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    I use mine all the time, in fact the only use I've found for it is to use as a 'fake mem wipe' on the MT to see how many people you can kill. But yea most tanks have a lot of uber taunts as is, ours isn't really needed other than for making people whine that you use it :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Daladfar Guest

    what might these offhand weapon mechanic changes be -- is there a thread about it ?
  3. ARCHIVED-Foolsfolly Guest

    3 potential uses for SoH.
    1: Reduce your own hate. Not useful if you have an amazing tank who never loses agro, or if your dps just sucks.
    2: Help tank regain agro after mem wipe or death. Again, not useful if you have an amazing tank who regains agro instantly after wipe.
    3: Reduce agro for your tier1 dps classes, allowing them to do more dps. Yet again, useless if you have an amazing tank, or if you have nobody in your raid who steals agro.
    It's a situational skill, and if you have badass tanks who never lose agro then it might be considered useless. I can sympathise with the top swashies who have rendered this skill obsolete. But at the same time, I find myself using it frequently, and am glad that I have it.
  4. ARCHIVED-mrettger Guest

    This is a useles argument. Every class has that one spell they want changed and then once it is changed they will want another one changed. IMO there is nothing wrong with SoH, and even if they do fix it people still won't be happy cause people always have to have somethign to wine about. I use SoH pretty often and have found many uses for it, maybe your the one that needs help and not the ability. To say SoH is suppose to be our "CLASS DEFINING" ability is just r*tarded. No class has just ONE class defining ability. Maybe you need to learn the game itself a little better. Another thign to think about since when has SOE changed one thign without changeing another? To ask for a change to this will most likely bring about changes to somethign else that may not be wanted. So i say just leave it be. Feel free to bash me for this post, i get amusement out of peoples lack of knowledge and immaturity. Swashys are in a good place rite now, leave us alone before you get somethign you don't want.
  5. ARCHIVED-Thunndar316 Guest

    Koshan@Butcherblock wrote:

    I raid all the time, currently pulling hard modes, and have killed twins unified and 3 rune Theer. I have yet to need to use Sleight of Hand for anything but screwing with friends.
    I have 10 hotbars on my screen and you will not see SoH on a single one of them.

    For those who need a history lesson here it is.
    There was a plan to remove our Swarthy Deception hate transfer. Sleight of Hand was made to replace that, thus giving us a hate dump for tanks. However, the plans to scrap our normal hate transfer (FIGHTER REVAMP) were scrapped but we were also left with crap Sleight of Hand which is not needed when you have Swarthy Deception, Evade, Shadow Slip, Evasive Maneauvers, Avoid Blame, AND Ignorant Bliss.
    There is no need for this useless ability. Upgrade Hurricane.
  6. ARCHIVED-mrettger Guest

    I applaud you on your raid accomplishments, what was i thinking, anyone who kills hard modes is all knowing and noone can say any different. Well i to kill hard modes and would like to remind you that there is never one change with SoE. Begging to ahve this changed will maybe get it changed somewhere down the road but in return other stuff will eb changed as well that you may not want so just leave it be man. We have had the ability for over 2 years and it has never changed and is not about to just deal with it.
  7. ARCHIVED-OutcastBlade Guest

    I'm with Thundarr on this one. Good swashies use SoH? Get your heads out of your collective *****, unless good swashies nowadays roll with crap tanks.
    I don't care about SoH either way. Don't change it for all I care, but don't start spewing crap that good swashies use it. They don't.
    If you need to use SOH, get a new tank to be honest.
  8. ARCHIVED-Dreadpatch Guest

    It sucked at 80, it still sucks now. Can it be used? Sure, but why bother.
  9. ARCHIVED-Dlewa Guest

    So, I'm a raid swashy as well, I pull down theer 3 rune, maalus HM, Twins HM, y'know, all the fun ones. On Maalus HM, in fact, we had a conjy pull aggro, before the tank had aggro on him. In about a second, I was able to pull of SoH onto the conjy, and evasive maneuvers, so as to successfully keep maalus from heading into the raid an wiping us. There are times when it comes in handy, and can in fact, save us another 10% repair bill. Just my two cents.
  10. ARCHIVED-OutcastBlade Guest

