Sleepers Tomb: The Forgotten Catacombs [Heroic]

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Encori, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Encori Active Member

    The patch notes from Feb 28 said:

    Sleeper's Tomb: The Forgotten Catacombs
    The Eternal Sentinel now only needs to trample the smaller gargoyles once each to knock them over.

    This is definitely not true.

    Also he follows people and ghosts through the small gargoyles after it says preparing to charge, often misses the gargoyles he charges through, often turns them red without crashing them, sometimes takes more than two hits to crash them, etc etc.
    And we had a zone crash when we had 4 gargoyles down, and had to start over, but now I'm just complaining. :)

    It's not impossible, as long as the group stays together and follows the tank, and everybody gets out on charges, but it's quite unreasonable trying to get the script to work.

    On last named, the blue effect kept interrupting me while I was attempting to return the pillars to neutral, which is a bit excessive, and we should be able to click them from farther away so two people don't have to be removed from most of the fight.
  2. Luceus Member

    I agree, that fight is still terrible. I'd rather an item drop from the first 3 nameds that allow us to zap the small ones rather than relying on some script to do it.
  3. Encori Active Member

    The main issue is that the Eternal Sentinel is too eager to kill other group members if the tank moves away from the mob, which the tank MUST DO anyway.

    Like I said above, if the group stays together and follows the tank and gets out at the right times, it usually works out, but even in that case, a vastly over-geared group is still likely to have deaths and need redemptions or specific classes with extra resurrection spells.
  4. Lempo Well-Known Member

    Fight isn't that bad, just because a group can wipe on an encounter doesn't mean the encounter need to be made so no one ever dies on it.
  5. Eileithia Active Member

    The problem isn't the challenge of the fight, it's the mechanics are completely broken. More often than not he'll run right through the gargoyles and do nothing.. I'm not sure if it's a hitbox problem, or what it is, but even on the solo version this guys is more of a pain in the *** than it needs to be. If you could reliably get it to take out a gargoyle when it runs over them, then the rest of the fight is fine. I've even had it in the solo version where it's completely bugged out and doesn't take out any gargoyles in a 10-15 minute fight. I zone out, and back in and it works first try. Overall the fight is an interesting idea, just very poorly executed.

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