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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by MrSteelrose, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. MrSteelrose New Member

    There is alot of people who thinks the XP rate is too fast, there is also alot of people who are happy with the current XP rate. Why don't give us who wants a slower progression our own server?. Eq1 released two new TLE servers too, one slow and one fast, same should be done here for EQ2. that PvP server is dead you can kill that one for the benefit of a new slow XP server
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  2. Zarnafien Well-Known Member

    I agree. I was hoping for a much slower xp rate as they promised one near launch levels. This xp rate is much higher.

    A lot of us are in no hurry to level and love to take in the sights and scenes of Norrath. Please open a server that is actually close to launch xp.
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  3. Emmiran New Member

    Couldn't agree more. The exp rate has made this server a non-starter for me. Content greying out before you've gotten through half of it is not my idea of re-exploring Norrath
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  4. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    If you dont like the current xp rate, just roll on up on FG, you will get what you are asking for.
    Leave the new server as is, I will be happy you will be happy.

    Have a wonderful day!
  5. MrSteelrose New Member

    You are missing the point of being there from the start on a populated server where vanilla content is current. FG is next to dead and the XP rate has been increased by now since they are several Expansions in, it might even be identical XP rates. Besides i never said anything about changing Kaladim, read properly before responding thank you.
  6. Siren Well-Known Member

    Fallen Gate is dead because everyone left due to the "slow XP rate." I'm one of them.

    Not nearly enough people share your view to warrant another dog-slow server; sorry. FG is living proof of that. Shut your XP bars off if you want to slow down leveling: problem solved.
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  7. Roadkillusa Active Member

    Our use the tools that they already gave you and right click on the xp bar and disable quest or combat xp. If you are feeling real crazy disable both. Problem solved. This way those who like the faster xp get what they want too.
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  8. Bidnessman New Member

    Slow xp kills servers, just create a new char and have a completely unique experience leveling each time. By doing quests you missed or starting in a new city without quitting in the late 30's early 40's because the xp is just too slow. There is so much content in this game. If you want to do every quest that's your prerogative and there is a disable xp button made exactly for you.
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  9. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    The only time it took a long time to level on Fallen Gate was during t5. Every other time there was some form of broken XP thing that made it incredibly fast. One Rock, Double xp, EoF zones, Timorous deep giants, by TSO you could level 1-80 in like four hours.
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  10. Brolie New Member

    Honestly they just nerfed the main way people were getting fast xp with exploration so people will go slower, but grouping dungeons with a pot is still really fast.
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  11. Seth Well-Known Member

    So many people moaning about the XP rates.... Prove that you are levelling fast because most of you are probably not even 30 yet. I have done 328 Quests with 3 hour caves grinding, 2 hours RoV grinding, 7 Hours RE grinding and I only just hit 41. Everyone moaning oh they level too fast oh this needs to be nerfed. Prove it, Prove that YOU are levelling way too fast. who cares If people are 50 from hours upon hours of perfectly synergized group of veterans shoving pots and vitality potions down their throat? WHO CARES. OFC the pay to win people will get faster levels its not exactly rocket science. You can do all of CL timeline without outleveling it. you can do all of Nek without outleveling it. you can do bloody any zone without outleveling it. You can go grind zones for all I care and still not outlevel what you where doing. Stop looking at the 50s and think " Oh no xp is so baaaaad Plwease Daybreak its too much nwerf it" So many people whining in chat each day about this subject. The funny thing is most of the people complaining are level 7s. No surprise there.
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  12. OldRodKS Member

    I am happy with the xp rate on Kaladim. It feels just about right to me. I've played maybe 15 hours or so and am around level 15 in both adventure and crafting. It feels faster than Fallen Gate was (except during double xp events), and it's way slower than the live servers (which are frankly too fast). It's a happy medium.
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  13. Zlith Member

    People are missing the point here. If the majority of the server is at max level in 2-3 weeks (and this is easily possible on Kaladim without even using a single xp potion), there will be little to no population in the low to mid tiers for grouping (not everyone makes alts). A few people locking xp isn't going to change that. On a server that is in expansions for 16 weeks the xp rate is FAR FAR too high. If the server was hitting DOF in a month sure...xp rate currently would be fine. Whether you agree with the 16 week release schedule isn't the point. That is the release schedule and the xp should have been scaled for a longer release. The top players hitting level 50 in 5-6 days with xp potions would have had average player hitting top level in 3-4 weeks, which would have been fine on a server set at vanilla for 16 weeks. More casual players would have still easily had time to get at least 1 and probably multiple characters to max in 16 weeks.

    Sure there is content you can go back and do at level 50 when you hit it in 10-50 hours of gameplay, but the content is better at level than doing it all gray, unless you want to just solo/duo content.

    Slower xp rates allow players to be at each tier of levels longer to create a better server population at each level which is good for the overall server.

    Those that have hit 50 in a day or 2, what are you going to do for the next 4 months? There is limited raid content in the game at this point. There needs to be a balance for xp, too slow and people leave, but the opposite is true as well. 2 months from now those that are 50 in the first week are likely going to be tired of content and the server population will drop significantly.

