Slashing or Piercing?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Avocet, Nov 10, 2004.

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    What's going to be my best bet as far as damage goes in the end. Slashing or Piercing? I've been keeping both up to speed in any case, by dual wielding an axe (I LOVE hand axes / hatchets / tomahawks) and a dagger.
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    Ooh where'd you get a dual wield axe? From your normal weaponsmith or was it a quest item or mob drop? I didn't even realize we could use axes - I think they'd be much more threatening than my puny pinstickers!
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    You want to keep ALL of your weapon skills up. Just because you've got a great slasher right now doesn't mean you won't find an uber piercer later on, or vice versa.
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    I've seen a few drop off mobs, however you could always do the quest at the dogpond for the Hunter. This will net you a dual-wieldable Whip which is slashing damage and has a few stats. Have a mage/priest friend do the quest with you and have them get you the bow.

    Whips make you look ****!
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    Is this dogpound quest a Qeynos or Freeport one? I'd love to get my hands on a whip and a bow! :)
    As to the original question, yeah, try to keep up all your skills. I've taken to having a slasher in my off hand and a piercer in my main. I recently bought two axes (check my character bio for more info) that I got from the weapon guy in Nettleville Hovel for like 6.5 sp each. They seem to work well!
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    use a slash weapon in one hand and a piercing in the other, you'll see both skills grow constantly. works great this way so far.
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    I'm referring to the Freeport area. However, I'm not sure if this quest is Freeport related. What I mean is, if you can get over to Commonlands, there's a good chance that you can do this quest. You won't be able to run to the guards for help, but there is no reason you cannot visit this NPC just over the hill outside of Freeport gates.
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    Which NPC would this be, and what levels is the whip good for?
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    the Fawn's Garden quest (in qeynos- Starcrest) gives ya a whip with a few stats. Cant remember the full NPC name but part of it is "Fawn" She's staning under a tree in the southern part of Starcrest.
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    There is a quest in Qeynos for an axe .. I used it up until level 14 or so (I'm 16 now). After that, I found that the best weapons available to me were piercing (did two quests that gave rapiers as rewards, and they are classified as piercing). I am very sorry I can't remember who gave the axe quest out, but I think it started in one of the northern Qeynos zones outside the main city (probably Willow Wood or an adjoining zone since that's where I started my character, and most of the quests I did were nearby). I do know that one of the rapier quest starts in Nettleville Hovel...

    I'm a bard, but not sure if I want to be a dirge or a troubador yet, but thought I'd at least let folks know dual wield hand axe's are available. :)
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    I am dual wielding whips right now. Got one from Fawn's garden quest in starcrest and there is another in castleview hamlet from a girl around the corner to the left of the frog bartender that asks you to slay 15 glade deer in antonica. Both whips have nice stats and nice animations both with battle and when running they uncurl and trail behind you then when you stop they curl back up.
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