Skyshrine Pathing

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-hoosierdaddy, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-hoosierdaddy Guest

    The pathing of mobs in the new Skyshrine instances is just horrible.
    Only taking UD as an example (both heroic and x4), you have drakes that roam away from the rest of the encounter when pulled, only to reappear when they feel like it.
    Then you have relatively small drakes grouped with gigantic wurms, so that you have to dance around the mobs so that one is not facing the group/raid and both are within Ae auto-attack range.
    And on the subject of the wurms...their hit boxes (and almost every other mob in Skyshrine) are frustratingly inconsistent in size.
    Your auto-attack will not be going off because you're too close to the mob, so you move back just a tad and the mob runs completely over you to where it is now behind you and facing the group/raid.
    I know I'm probably more aware (and annoyed) by these issues than other non-tank classes, but even non-tanks will notice and comment on how utterly buggy pathing is in these zones.
    Whoever's in charge of these issues needs to run through UD--just once--to realize how laughably bad the situation is with mob pathing.

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