So how many accounts are you activating for Nagafen?

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Siren, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Siren Well-Known Member

    Well, it's do or die tomorrow, peeps! Or maybe that's do and die.... :p

    If you have any old musty, dusty alt accounts lying around, will you be reactivating them to have alts going along with your mains, or are you just activating one main account for Nagafen?

    My main account is gold anyway, but I have an old secondary account that still has its 12 year vet reward unclaimed-- that's the 365 loyalty tokens that I can use on the live F2P servers. A little light bulb went on over my head, and I decided to activate it and get a second class/second crafter going for Nagafen, too.

    The character on my main account is probably going scholar to upgrade her own combat arts and spells. For my alt account, I might go Woodworker and grind out a ton of totems of the butterfly and owl during month 1, then jam everything into the bank and let that alt account lapse. I'll see how it goes.
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  2. Inukez New Member

    I resubbed when I heard about the PvP server coming back. So I was practicing an assassin on another server.
    Mainly came back cause they marketed it as a non-P2W mechanic classic server with just revised gear. And here we are with P2W mechanics.
  3. Rustiiee New Member

    I used to play on Nagafen before it closed down and only came back for this.
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