So, about that Silver/Broker Selling thing...

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Morukta, May 14, 2022.

  1. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Seriously, WHY is it such a big deal to continue allowing grandfathered Silver accounts to sell stuff on the broker?
    For that matter, why not allow ALL Silver accounts to sell on the broker?

    I don't care about what the 'specs' of Silver are/have been - the fact is, grandfathered Silver accounts have been able to sell since they were created (as grandfathered).

    This is just (insert unacceptable expletive here).
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  2. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Yep. I don't honestly know why they bother with free to play and silver accounts. It's flat out lying when they say EQ2 is free to play.
  3. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Ok, I'm not sure, but think I just found a legit reference . . . . Grandfathered Silver dates back to around Dec 2011 (?)
    So that means that we had the ability to sell on the broker for OVER ELEVEN YEARS, and now they decided to take that away from us with NO explanation, no warning, NOTHING.

    I do NOT understand why these people keep shooting themselves in the foot, over and over and over. I guess it's just par for the course with this game, it's devs & owners..... /sigh
  4. IkeuCakes New Member

    Regardless of what it was, it wasn't intentional and was definitely a bug, an exploit, a cheat. Whatever you want to call it... Plus, I recall not being able to use the broker to sell things as a Silver Member, especially not 11 years ago.

    If you really want to sell stuff on the Broker, support the company. They made it clear what the restrictions are. Free to Play users cannot use the Broker without Credits. Silver Players may use the Broker to buy things, but must use Credits to list items. All Access gets overall access without needing Broker Credits.

    What you're doing here is complaining about an exploit you cannot do anymore. Regardless of that, if you want more information on what the rules are, even for "Grandfathered Silver Accounts" - Look at the Membership Page.
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  5. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    Agreed. At the time that was an idea to get more people interested in subscribing "pay to play your way." But that was a long time ago and may have worked in the short-term, but long-term EQ2 has fewer players than ever before.

    I think it would be more honest and appealing if they get rid of f2p (since it really isn't/you are denied basic game functions).

    Replace it with a lower subscription price or as many games are doing, get rid of the sub all together and charge people for content. Plus, I am sure they make a steady stream of revenue from all of the p2w micro transactions (probably more than subscriptions provide).
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  6. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    It was NOT an exploit for GRANDFATHERED Silver accounts. When they first did it, they INTENTIONALLY gave us the ability to sell on the broker. The fact that paid to be Silver accounts never could is just backup that it WAS how they did it, and therefore was NOT a bug or exploit.

    The bottom line is not changed - they are constantly doing things that drive players away instead of things that will entice more players and paid accounts. It's just that simple and it's obviously not going to change no matter who owns the company/franchise or who the devs are (sorry Denmum, you're just not going to have enough power to do what needs to be done), or how much the player community tells them what is needed, what is wanted and only given the shaft in return.

    PS - your link is the standard "Buy All Access" standard - I see nothing about silver, let alone grandfathered vs purchased.
  7. IkeuCakes New Member

    Okay, if you want me to go further into your delusions, I'll happily oblige you in this case, as I have three "Grandfathered" accounts that weren't able to sell on the Broker when Silver was a thing, back when Freeport was a server you could play on, and when Everquest 2's F2P was "Everquest 2 Extended". - Check here - Or here - Or even here

    PS - There is no Grandfathered Status. You're just making excuses to be angry on the forums for an exploit that was patched
    recently. You should also scroll down to that important "Full Access to In-Game Broker" part for All Access. Doesn't take much, about 3 scrolls.
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  8. Ayodi Member

    The appearance of impropriety can still get one burned. It looks like an accident to me. No harm no foul=Silvers got cool stuff for a while & now they don't. Who did that? EQ2 did that. Mistake, accident, misunderstanding, whatever, players are going to get red when their actions are adjusted. Thanks for the links! Good stuff helping us all understand better.
  9. Lemilla Active Member

  10. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    Had a quick read over the thread you linked.

    Denmum posted about an issue with silver accounts being unable to PURCHASE from the broker.
    Caith went on to state: "Silver accounts still require a token to sell an item."

    Did I miss something else in that thread?
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  11. Bludd Well-Known Member

    when i was silver i couldnt sell on broker without token
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  12. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    If you truly had 'grandfathered' silver, you had the ability to sell. If you didn't, then you bought it.That's just that.

    1> Yes, SOE/DBG DID include the ability to sell on the broker for grandfathered silver accounts when they rolled out All-Access model. If they hadn't, those of us who have enjoyed it for a decade wouldn't be up in arms now. Because they gave it to us you CANNOT now just say it was simply a cheat, exploit or anything else you have called it.
    2> NONE of those links are to official DBG sources - If it's not found on the SOE/DBG pages it is NOT gospel.
    3> The bottom line is the litany of issues with DBG & the devs, failing to communicate and even listen to the player community or fix what is wrong with the game in an effective, efficient way. It's not new, it's getting worse and isn't going to change.
    4> They TOOK AWAY something that THEY GAVE INTENTIONALLY. If they'd said something, that might be different. But THEY DID NOT.

    Whether you agree with me or not, I really don't care. I LOVE this game, I always have. I rolled my first character four days after it launched and have been through all that's been done over the years. Nothing else comes close, even with all that is wrong with the ownership, devs & game today.

