So what do we do if the hotfix does not make us viable?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Vanessa, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    Yes, it's hypothetical.

    But I find myself wondering. I will not be a class that ever group i'm invited to everyone says in conversation how sad it is how overnerfed I am. I won't wait 1 to 3 years for Berserkers to be made effective again. Also I will not subscribe to the whole "Adapt, adjust" concept. Did that in EQ, did it in PS. Was a pointless excersize that gained me little in the way of 'fun'.

    So I'm faced with IF the hotfix does not work quiting EQ, not going to go to WoW. If I wanted to play WoW i'd be playing it.

    Or I can make a new class, play it and wait for them to fix my Berserker.

    Part of me is loath to continue paying IF the Berserker is still trashed after the hotfix.
    But part of me loves EQ2 and doesn't want to quit.

    If I made a new class as funny as it sounds I would probably be a Guardian. I have all the weapons and armor I need heh, I know what quests to do, where to fight, how to maximize my play time because I've done it all before. Sides the way things are looking, the Guardian is the holy sacred class of tanker that will follow in the footsteps of the EQ1 Warrior.

    Curious what your all thinking of doing IF the Hotfix leaves us still at the bottom rungs of the Tank's in EQ2 and totally ineffective.

  2. ARCHIVED-Azryal Guest

    3 letters: W -o- W
  3. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    I'm not playing this game because I want to play WoW. I'm playing this game because I want to play EQ2.

    If your first desire is to rush off and go play WoW then I just really question what your doing here in the first place. You should have gotten WoW instead of and youd be just about level 60 by now and thinking of making your second character. Along with almost everyone else.

  4. ARCHIVED-Kodachi Guest

    All I can say is that if you aren't "viable" right now, you are doing something seriously wrong with yourself in game :). Even with bloodlust broken I am doing very good damage, just using blood rage instead and fighting big groups. Yeah the class has a lot of broken skills, and I am hoping they fix it up a bit, but Berserkers are far from not being "viable".
    I haven't played another fighter class, but my berserker is far more useful, fun, and powerful than the Troubador I played in Beta. Have you every played with a Shadow Knight or Paladin? They can't hold agro off us to save their lives (or ours), and really can't compare in damage output to a berserker (yes even w/o bloodlust). I hardly think berserkers are the red-headed stepclass of EQ2, and if you are so willing to drop your character and start a new one, perhaps you should just take a break from EQ2 for a few months and give them time to fix some of the bugs. The game has only been out two months, and yes I agree their rate of fixing stuff is dismally slow right now, I hope that it will pick up some momentum.
    So in short, relax, play your character to the best of his/her ability and have some fun. I really haven't met a group yet who turned me away because I wasn't a guardian. :).

    31 Ratonga Berserker
  5. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    Personally, I have a choice, I can believe that your having no problems, OR I can believe the 293827328732912 other players that have posted here since last night about how utterly ineffective they have become, their lack of ability to go Berserk, their inability to take damage like they could prepatch, their inabillity to keep anyone in their party safe because they now can't maintain agro.

    I can believe everyone else and myself and my experiences, or I can believe you and the few select other players like Overlord that keep posting saying we all suck, we all have no skill and that there is nothing wrong with how Berserkers are after yesterdays patch we all need to adapt and overcome because this is not that large of a deal.

    It's a simple choice really, either those like you and Overlord are speaking the truth and everyone else is simply unable to play their class, or you and Overlord are being totally false and such ignorant players you can't even tell when your class has become utterly ****.

    I choose instead to believe that you are being false, and that just as Overlord are stating simply 100% untrue information.

    I'm not going to believe such a small percentage of players on this board and ignore my own experiences and the experiences of not only so many fellow Berserkers, but the other classes that have posted here and in other sections of the boards.

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  6. ARCHIVED-Trumluk Guest

    Hey Vanessa. We're all a little ticked right now but I think I can make it work. I know there are fanbois and glass half-full types that will paint a perfect picture, but I am not one of them. I will stay playing my berserker and hope for the best. I have a good group of friends that will group with me no-matter-what (heck they even grouped with me in EQ1 as a ranger).

    I know that I will be starting an ogre berserker on test-server though. I want to make sure that we get some representation over there. Other than that I will continue. If it get pathetic I'll become a crafter for a bit.

    I think it's a bit inconsiderate of Overlord and anyone else (no offense to them) to keep saying everything is fine. When this many people are unhappy and would like something done, to keep saying it's fine could affect what happens next. So even if they for some strange reason do think everything is okay (which as far as I'm concerned is lunacy, as my zerker is clearly much weaker now) they should stop going on about it in every thread, it's just going to ruin it for the rest of us if the devs listen to them. So Devs if u read this, please don't listen to them and trust the majority, Zerkers are currently pathetic, and need to be made back into a decent class again. Thanks.
  8. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    Could not agree with Scorp more.

  9. ARCHIVED-buggz620 Guest

    Last nights group we had zerk MT didnt see a problem with it never had an agro issue.

    Tonight group had a zerk MT didnt see a problem never had agro issues.

    While you may have abilitys that are broke you are far from not viable.

    After patch I i still wouldnt hesitate to have zerk as MT.
  10. ARCHIVED-kensuhan Guest

    [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot], for the moment, we are scewed hehe, all we can do is wait and hope for the best. Im 100% with vanessa and all those who only want there zerker back. Im lvl 32 and i was enjoying so much the game so far. I hope sony will put everything back to normal soon. I guess they dont really have the choice since we are paying to play. Since we have so much other class behing us that want zerker back like before. And other who use zerker and denied that they sux, think twice cause im not a zerker 32 now but only a warrior 32 and no group really need that. So lets hope for best.
  11. ARCHIVED-Ewor Guest

    There not going to change us back the skill is now how they intended it to be, yes they should have fixed all this crap in beta and not 2 months into the game but come on now we were gods with bloodlust being the way it was
    Ewor of Crushbone
  12. ARCHIVED-Schultz Guest

    But here is the problem and you need to learn.. most of the people here that don't have a problem won't post. only those that complain will post and thats what most people will say. Its always the same you always hear the complaints but never the praises.. I don't see anywhere that people are saying that they have made an awesome game compared to the first one and thats its very enjoyable IMHO.

