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  1. ARCHIVED-Amnerys Guest

    EverQuest II has a number of commands and personalization options that can make every player's experience unique and in some ways tailored specifically to their liking. One way of doing this is with Slash Commands.
    Slash Commands (a term for commands or actions that start with a forward slash: / ) is a broad category of optional commands that includes shortcuts, actions/emotes, keyboard commands, settings and more.
    We have compiled a list of several of the Slash Commands you can use in EverQuest II below. Please note: some of these commands might be somewhat complex and are best used by experienced players or with the assistance of experienced players, so use them according to your own comfort level.
    Thanks to TenTonHammer and EQ2i for hosting their own versions of EQII Slash Command lists. Some of the commands below were taken from their lists, as well as from the SOE Knowledge Base.

    In the interest of keeping one cohesive list, I've deleted the list from this post and I'm going to redirect you guys to the original article on EQII Players. Please keep adding in changes and updates as needed. Thanks! :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Amnerys Guest

    (Overflow post not needed anymore. Please see link above.)
  3. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    "Appearance Commands"

    • /showhood – toggles the appearance of your robe's hood
    • /showhelm – toggles the appearance of your headpiece from your head slot
    • /cutemode – toggles between standard and SOGA character models
    • /mood – changes facial expression; where is afraid, happy, sad, tired, angry, none (moods persist until changed)

    Unless something recently changed within the past month or so, /cutemode doesn't switch between standard and SOGA models, it toggles BIG HEAD mode on and off (like bobble-heads huge) in both standard and SOGA models.

    Also a new appearance command was recently added:

    • /showrange - toggles the showing of a bow on and off when out of combat if a bow is equiped (automatically hides your cloak). If no bow is equiped then no primary, secondary, or range item is visually shown equiped on your character when out of combat.
  4. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    And of course /showranged is the new appearance command for those wanting to display their bow.
  5. ARCHIVED-Dethdlr Guest

    A few problems:
    Amnerys wrote:
    /r is raid chat. Hitting "r" while not in the chat window sends a private reply to the last person who sent you a /tell message.
    Amnerys wrote:
    This could have been a joke, not sure. This does NOT toggle the SOGA models, it toggles the bobbleheads. :)
    Amnerys wrote:
    This now opens the LFG window instead of just turning on LFG like it used to.
  6. ARCHIVED-Pij Guest

    Apart from the above there is also:

    /guild create Guild Name – temporary method of guild creation

    which of course is outdated ... thats what the NPC's are for.
  7. ARCHIVED-gmping Guest


    /weaponstats Displays weapon statistics and proc rates factoring current character attributes for all wielded weapons

    That was my best attempt to define it's usage.

    Oh and bring back /pizza
  8. ARCHIVED-gm9 Guest

    Lol, grats on posting an outdated list you found somewhere on the net, although you get bonus points for the idea. Perfect example of no Q&A and no clue at SOE though.
    Since the pet commands are worst off here's a correct list.
    • /pet attack
    • /pet backoff
    • /pet stay
    • /pet follow
    • /pet preserve_master
    • /pet preserve_self
    • /pet melee
    • /pet ranged
    • /pet hide
    • /pet getlost
    • /petoptions
    Everything else is in serious need of correction/amendments by someone who actually plays/knows the game as well though. Thanks for the good laughs on this one btw:
    "/show_window mainHUD.impliedtarget – opens window showing who your target is targeting, good for healers and tanks"
  9. ARCHIVED-Amnerys Guest

    Thanks for the constructive feedback. I've updated the list to reflect your notes above. Total brain overload apparently on some of those...duh on the SOGA oops and /r. It's been a long day.

    gm9, thanks for the updates on the pet commands. Since I've played a dirge since release day (and yes, I do actually play the game and have since way before my employment here ) I have never needed to deal with pets personally. My apologies. Looks like our current Knowledge Base entry on that one is incorrect so I'll see who I can contact to have it updated as well. Does someone want to give me a brief description of those additional commands?

    As for the /show_window mainHUD.ImpliedTarget command...that actually does work, it's just case sensitive and the I and T were the wrong case. But it's fixed now!
  10. ARCHIVED-CenturaEQ Guest

    Doesn't work :(
  11. ARCHIVED-Autenil Guest

    CenturaEQ wrote:
    Not unless you're a GM. Bwahahahah!

  12. ARCHIVED-Lader Guest

    /dynamicdata stats.heal_amount_mod (can also substitute spell in place of heal) will show your current +heals or +spell dmg.
  13. ARCHIVED-Amnerys Guest

    Bah, shouldn'ta told 'em. How many times do you think people would have tried it to find out? ;)

    Alright, that one will come off the list when I'm back on the clock, hehe.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ndien Guest

    /pizza - now sends you to the preorder EQ2 Collectors Edition webpage


    I found that one in the knowledge base!
  15. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    Autenil wrote:
    The Noob Comic has an episode like that, lol!
  16. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    Or you can type /a then hit TAB will list all commands beginning with a
    /b then TAB, /c then TAB etc etc.
  17. ARCHIVED-Boyar Guest

    A few more useful commands (especially for macros):
    • /autoattack 0 (stops all autoattack)
    • /autoattack 1 (force melee autoattack)
    • /autoattack 2 (force ranged autoattack)
    • /cl (clears current spell/ability queue)
    • /cancel_spellcast (cancels the the spell currently being cast)
    • /useabilityonrt <spellname> (casts <spellname> on the last person who sent you a /tell, doesn't change target)
  18. ARCHIVED-CenturaEQ Guest

    Thought so. No fair, stop teasing us!
    Should enable it for non-GM's!

    Also, what Lader said:
    /dynamicdata stats.heal_amount_mod
    Heal can be replaced with melee/spell, might be more.
  19. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    /useabilityonplayer playername spellname Casts the Spell on the given player without changing your target.
  20. ARCHIVED-gm9 Guest

    gm9 wrote:
    To clarify since it's still on the list, that one is incorrect (correct would be /show_window MainHUD.ImpliedTarget), but it is also unnecessary, since the implied target window is shown by default, and if for some reason it is not there you even have Alt-T to toggle it (toggles both targeting windows). ;)
    And on the pet commands I actually forgot this one:
    • /petname <Name>- Name of the next pet you summon
    These here are related but you may want to put them in targeting commands:
    • /target_pet - Target your own pet
    • /target_group_pet <#> - Target a group member's pet (<#> = 0 to 4, 0 being the first group member in the order shown in the group window)

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