Sleeper's Tomb Solo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kristabella, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    too hard?
    reminded me of one of re-vamped qeynos quest series regarding Kyle, and that guy in his office when we tried to arrest him, dang, that was hard.
  2. Luhai Active Member

    This zone must be the most annoying piece of instance SOE has ever made.
    Getting kicked around the room while trying to destroy a pillar, trash mobs rooting you and healing themselves back to full health upon death, the sentinel stifling and kicking you around the room while you try to make him run over some gargoyles for several minutes...awesome.
    Looks like someone at SOE read the Beta feedback in the Raiding thread and put all the negative examples into one zone.
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  3. Kahonen Active Member

    At risk of asking awkward questions:

    Any idea when this fix is going in. I'd quite like to be able to access the rest of the content I've just paid £50 for if that's OK? It's all well and good saying "next hotfix" but that doesn't really help when you are stuck with a fundamentally game breaking bug!

    I can't believe this was beta tested :mad:
  4. Kahonen Active Member

    This ^^^^^ x 10
  5. Gideon Member

    i did this zone on my 93 inquis 3 times now. and made it through every time with just the poop paly merc. i think all the people saying how their mastered, and decent gear and still getting face rolled about this are exaggerating a bit to make it sound like its bugged, or too hard.
    if you follow the scripts that zam has you will win, unless your in terribad gear and dont know how to play your class or something.
    the only bug i ran into was my merc wouldnt attack any mob unless i had him set to protect, and or assist and started the fight myself , and he wouldnt hit the pillars at all.
    ps on frost you only need to kill 1 pillar and he takes damage, yeah it has alot of hp but if its doable by a 93 inquis that dont raid pretty much anyone could manage it with a merc.
  6. Tylia Well-Known Member

    You know, people complain all the time how "this is too easy", "this zone is /faceroll", "this is stupid-easy tank and spank", "where's the challenge?". I think they did an excellent job of incorporating variety and challenge in to the dungeons and all of them are do-able. There are strategies that you have to figure out and scripts you have to follow. Welcome to "thinking" instead of just running in and aoe'ing everything down. ;)
  7. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    I thought the ice and fire golems were easy. The gargoyle was annoying though. He needs to trigger the attack that smacks the little guys a little more frequently. The fight isn't hard, it's just annoying.
  8. Luhai Active Member

    Please don't confuse challenging with annoying. The final mob in Wurmbone End (the one with the darkness effect) was challenging and fun. Most of the other solo instances are pretty nice, too.
    ST solo - particulary Frost and the sentinel - is just plain annoying in my opinion. I finished it but I can't say I had fun. This is one zone I'll probably never go back to.
  9. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    My only concern is for the folks who specifically don't play the heroic or raid game because they find those mechanics to be frustrating, annoying, or unfun. I have people in my guild like that.
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  10. Tylia Well-Known Member

    I am not confusing the two at all. However, you are entitled to your opinion, and if you find that instance so annoying then don't go back to it. ;)
  11. Buggabug Member

    I'll admit to being a basically casual player, but I'm seriously irritated that I can't do the content that I've paid for. Trying to run through this line on my fury atm, can't image how much of a pain it will be with my defiler. For me with the exception of the first guy in the foyer, my were pally and I couldn't get through any of it. Even when had my other half bring his SK in still didn't get through. I've always been able to at least hold my own in the SS stuff even being a slacker. :(
  12. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    Agreed. I'm having problems with my raid geared Coercer. She's in all Under Depths save for her shoulders, an earring and a charm. Okay, mages are squishy, I get that, but this squishy? With a raid geared Mystic? No.

    I do shudder to think what it'll be like when I take my other alts thru, the causally geared, no raid gear. Only Pheep has some raid gear, pieces I picked up because the plate tanks in raid were geared. From what I was seeing in beta, the Grouchy Mouse would have better survivability. But earlier today, my Coercer died to three L95 overland mobs in Obol. It wasn't a case of being sloppy, tho I'm not that rusty with stuns and mezzes and stifles, these guys stunned me hard and just ate my essence and then me. I don't want to run with the merc anymore, because I lose so much xp to it.

    Anyhow, just adding my own few cents to all this. Maybe things are set a bit too high? Sure, most have some raid gear bought SLR, some are raiders, but seems the balance is swung a bit over.
  13. Derfel Member

    While easier to kill pillars will help, the real problem with the encounter (and Pyre as well) is the inability to give orders to our mercs. My heal-centric Inquisitor can shave 1/2 to 1 bubble off of the pillar before being knocked away from it (and watching it regen to 100% in dismay as I run back). My merc (Matri Dut) would presumably make very short work of it indeed, if she wasn't stuck in mutiny mode.
  14. Spleeter New Member

    Well if you were able to do it then anyone should be able to do it. Clearly everything in the game, maybe even the entire world, should be based on if YOU were able to do it 3 times or not. I like how you make assumptions about other peoples skills/gear/etc. There are many people who are unable to get past this. Here's an idea, try to do it with one of the classes that others are unable to do it, then let us know how awesome you are. Until then, go troll elsewhere.
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  15. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I had an "easy" time of it in there... right class right gear. My daughters instanced geared dirge said "eff this" and left and waited for my timer to go away so I could help her.

    And she does know how to play her toon.

    I didn't have fun in there and I won't be going back on my own, but am willing to help anyone who needs it for the quest-line.

    Send Stormraven a tell on Crushbone and I'll tank it for you
  16. Toran Member

    The middle encounter the one before the last guy. While the script is nice there needs to be an easier way to get him to stomp his gargoyles and in the heroic version >.< is all I have to say. People will not run this zone because of this.
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  17. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    He needs to charge more often, and more reliably. Otherwise, the entire fight is just bounce and pray....
  18. Kristabella Active Member

    TY much Chrol for testing this. Everyone kept saying "just kill one pillar that's all, easy!!!" It might just be that easy, IF the pillars would take ANY damage whatsoever. But if they don't you're not getting far.

    Chrol is a Dev he tested it on a 95 Fury, 280 AA, with mixed gear, and HE could not put a dent in those pillars... at least now I know I am not crazy. LOL

    Chrol can you tell us when this hotfix is going to happen? Would be much appreciated... TYTY
  19. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    I did that late at night with my medicore geared coercerer.... and a archorn inqui. Died 2-3 times due to beeing to slow in my reaction ;)
    Mostly if the named did gets down (gargyl), i got bumped around but did not died, till i get a hint, then the named where cake.
    Last named got me 2 times, for beeing to slow out of the forcefield :rolleyes:
    That was my weak char and i did it with minor hazel (more due to falling asleep ^^).
    Pillar named was plain borring ^^ even in the first try :cool:
  20. Steventhearmy New Member

    Been trying to destroy the pillars all morning, has nothing to do with gear or anything. For me, they were indestructible....lots of fun :rolleyes:

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