I could only do it getting lucky before the patch and sure as heck can't do it now.

    my suggestion would be to make bloodlust a group offense buff (as it is now, you guys seem to be missing that) and just give zerkers a 10-15% base haste effect for the class, then the rarely procing berserk effects would add another 15-20% giving us a nice middle ground of sustained vs burst DPS without infringing on scout and mage DPS roles.
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    The old "silent majority" trick for winning an argument. Nope wont fly...not when 95+pct of peeps posting here are unhappy...I prefer to think of people not posting one way or another as being "non existent".

    I plan on trudging through this, maybe the uber 40+ folks are right and it gets more fun later again.
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    Omg you invoke balance and justice, what the heck is this a political debate?
    Decreasing the agro was a balance issue. Destroying our dps wasnt. No longer going berserk with a regular frequency wasnt.
    Faeye wrote:

    After all: most of this board's population is whiny children.

    Good luck.

    Then GO AWAY.

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  13. ARCHIVED-Kodachi Guest

    I was upset when bloodlust was broken, felt like we had enough broken skills aready without them going and breaking another one. However, I did not run around screaming about the sky falling and how **** my character was, instead I went out and played. I never lost agro, I never died, and no one in my group ever said I sucked and left to find a guardian to tank for them. Really have you EVER heard a non-berseker say that berserkers suck and refuse to let one tank? Maybe I just don't group with idiots.

    Since when are Berserkers the worst at tanking? We hold agro better than any other class I have seen. I tank just fine against reds which in my opinion is just dandy. I can do pretty darn good damage imo.

    They fixed bloodlust in a few days time, which was a big surprise. Not only did they fix it, but they also now made it finally work WITH blood rage, which is awsome because i LOVE blood rage. But all you guys can do is whine and complain about how bad you suck. Maybe its not your class that sucks.

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    Man, getting tired of folks with black and white statements like this. Hey alot of us arent quitting and will trudge through. But 3 nerfs in 1.5 months is whacked by anyones measure. Dont blame the people getting honked off because we seem to be DIMINISHING as time goes on man...I didnt chose this class for the broken skills but the plain MEANESS of non Bers coming to this board is just amazing (aka "you rotten soft lazy unintelligent exploitin SOBZ had it easy, whining OMGZ you sux" crap). You'd think by the way some of these people act we had killed their dog or something.
    I agree its not the end of the world (my agro is just fine) but IT IS friggin annoying (the loss of Bloodlust icon really hit a bad nerve with many of us). And it is appranant from the "emergency fix" that SOE can and DOES make mistakes. This board (aside from the occasional chicken little) is fairly good about drawing the line against ADDITIONAL diminishment. The DPS loss really hurts and is noticeable (less so for me now I just got some new DPS skills).

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  15. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    All this kind of sucks.. hope they could fix it so everyone is happy...
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    Our damage mitigation is based on our ability to put out damage, not our ac/hp like guardians is. Put any equally equipped guardian and zerker of the same level against a group mob and see who the healer uses more mana on. I will bet you whatever amount of money you choose that the healer will use more mana on the zerk than the guardian, and now that our dps has been reduced, the mob will die in pretty close to the same amount of time.
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    Dear Alison, if you feel that Monks and Scouts should be higher damage dealers than Zerkers pleease take the time to re-read the descriptions taken directly from SOEs website.

    As advertised by SOE and stated, you can see they advertise the Zerk class to be the heavy damage dealers - not the Monk or the Scout as mentioned.

    And yes, since enough of you have cried and complained that we were out dishing everyone on the field - we got nerfed. But IMO the profession was exactly as suggested.



  19. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    Faeye = Troll.

  20. ARCHIVED-bparker Guest

    While we are at it - let put up the Guardian desc too so that we can refer to it again when necessary as the DPS issue has yet to be resolved.


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