    Fair enough. SOH is used to mitigate a raid wipe thanks to silly conjies.
    But seriously...
    You had the presence of mind to hit Sleight of Hand after you saw your tank fail at the pull. But you were lucky he wasn't trying to rescue at the same time. That could have gone the other direction and wiped your raid very easily. For example, he rescues, you SOH. Tank fails again to lock the mob down because not only does he have a dumb conjy that rips on pull, but a dumb swashbuckler who thinks SOH is useful. That is all.
  11. ARCHIVED-Dreadpatch Guest

    It blew at 80, and it still blows. With that said, so do most other level 80 class spells (except for assassin). Mystic- Can't even remember what it's called, Ancestral BS or something. I think I've clicked on it by accident a couple times. Coercer- Puppetmaster, Only good solo to proc hostage. horrible dps by itself. Troub- Countersong, takes about 5 minutes to cast and no one can even figure out if it actually works. Of the 4 level 90's I have, all of their level 80 class spells suck.
  12. ARCHIVED-Navinjohnson Guest

    Kanolth@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    lol. You're right. There is so much wrong with this scenario that a discussion about SOH, just seems, well, silly and pointless.
  13. ARCHIVED-Buggrit Guest

    Kanolth@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    To bad if a mob is targeting the tank and you SoH you give them a threat increase.
    I use it on Ark HM all the time when were killing the explorer especially since he runs and chases after the group tanking ark sometimes it has saved the raid
    so yes it's a crap ability but useless not even
  14. ARCHIVED-7foggynites Guest

    It's good to have distinctive abilities that aren't used all the time. The probelm is that you need enough of them to keep the game interesting. If there're not enough of them then you end up doing pretty much the same thing over and over and over. There's also this attitude amongst some players that any ability a class has MUST be useful in almost every situation, kind of like meleeing is useful to dps. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it reduces a diverse ability set to a simplified click-fest. Click 1 2 3 4 5 6, repeat. We NEED abilities that're contextual and not always needed.
    I do not care for 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay. Adding more buttons to click doesn't make it more interesting. We need more unique content so that we can have something to use unique abilities on and not have 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay.
    If you find yourself using the same combo's over and over and over then this is a hint that the combo's aren't needed in the first place and can just be removed from the class and replaced by more unique abilities that won't be used so often. This is actually why hotbars are so filled up in eq2 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay has unfortunately infested this game.
    Remember Taunt and Kick from your EQ1 days? Perfect example of 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay.
    Backstabbing is pretty much the same thing. For the first few tries it can be fun to backstab a mob in a solo situation. You have to manuever right and the click your key for the ability to strike at the right time. But after you do this for a time, it's just 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay. This happens very quick, maybe a few days. This is a hint that backstab and flanking abilities could be automatic - all you would have to do is move your avatar to the flank or back position and it would automatically give you the flanking/backstab bonuses. How this would work in combo with the different debuffs is another issue. But I find myself clicking the same abilities over and over again and I know this is 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay.
    Perhaps what's needed is a combo-system that we can set at anytime to use a certain sequence or kind of ability in our combat manuevers. For example, if I flank a monster I could set the combo-system to use flanking ability #1 first, #2 second. However, if I find that using #2 first would be better for a certain monster-type, then I could switch the combo-set during combat to reflect the changed circumstance. And if monster-types are constantly causing me to switch combo-sets then perhaps we need to be allowed to set which combo's to use for which monster-type.
    I don't know whether this combo-idea can work (is not the point of this post).
    The main point is...
    ...Ultimately, if we're doing the same thing over and over, it's 1 2 3 4 5 6 gameplay.
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    Closing this down as it began 17 months ago. Please do not Necro threads.

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