    For those people that think slow xp kills servers, haven't seen EQ1 TLEs then.. EQ2 xp is FAR FAR FAR faster than EQ1 and EQ1 TLEs have more population than EQ2 TLEs ever will. I personally played EQ1 for 7 years and it is far too much of a grinding game with little to do outside of levelling, EQ2 offers many other options such as a better crafting system and a much better questing system than EQ1. There are plenty of people that want a slower paced xp rate in games. Not everyone wants to essentially click a button and be max level.

    FG population was killed by itemization issues and broken content not by slow xp, as Adoninilol said the xp on FG was fast post launch in any case. The population on Fallen Gate was fine during T5 with the slower xp rate.

    At this point however, it is a lost cause for xp rates and everyone will have to deal with the rate that is available.
  14. Zlith Member

    People don't need to prove xp rates, it is far faster than it has been on either of the 2 previous TLE servers. No one hit 50 in the first 4-5 days of Fallen Gate (with xp pots readily available) or Stormhold, and this server in the FAQ was going to be a slower xp server. Stormhold also was a vote server for expansions and I believe that DoF was released within 2 months of launch (might have been 1 month), so a faster rate of progression there makes sense. Fallen Gate was on a shorter release as well, so a little faster rate there would have been fine.

    I haven't even joined a heroic zone group yet and just quested and I have out leveled quests at my quest range, doing the Isle, Freeport sub zones and DLW. I haven't touched Commonlands and have outleveled the starter dungeons.

    You "only" hit level 41 3 days from launch... you do know there are 16 weeks left to play right? A Major part of the vanilla game is the leveling process, questing and doing Heritage quests. The HQ will take a bit of time if you complete them all (probably 50-100 hours at level), but if you are level 50 at time you do them, it will take much less time. Yes there are raids in vanilla, but top guilds on the server are going to be raiding top end raids this week most likely (dependent on gear).

    I don't care if people use xp potions and play 24/7 and are max level in a week and it takes other players 8 weeks to do it... its not a competition for most. Its about the overall server health over the 16 weeks (as that is the announced length of the server), if xp is too fast, people will burn out and leave earlier leaving less players to group with and giving DBG less money for monthly subs as well, which is bad in the long run. Also it skews the overall server population higher leaving little grouping at low to mid ranges which is the point of the TLE servers... you can run progression guilds on live if you just want to do the content with a fast xp rate with limited players at low levels.

    I have been in top-end race guilds on TLE and live and casual guilds on both as well, I understand both sides of it. Xp that is too fast at a base level (without xp potions/locking xp) is not good for servers. Too slow is also bad, but we are far from that, would have to be a 1/4 to 1/3 of the current rate to be too slow for 16 week release server.
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  15. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I am enjoying Kaladim very much so far! I stopped playing on Fallen Gate because the XP was excruciatingly slow. Kaladim feels about right to me; I have a pair of toons at adventure level 10, and another pair slightly lower, and my toons are in a great guild.
    I enjoy the "as close as possible to vanilla experience" with the exceptions of the slow mount speed and travel restrictions, however, if the XP is nerfed on Kaladim, I probably won't play there anymore.
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  16. Seth Well-Known Member

    You do understand there is more to the game than just levelling right?
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  17. Bidnessman New Member

    I don't see anywhere in the FAQ that states - XP on this server will match the number of quests in your quest journal. Classic EQ2 there were many quests that went left undone just like in almost any MMORPG. This game allows you to stop your xp if you want to do every quest, or go back and level a new character and do the quests and dungeons you missed with a different char.

    Clearly everyone won't be pleased but i just don't understand the complaining because the complainers have the ability to play the game their way as well.
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  18. shabushabu New Member

    XP rates have a huge impact on distributed population. What many here on this thread are wanting is a new TLE server ( like at launch ) that takes quite a long time to level so there are people at all levels for much of each 4 month period. This was how they described Kaladim, XP like FG at launch and like eq2 overall launch XP. Its way off from Launch XP in 2004. I missed out on FG so was hoping this server would deliver a vanilla experience, the XP curve is not going to provide anything more than a very top heavy server population. 90%+ of people at 50 within a month is where we will be, a top heavy server just like the regular live ones.
  19. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    There will NEVER be another vanilla experience like it was in 2004, its just not possible. Many of us have learned where to go and what to do and in what order to do this in to achieve what our goals are.
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  20. Zlith Member

    Nope, I'm not aware of that at all... I have only played since Beta of EQ2, had 24 level 100 characters on live (when that was the cap, havent played live in 3+ years), had 8 characters on Stormhold, 6 characters on Fallen Gate. Completed all the base HQ 10-20 times each (plus many of the HQ past base game multiple times), completed the To speak as a Dragon on every server I was on, completed 1000s of quests, had 9 max level crafters, completed hundreds of collections. I have been in top tier live and TLE guilds raiding 2+ days a week, also been in casual guilds as well. Nope Im completely unaware of anything outside of levelling.

    This doesn't mean that the xp rate on Kaladim is currently at that right pace for a 16 week release server for the good of the server population over 16 weeks.
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