So how long did it take you to get 95?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Regolas, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    Does it matter? I quit playing & no longer even bother logging in, so I might as well quit posting, too.
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  2. GabenBison Active Member

    In other words you don't have an actual answer or afraid to admit something.
  3. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    But you cared enough to re-register on the forums? o_O

    Anyways, I don't care how fast people level their toons. Level them as fast as you can or as slowly as you want to, whatever works for you. Just don't whine about the subsequent consequences, if any, associated with your personal gameplay decisions.

    I've done the uber fast race to cap in the past and this time I'm going the slower route. Neither way is more correct than the other.
  4. Terrorpeutic New Member

    May I ask where's a good place to grind? I'm a solo player with mediocre gears. I went into the new zone, kill those 93 mobs on the outside and got around 400 xp, that was with vitality, no potion and no vet bonus. It took me close to 1 min. to kill one. So after 4 hrs of adventuring, I got 25% past 92. I've tried mentoring down and doing the old grind zones, but they aren't much better without vet bonus.
  5. Hammdaddy Active Member

    14 minutes
  6. Grumble69 Member

    The mob xp has been borked for a while now. They've been needing to make mob xp a function of its level, hps, normal/heroic/epic status, etc. Right now things are flip-flop'd. Mobs in chelsith were giving high xp with their low hps and mobs in the new zones have low xp and high hps. But rather than properly fix the problem, they put in these restrictions on the group encounter. So you get these odd situations where L90+ mobs have the same xp as mobs L60 and lower.
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  7. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Skyshrine contested. You can do it with WL gear and a few others
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  8. Atan Well-Known Member

    Kael Contested works alright.

    I plan to check out the new contested zone, but its been a ghost town, so there must be something wrong with it.

    Tallons EM raid zone though is where the gravy is.
  9. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    95 adventure - about 5 hours - mixture of solo sig questline, SS contested/instances, solo mentored chelsith/sebilis, collection turn-ins.

    95 crafter - about 30mins - doing lvl 89 crafting rush orders (approx 5 per lvl), with xp potion, and 3 potions of progress.
  10. Ridolain Active Member

    Not anymore ... from today's patch notes:

  11. Ridolain Active Member

    My only "problem" is those being 95 so fast will start complaining there is nothing to do anymore ...

    *shrugs* I'm still 92/90 etc. Will be taking my time
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  12. Elhai Member

    I rushed to 95 on my 2 main raiding toons. I still have 13 other toons at 90-92 that I'll take my time with. That's part of the beauty of this game. I can level however fast or slow I want to. I can grind or quest, dungeons or overland. Fast or slow, any way I want. And so can you.
  13. Evisca D'White Member

    I'm new and I have one 90 Dirge and one 86 Monk. I'm taking my time, haven't raided yet, and might spend today stacking books in my house or making little lowby leather armors. Maybe finish my Myth weapon line up, who knows? I'm in no hurry but I have no right to down anyone else about the way they decide to level up, forget that ignorant arrogance. "That's ridiculous" and all that blah-yada. Judging and insulting others for their chosen style of play exposes your delusions of grandeur - you think you are better than they are and your opinion of how they should play is the right one. Schtuff eet!
  14. homey New Member

    i think soe was wrong with the amount of xp u get from questing i did all the quests in the jungle and did not get 1 lvl. So i had to jump on the grinding band wagon i think they need to fix that this game called everquest not evergrind just kinda sad when someone wants to quest and try to enjoy the new content and cant cause the xp for questing was cut way down
  15. Sucuri Active Member

    I have 23 characters, at some point doing the same 2 zones of quests will make me slit my wrists. I choose to grind out exp in some older content that is my choice. I want to follow the new quest lines, that is also my choice. I want to stick a bunny on my head and dance under the moon, that is my choice.

    No one is forcing you to quest, or grind, play how you want to play, and do not worry what everyone else is doing!
    I went with SS grind for my first character to 95, so I could do the new group content with my guild, my next 92 I will try out the quests, that I know for a fact are slow, but add story to the game. My next character I might cronomage down to 20 or 30 and do some zones that character has never done, and that I haven't been to in ages.
  16. Atan Well-Known Member

    My primary issue is the forced questing to get access to heroic content. I really thought they learned their lesson on this crap before.
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  17. Kahonen Active Member

    Content that works with fixes they claim to have done that actually work sounds good for a starter.
  18. Kane Hart Active Member

    I always wondered how do some of you guys level so fast? I find it nearly impossible unless I'm with another and we aoe groups down and such. But as a solo SK how would one grind levels none stop?
  19. Jokirr Member

    Took about 2 to 2 and a half hours in SS, had to fight 12 other guild mates lol
  20. Atan Well-Known Member

    AoE killing KoS era heroic mobs.

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