    I have first hand experience with their shady ways, and it's been nothing but downhill in that regard since GU24. I sent screenshots to the devs that proved them wrong on changes they made, they threatened me with a permanent ban if I didn't drop it. That's just F----- Up, PERIOD.
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  13. Fuhraal New Member

    Morukta is right - way back when grandfathered silver accounts were first created, there was an uproar over the broker sales issue, and they granted those accounts the ability to sell. If you didn't get it, then you weren't a true grandfathered silver account. Those who paid to get the silver package after grandfathering happened, but before they took it off the options have never been able to sell on the broker without buying tokens, which is just idiotic from a business standpoint.
    I also enjoyed having that broker selling ability from the very beginning of grandfathered silver (when I wasn't subscribing - and every time I dropped sub, I still had it). They gave it to us, now they have taken it away. They didn't say anything about it, they didn't give any reason, they just did what they always do - screw over the players.
    Not a cheat.
    Not an exploit.
    NOT a smart move by DBG to take it away.
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  14. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    Same. I don't remember ever being able to sell without a sub, and I began playing as silver ftp back in 2011.
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  15. Siren Well-Known Member

    Silvers can BUY stuff from the broker. You've been doing that for 11 years. In the very beginning of F2P on Freeport server, Silver couldn't even buy off the broker, but the devs quickly changed that.

    However, Silvers have had to buy Broker tokens (10 tokens for 100 Station Cash, or a buck) to be able to sell on the broker for 11 years. The ability for Silvers to sell on the broker without buying broker tokens was only in place for a few months, and those few months just ended. (I'm assuming it was a bug that they were even allowed to do this at all.) Did you stop playing EQ2 for years where you're assuming it's been this way all along when it hasn't?

    I've had a gold main account since launch day. I have a silver account from launch day (same age) that I used to sub as a 2nd gold account, until I grandfathered it in as a Silver the first day Silver became a thing. I have various friends/family guildies who have also had grandfathered Silver accounts since the get-go: I know because I'm the one who paid for all of them. And exactly none of them have been able to sell on the broker for free for 11 years. I've been playing 18+years and originally copied my mains over to Freeport server's F2P beta so I played through that entire transition right to this day.

    Maybe you've had a ton of broker tokens you've been slowly using up all along (which show in the upper right corner of the broker window) and didn't realize it. Maybe you once paid for tokens years back, and have had the same items in the broker since then? Did you stop playing for many years in between or something? The items you paid broker tokens for will sit in the broker til they sell. Or are you sure your account hasn't been gold subbed at various times, enabling you to have stuff selling in the broker over time instead? Your brokered items don't get bumped out of the broker if you go from Gold subbed to Silver, you just can't put more items into the broker until you buy broker credits, or pay the sub again.

    Even though it'd be cool for my Silver account to sell on the broker without buying broker credits, I 100% agree with the devs about this chokepoint, as it's one of the few things about Silver that has driven people straight into paying a sub for 11 years.

    Devs gotta eat. Server bills gotta get paid. Siren's gotta play without her fav game getting shut down. ;)
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  16. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    You saying it doesn't make it true. YES, I DID sell stuff on the broker for over 10yrs (so this year would have been eleven, big whoop). NO, I NEVER bought or used a token, NOT EVEN ONE.
    I have store logs that prove many, MANY broker sales going back to the beginning of 2021 on ALL of my characters on silver accounts. They'd go back further, but new entries remove the oldest ones because it's a rolling log, not a never-ending one. And YES, I HAVE added and sold items to my broker the entire time, as have many other people, going all the way back to when grandfathered silver started. I'm not the only one who posted about having sales access under Silver, just have a look at the ENTIRE bug report thread to see that HERE.
    As I also mentioned before - there are a good number of loyal, long-time players who have multiple accounts but cannot afford and/or choose not to sub with them all. Denying them the ability to sell (or even buy on basic F2P) without coughing up their wallets for every item is just flat greed. Sure, devs got bills to pay - so do their players. Without the latter, the former will not be needed anymore.
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  17. Siren Well-Known Member

    Did you ever report the "bug" over the past 11 years before this brand-new thread from a couple weeks ago showed up, or did you just exploit it to your heart's content all this time, knowing you were getting away with not subbing when you should be subbing to get that benefit, for 11 years straight? :eek:

    So your Silver accounts have been bugged for the last 11 years straight, so that you mistakenly could sell on the broker for free all this time, when many thousands of other players could not (as it should be), and now you're complaining because the devs finally fixed it? You're lucky you got away with that all these years! Even at the $99 a year gold sub special, you should have paid $1,100 US dollars per account to get that!

    Or have you been running some sort of 3rd party mod all these years to get that benefit?

    I find it hard to believe you haven't known you were getting away with murder all these years. You mean to tell me you never ran across other Silvers in-game or on the forums here that complained about not being able to sell on the broker without buying tokens? It's been a big pain point all these years for thousands of silvers across 4 F2P servers, because devs and server bills must be paid, without which, incidentally, you wouldn't have this wonderful game to play at all!
  18. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    When I made the decision to upgrade my ftp account while it was still on the Freeport Server, I thoroughly read what I was paying for. Believe me, if it had said I could sell stuff on the Broker, then I most certainly would have been selling stuff back then. It simply WAS NOT INCLUDED with that level of membership.
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  19. Siren Well-Known Member

    Yeah no kidding- you, me (on my alt 'Grandfathered Silver since Day 1" account), and many thousands of other Silvers game-wide would all have been selling on the broker without buying tokens.

    Yeesh. This thread smells pretty bad: Exploit City.
  20. Ayodi Member

    Prolly cause it's over-cooked. You are flat-out not listening to one another. There are thousands of accounts that have conditionate advantages because of when things happened. And no, the need to be seen as correct does not justify providing meat for the Devs' cleaver. We may want to visit the life time membership discussion sometime. Standing upon the rocky shores of the way it is now in no way undermines the fact of how it was then. Most of this dead-horse-whumpathon is folks addressing separate specifics.
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