So Now What...Everyone is 50 and I'm Level 12

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Gildon, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Gildon New Member

    This is a server that has an expiration date.

    All my buds got me back on to play from way back when - sounds cool but they are all raiding/DOF'ing and i'm stuck around level 20? There is no one else, you are either low level or top level?

    As I implied above - do I just wait for the reset a long ways away or keep trying to catch up?

    I'd think with DOF coming out you could start a Char at either 1 or 50? Is there an issue with that? Still need to earn 60 while pvp'ing but that's all goodness?

    Just wondering since I Don't think i'll spend the time and grind 30 levels alone (and please don't go all 'Have all your friends mentor' - I wouldn't even ask them due to how boring and pointless it is for them).

    Peace out - hoping there's another way.
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  2. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah....nope. not sounding very enticing to me.
  3. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Quest XP is how you level. 20-30 is a quest gap unfortunately, but once you get to 30 you can do Zek/EL > Feerott/Everfrost/Lavastorm and then Sinking Sands. Once you get to 30 it should be doable quite quickly with a potion. To fill the gap you could pop a bunch of Lore and Legends right now under a potion, each one will give you about a third of a level. I'd also try discovery XP, not sure how bad it is post-nerf but may be good for a few levels too. Grinding is awful though, don't do it.
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  4. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Dead server for anyone not 50-60. GG. Wait for next season.
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  5. ALiav New Member

    Implying that 50-60 isn't also dead LUL
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  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Yes it does, 3 months from the day it released.
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  7. Seth Active Member

    Quite amusing to be fair. Not at the OG Post makers. but all these comments. Why do people just not understand that daybreak does not know how to make pvp gear. Nothing will be balanced, the game is centered around PVE, you change 1 skill and boom the class is cucked for PVE. Only way to solve all the crazy crazy is 2 things. 1: Add Pvp gear. and 2: Make specific pvp zones which people need to do /join to enter. Once entered your skills are modified to an appropriate figure along with buffs and nerfs to select classes to make it a more "Balanced" Ideal. But the thing is mates. This server is not going to last. told ya weeks before release, week after release, and skadoosh all the low level zones are next to 0, people got to 50 by exploits and where not reprimanded.
    They just dont care. have you seen how lacklustre all the expansions were while they where in charge? the fact that every appearance item looks awful, the way they made it so Scouts with a shield cant OT anymore, the way a templar can do more damage than you with 5k more potency, The list goes on. This server was Never meant to be a priority, the Only reason it was added in was because they wanted cash. Like come on, they sold lifetime subs, that means that something behind the scenes is happening.
    Think about it Why would you sell lifetime subs if you have a strong dedication that the game will continue for years and will continue to grow. They dont advertise the game on any social media platforms, I have not seen them reach out to any game reviewers. It's silent. They post to the small community that they have and then expect us to do all the heavy lifting.

    The Nagafen server is practically a cash and grab before I reckon DBG Dipps on us. 1-50 Pots, new expact , Wipe, 1 - 50 pots, new expact, Wipe, Rinse and repeat until at least RoK. but to be honest. it's probably going to be a wasteland halfway through DoF. I recently made a character on HoF and decided to level it. So I went to the island, first quest boom level 3. went to kill some stuff outleveled the quests before I knew it. Went to some of the instances solo with a merc and destroyed it all, no XP, went to FG no XP, went to agnostic boom 5 levels in 4 minutes. They dont care about the lower stuff, they dont care about anything apart from the New Expansions, if even that. Most of the instances have a 1/3 chance to kick you out on entry or kick you to main screen as witnessed by tonnes of groups and raid fellas.
    The T1 / T2 Jewellery is Trash, Only the Armor patterns are somewhat "okay". you where pretty much kitted out on day one due to MC being one of the best.
    Chanters can go into specific zones and charm mobs that completely decimate bosses.
    The Gap between Bad - Mediocre - Overpowered is so stupidly annoying.
    You got tanks dealing 2-3x the DPS's DPS just because they got 3-4 raid pieces equipped. Tell me, what expansion had that much of an impact damage wise. you got people running around with level 10 familiars which in my opinion are just such a stupid browser-game idea. Then again that's probably because Daybreak yeah I wont even get into that.
    You got hate gain on mage gear, lul would love to see the Logic behind that, ahhh yeah that's right because you can tank on mages... forgot all about thaaa.... wait no you cant what am I saying? am I being corrupted by the Daybrrreaaaaaaaaak......beaewa. waosds something is infecting meee. Please get this off me. Oh nevermind just had to pull the Daybreak Eyepatch off my eye. it causes +50 points Stupidity.
    So as I was saying before I had some flying eyepatch attach to me.
    1. Game is broken
    2. They honestly dont care
    3. Good luck finding a group
    4. Lifetime sub ftw. how long is a lifetime?
    5. Lul

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