    I am a lvl 30 Berserker right in the range of everyone complaining that its messed up.. But all i did was adjust the skills that i used since Focus Rage actually works now and will make me go berserk and using other skills that i have.. I am not 100% berserk like i was with pre bloodlust but i think it didn't hurt our class like everyone is complaining. Also i think the patch that went in tonight seems to deal with it great. I know it was broken in the beginning and it needed to be fixed.. It proc'ed way to often and messed things up. Now i think its doing fine.. With Focus rage and Bloodlust not dropping on me now i stay in a majority of the time and i am taking on things exacly like i was before.
  13. ARCHIVED-Faeye Guest

    I agree. Anyone not complaining and agreeing with the people that complain is called bad names, too.

    I honestly think this is how bloodlust was intended, as it says in the description. Also, if you compare it to everyone else's skills, it matches. Noone had a skill that was as powerful as bloodlust -- heck you guys outdid assassins on occasions.

    I am sorry a lot of zerkers are upset over the change, but changes will always upset people -- even if it begets balance and justice.

    If this is a game breaker, I hope you find peace in whatever you do find.
  14. ARCHIVED-Methusek Guest

    You think Bloodlust was intended to only proc once every three minutes? Im gonna take an educated guess and say we used to proc about 15-25 times in 3 minutes before (excessive? yes) . All of our other key berserking skills are broken, Bloodlust more than made up for it and it needed to be nerfed, BUT NOT THIS BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    I think the Guardian should go back to her forum, and pray that SOE doesn't decide to turn their focus on her. The way you talk I can see you as being a champion of the SK nerfs in EQ1 within the first 3 months of release, the Monk nerf that happened around Kunarks release. Both of those, were utterly and totally wrong, and SOE later admitted it, 2 years later in the case of SK's, 1 year later in the case of Monks.

    This is IDENTICAL to that, and your response is IDENTICAL to the response I saw from Warriors when those changes originally went live.

    This is a example of SOE's ability to bypass fixing bugs and broken abilities, and go straight to nerfs, without forsight, without any planning, if there is a example of a shotty job, this patch and the changes in it is it. How many times do people have to say it? The ONLY problem with Berserkers was that they drew to much agro without even taunting.

    Thats fixed, GREAT. No one here is complaining bout that.

    What was not complained bout by other classes, what was totally uncalled for and unannounced, is the total reduction of our DPS and are now utter lack of ability to Berserk. For crying out loud thats what this entire class is about, is Berserking and having higher DPS then Guardians, SK's or Paladins. Read the freaking class discriptions.

    The true IRONY is that the patch message said that now Bloodlust will scale up as upgraded. The most laughable thing I can ever think of reading, they throw a skill into the wood chipper, and then claim its improved.

    The big difference between people that salute this nerf, these nerfs, and myself, is after experience playing MMORPG's it has become very clear to me that the path to keeping people happy and class balance is to BUFF those classes that need it to the level of classes that are performing well.

    Nerfing never helps, it always hurts.

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  16. ARCHIVED-bparker Guest

    You have spoken the absolute truth in all regards concerning this matter.
    I /salute you!
  17. ARCHIVED-Darkdog Guest

    Please troll eslewhere peck. Stick to your happy little Guardian forums, everyone should be happy there.
  18. ARCHIVED-SCORP10 Guest

    I was about to go and make a new char, with a new class, but the I had a thought......

    What if I spend a couple of months working on it and they ruin that too? How will we know what they will nerf in the future?

    I think this may plague me in every game ever now, they can just change what ever they want, and you won't know about it until it's too late, thus you waste your time.
  19. ARCHIVED-BrookieDragon07 Guest

    Pick a job thats already so badly nerfed that it can't be so anymore?

    Then you shouldn't have to worry about ever being nerfed again too much. So sticking with berserker is the way to go. Get a sorry job that can't be feasably made any worse.
  20. ARCHIVED-Sabin the Great Guest

    While I haven't played much since the patch and I am somewhat of a newb in the sense that I didn't use bloodlust all the time, I think that alot of problems people have tanking are problems with playing the tank themselves. Now I'm not pointing fingers but tanking is a somewhat involved process. Without the use of bloodlust I was able to tank 37^^ mobs with 3-4 additional red minions. This is at level 31 with 29 and 28 healer/mystic and a couple of mages and an enchanter going nuts nuking, etc. Now I've seen this same mob agro off the tank and murder the entire group. The difference btw that tank and myself, skill and gear. I've also grouped with a berserker 2-3 levels higher than myself and was able to pull agro away from him and eventually started MT'ing myself since he could keep agro from the healer/mages on a regular basis. While I do think our constant nerfing is getting abit ridiculous, I don't think that we are completely unplayable to the point of hanging up my vanguard. Skill alone can make up for a craptastic class. A player of above average skill and gear playing a crappy class is > an average player with the same gear playing an uber class. If you're having problems getting teams, make your own. Show them who their daddy is and make want to leave other groups to join yours. I have people who either refuse to adventure at all, or who refuse to go all out unless I'm tanking. 1 star me all you want, but get a group of people wanting to play with you and leaving groups to do so and go nuts. Nerf me till your fingers bleed I'll still be kicking as$. I'm a zerker till the day I hit 50!

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