Slayers Conversion Charms not working

Discussion in 'PvP & Battlegrounds' started by Dotuming, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Dotuming Member

    As the title says. Bought a slayers conversion charm, tried to use it on a Mage helm and no go. Bought a pair of mage legs and thought it may do it when the item isn't attuned. No joy on either. Keep getting the message "That is not a valid target for this item"
  2. Xyjyx Active Member

  3. Dethrayzin Active Member

    I could be wrong, but my guess is that you need to upgrade the item first.
  4. Dotuming Member

    The slayer conversion charm is how you upgrade a slayers armour piece into a destroyers writ to get the next tier of gear...
  5. Dethrayzin Active Member

    Yes, I know; however, I believe you have to use a carnage gem on the piece first. Then you can use the slayer conversion charm to get your destroyers writ. Read the destroyers writ, I think it states that it upgrades an item with 1 gem slot.
  6. Dotuming Member

    The Yellow gemstone reads "This yellow gemstone can be fused to any Slayers armour with an available gem slot to enhance its power."
    The Slayers conversion Charm reads" This charm can be used to convert any 1 Gem slayers armour piece into a destroyers warrant."

    This says that each piece of Slayers armour has 1 slot already. The yellow gemstone would just be an add on to that armour. To upgrade you should only need to buy the conversion charm and NOT have to put an additional gemstone in the thing to upgrade it to just upgrade it again?

    That makes absolutely no sense and would double the required tokens.
  7. Xyjyx Active Member

    If true this makes the token grind go from 'bad' to 'absurd'.
  8. Dethrayzin Active Member

    I don't know if it is true or not. It was just my assumption. ;)
  9. Magic Missiles Active Member

    More like from absurd to insane.
  10. khameleon New Member

    yep.... forked out 1000 tokens for the conversion charm only to realize you have to upgrade the piece you want to upgrade....ridiculous.
  11. Dethrayzin Active Member

    Not so much, now that we get double tokens.
  12. Luanne Active Member

    the slayer/destroyer gear should be cheap. it's basically solo zone drops, and heroic zone drops. it comes MUCH MUCH faster from doing the zones, but the problem is that you get a random piece and not exactly what you want.
  13. Dajeen New Member

    I'm having the same problem. Purchased both the yellow conversion charm as well as the yellow gem. Neither work on any Slayer piece. What am I missing?

    Okay, tried another approach. I had to un-equip the armor piece. Once it was in my bag I was able to adorn it with the yellow gem which destroys it, pops the adornments off and returned it blank. Then applied the yellow charm to it and received the coin for the upgrade. Sheesh!!!
  14. Luanne Active Member

    It's bugged and if you zone out of the champion's respite then you can gem/upgrade etc. Not sure why it does this sometimes

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