So how long did it take you to get 95?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Regolas, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I can see a handful of people in Equilibrium are 95 already after the servers have been up for what, 5 hours?

    I've been at work the whole time watching the clock till I can go home.

    So what's the quickest anyone reached 95 from 92?
  2. Arcturys Member

    That's just sick.

    Honestly I almost want the EQ1 early days of leveling to come back. Maybe not as severe as spending several solid days per level, but it's just too insane in the other direction these days.
  3. Mohee Active Member

    It's easy when you can just chrono down and pull and kill 50 mobs with 1 shot...
  4. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    34 minutes... to get to 95 Tailor. 32 minutes for 95 Carpenter.

    Still 92 adventurer.. in no rush. :)
  5. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I don't think that's the best way now with the xp changes. No encounter xp.

    I reckon a 4-6 people in skyshrine contested getting solo xp equivalent due to the xp changes will be the fastest. Basic mobs die pretty fast there.
  6. Karnoz Active Member

    Took us less than two hours in Skyshrine contested. Could have gone way faster if we had had an ideal group and hadn't had to compete for a limited number of mobs.

    Personally, I'm happy it didn't take longer. The game only really begins once you hit the level cap, whatever it may be at any given time, so leveling up is really just a necessary evil.
  7. Peachie New Member

    leveling up is not a necessary evil. The game does not begin when you hit the level cap. It starts the moment you create a toon. And I will also be an advocate against people that state the game only begins once you hit level cap. Thats just ridiculous. so is leveling to 95 in 34 mins. But to each his own.
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  8. Pakhet Member

    About 1 1/2 hours per toon, have 2 @ 95 on my account. Jumped another 7 or so guildies to 95 as well today. Will finish the guilds raid force off tomorrow. Only had one tank willing to jump people. >:s
  9. Stryker24 New Member

    less than 2 hours while fighting for mobs.. I'm sure its do-able in around 80-90mins if you had the whole zone to yourself
  10. Geothe Active Member

    60 minutes to get to 95 adventure level.
  11. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Trying to stop people from leveling is pointless. And penalizing the 99% for the 1% doesn't do anything except tick off the 99%.

    I have nothing negative towards folks who want to level to 95 ASAP. The raid content is targeted at 95. Not 92. Not 93. Not 94. 95. And that's the kind of content they want to play. I am happy that the EQ2 team are not wrecking it for the rest of us to try to slow down those guys a little bit. People can choose to play at their own pace. Free to play. Your way. :)

    1174 level 95 characters.
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  12. kela Member

    Feldon is that number just Adventuer level, or both Adventuer and Crafting.
  13. Kane Hart Active Member

    Since when EQ was about hitting max level fast anyways? Is it not about the 99% of the rest of the game?
  14. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    o_O thats fast and i thought 1 lvl in around 1 hour where fast oO, mind pming me the spot? ^^ got some more (including chars of my wife oO )
  15. GabenBison Active Member

    There was a reason why leveling was extremely long in EQ1 classic, it was a mechanic at certain level gaps in order to reduce crowding. Verant never expected over 100,000 subscribers prior to Ruins Of Kunark with the amount of servers they had. That's the reason why for example levels 51-60 were incredibly hellishly long then. It had nothing to do with 'difficulty', it was just a quick patch so not everyone was clogged into Sebilis, Chardok, or Karnors Castle by the first month.

    EQ2 does not have problems with crowding. Levels aren't an interesting aspect in something like eq2, it's just a tedious grind and im glad they shortened it to 5 levels compared to 10 levels with 9 of them being all filler.
  16. GabenBison Active Member

    My guess is that the people who are really upset of how easily it is to reach level 95 are the ones who are usually left in the dust in the first place. They want people to slow down to their speed and feel accomplished for the smallest things. Same people who hate SLR, who sit in treasured gear collecting shattered land books, or complain about the Isle Of Refuge in the forums. 'Smell the Roses' mentality.

    Well I been smelling them for for 8 years on and off since launch. Time for the next batch of roses to come in with a nice supply of raid/group content. And for those making the absurd claim that the people at level 95 are the 1%, no, we don't make up only the "1%", and unless you have some hard evidence of that, don't state it.

    Man this brings up terrible memories of Cusahorn's ideas like "Raiding gear should be nerfed when used outside of raids" augh
  17. Mohee Active Member

    XP in groups now is good, except it seems like whenever we from 5 people, to 6, a full group makes the xp rate go down the toilet....
  18. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Adventure level. Crafting takes about 30 minutes if you do nonstop Rush Orders.
  19. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Took me 2 hrs with a 100% xp potion. Vitality stayed throughout.
  20. Natsume Member

    That's crazy, people who rush to level 95 are missing every single amazing area In Game. I bet there are area's where those people who maxed it did not see in CoE that was meant for their levels.
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