So we're killing the server on Tuesday

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Jandraligeli, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Jandraligeli Member

    A glimpse into the future,

    We're going to see nerfs to most items, never popular but its needed on several collection items. However while they take away they're not going to give back.

    Heroic items will be largely ignored, it's too time consuming and they've made it clear that they don't have anything but a wish to throw stuff out the plane to get just a little further. Stats will continue to be a hot mess and bis items will drop from a solo mob in a random location. Not because they planned it but that was the only item the itemization bot managed to actually get right.

    Raid loot will also be ignored, patterns like they admitted in KoS should have been better, like it wasn't in EoF and certainly isn't in RoK. They might add 0.2 pot and an extra dot of primary stat, but the stat package will be haste and ab mod for scouts and hate gain with health for mages. No one will wear these items, again. Which is a shame because it's linked very closely with the problem with raiding. This expansion we've got three tiers of raid loot, apparently, but they're all terrible. Incredible, three whole tiers and nothing is better than trash drops in zones people can solo.

    Because gear is so linear, as well as terrible if it drops from a raid mob. Raid difficulty will be need to be re balanced around the fact that you can't improve your toon through raiding. Thugga is now a 3 second fight and Leviathan gets one shotted with a single vial. Trakannon is untouchable for months, but you can always gear up with VP patterns and drops, you really can't, or one run of Chelsith or that one solo mob in Kunzar Jungle.

    Guilds will hit roadblocks in progression, it might be Trak or Tangrin or Nexona. They will try and improve, gear up, realize it's not possible as everyone is camping the solo mob that drops bis, become disenfranchised and lose players.

    The server drifts away as dev's explain that actually the patch is in another fortnight, but they won't touch items or progression. Just correct a couple of typo's maybe, because they're really busy with the next expansion for live. But they've heard you so y'know it'll be better in TSO.

    TLDR; They're going to do the minimal, the server is going to collapse again due to itemization and raid progression failures. Oh and a stunning lack of communication with the players.
  2. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I wonder why people are still paying to play on these TLP servers. Its the same issues every single time.
  3. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    Well I just joined the server and it appears I joined at a bad time lmao
  4. Fangrim Active Member

    As long as people mindlessly re-roll on a new TLE it will keep happening. I've seen people level from 1-50 on 10+ toons with xp pots all the way when a new server launches then pots to level Sage,Alchemist,Jeweler,make experts then $ to level to master.
    As long as this continues TLE's will always die around level 90. After 90 the level caps are too slow 90-92,then 92-95,95-100.Not counting expansions that stay at the same level. So it is better financially to start a new TLE where the sheep from the previous 3 TLE will once again flock.
  5. Tetley New Member

    I've been bouncing around EQ2 since 2004. It was my first mmo, the first game I really loved and I always come back to... I guess its like home in a manner of speaking. I'm not a huge fan of the new content so I decided to try and relive the glory days with TLE's and I know I'm right when I say there are quite a few people out there who feel the way I do.
    The game is truly now in its twilight. The games populations die with age of the game, the share amount of bloat in stats/abilities and an incredible amount of learning and ridiculous amount of time, money or combination of both needed to catch up playing on a live server dissuade any new players from joining.
    So we are left with TLE's. They are a great place for new players as the progression doesn't usually move a long far enough to scare new players off. I love having the chance to visit some of my favorite past content, reliving some of those great triumphs.
    The issues I have and that are forcing me to lose interest are simple, itemization is terrible and class imbalance is just out of control. I've argued in the past that some classes just need a bump but I am wrong, each class needs to have their abilities and aa's overhauled. Never in any game should any class just be cast aside and not only be undesired for content but avoided... I mean to say, when you peel back the layers the premise of each class is good but when you start adding the aa's, stats that are available and ideal group make up for maximizing each classes potential, therein, is where the problems and imbalance arise.
    Jandraligeli I agree with you 100%

    A note to the Dev's for TLE Servers :

    Alas, here we are... The game is here, already created with loads of content and story lines and a loyal fan base who truly care. Take the time to fix what we have. Truly let us relive EQ2. Remember when questing actually yielded great items? When Heritage and Signature quests rewarded some of the greatest must have items. Remember when each class had a role, there was a separation between t1 dps/t2 dps/utility and place for any class in group or raid?
    Loyalty only lasts so long before it fails and I think EQ2 is down to its most loyal. Help.
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  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    People ask the same question about live. *shrug*
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  7. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    And its just as valid as the TLP question :)
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  8. Jandraligeli Member

    Update, I mentioned that this upcoming patch would signal the swift decline of the server. I'd like to retract this and be clear that it's going to be a Thelma and Louise moment, only even more tragic.

    Nerfing items, like EoF Hunters or Avatar pieces from previous content, because of a throw away idea that anything with a defensive stat needs to be broken, is a huge wedge you're going to drive into the player base and the developers. Take the time to skip these from the train wreck, we can still have some nice things.

    Speaking of nice things, take the time to boost raid loot. We have 3 tiers in this expansion, I get that you're unable to spend time actually balancing everything. But go through the VP raid sets, actually go through class by class and have some commitment to your role as curators of an incredible legacy.

    I've said it before that the entire ethos within the development team is live and the next expansion. That's clearly ego driven, live is ruined by stat creep and investment needed to play a game with friends. You need to actually support the handful of people in your team to do your due diligence with the TLE server for EQ2.
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  9. Jandraligeli Member

    Also I can only encourage people to comment and attempt to force sense, I'd post on discord but I once stated that itemization and balance was a failing on the first TLE and got banned forever
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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea that would do it , your not supposed to criticize the devs on Discord , all you can do there is worship them , and maybe get a little bit of information .
    There are hard working people in Darkpaw I know , there just have to be .
  11. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    All hope is not lost.

    Kander Today at 1:57 PM
    The current itemization changes on test have been reverted, I will be making a large post on the forums here soon with our intended changes and a detailed explanation.
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  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks for all the work you do here for the non Discord people Fleshdecay .
  13. Bleed Member

    needs more Blood Oranges!
  14. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Because eq2 TLE is best MMO... take that for what it's worth.
  15. Rakshay New Member

    explain now, the **** need such a poor character in the RAID? ******* morons....
  16. Kittik Well-Known Member

    OP, I didn't believe you at first. I do now. This is the worst "update" I've ever seen.
  17. Jandraligeli Member

    Sadly cynicism is often proved correct around these parts.

    Tank gear is very much reduced and this has not been well received. They've bought in a wider idea that items should be tiered by the amount of separate blue stats, but not understood how this would impact classes such as tanks that benefit from far more than those two available.

    Gear is now even more linear, with heroic and raid stats now designed to have only two blue stats the gap between content is so minimal as to make raiding to improve a player character fairly pointless.

    Raid progression is now essentially a flat line, as players can't really improve gear then Protectors Realm can only be as challenging as Trakannon. Yes you can argue that strats might make a difference but these are all so widely known now that i would argue it's a moot point.

    TLDR; A chunk of the server will have cancelled accounts over this, the players were clear that these sweeping changes was unwelcome and it was pushed regardless. Raiding for challenge or to improve characters is pointless.
  18. Milksteak New Member

    A flat line is actually an improvement in some ways, as before the items were downgrades in a lot of cases. I think the raid gear needs a pass for sure and needs to show a distinct improvement over heroic dungeon gear - more than just a .1 stat increase. There is a very noticeable and meaningful upgrade from quest gear into heroic+ gear now, I'm not sure why there can't be a similar improvement from heroic to raid.
  19. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    I knew item changes were coming, but wasn't prepared for a massive nerf.
  20. Jandraligeli Member


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