So what are we best at ?

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Shredderr, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    seems like every tank out there is the best at something including dps which we are evidently not. some are aoe great some can heal great some are just tougher. others can taunt and hold aggro incredibly easy. What is our niche ?
  2. ARCHIVED-Zyek Guest

    We are the DPS tank... nothing out there can even come close.. even warlocks.. (we even die like one now hehe)
    Hell i think they should rename our class as Monklock..
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  3. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    I think the prob may be with your locks and assasins if you are out dpsing them tbh
  4. ARCHIVED-Lizabethan Guest

    I raid-tanked for a while, though not in my current guild and not so much (maybe a handful of times?) in SS content.
    Our niche is single target OTing, for sure. Our snaps are pretty good for a single target, but group aggro is kinda lacking - which is okay, that's what makes us! We can do DPS no problem (maybe not top the parse, but we're not struggling to breathe as last on raidwide parse at least), but really, you're calling a monk for those oh-no-get-this-guy-off-me-right-now-or-we-wipe situations.
    Here's the part where people insert Dragonfire into the mix. Dragonfire is our new prestige AA that gives us some nice AOE damage / threat, yes, but I'm still firmly holding my stance on single target OT as our class niche.
  5. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    ok yeah thats true we can OT but offtanking is not really a role not needed there is tank dps heals and support(buffs and w/e). Nice to have an OT but not critical and imo a pally is the best OT because he can do so much more for the tank than us ... like give up his mitigation to the tank and cast wards on the tank and amend some of the dps, he catches aggro and can cancel his mitigation giving buff instantly return it to hisself. So monk was a mistake. I say screw then give us Plate and let us use shields.... not really j/k. But we were told we would be tanks .... there is no OT role . even if we gave the best support to our group or raid like our buffs stacking . But there is nothing we bring to a raid I cant see some other class doing much better or significantly better. better tank/aggro better dps better support .
  6. ARCHIVED-Zyek Guest

    Monk(brawlers) can do it all.. IF you say otherwise you have no clue what you are talking about... our avoidance buff is one of the best out there. None of the plate tanks can even come close to it.
    Holding agro.. noooo problem. Staying alive big hits noooo problem.. we have the most death save than any other tanks (including stone skins)
    We do have the best melee buff (it only last for 10 sec ) but it's still the best Combat Mastery
  7. ARCHIVED-rotaterz Guest

    Zyek wrote:
    Pretty sure brusiers have best avoidance buff..
    as for your parse. that looks like a trash mob parse.. umm sk's, pallys, can hit 1mill dps on trash parses with reckless. We are probly the best tank dps while being main tank on named fights. We do nice dps, but ya no way we should be out dpsn teir 1 dps on raids unless they slacking lol.
    But as for as pve goes we are still able to MT decently. Before gu64 we were probly ahead of guards for tanking this just droped us behinde them, but we are still able to MT.
    As for as pvp goes.. monk is pretty much dead last as a pvp tank. lol
  8. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    Rotate@Nagafen wrote:
    right and this is why I rolled a monk thought he'd be best at it .....long what are we best at compared to the other tanks that have their specialties is all I was wondering.

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