Skyshrine is NOT tied to AoD

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    Title. (

    - I continue to run into people who vehemently claim that Skyshrine and Whitered Lands is a part of Age of Discovery, and even after Ive tried to explain the chronology behind the releases, the way they(DoV and AoD) where advertised, what the players would have acces to after purchasing either, what gamecontent vs gamefeatures vs gamemechanics is for a size, people still prefer to stay in their comfortzone. I am not pointing at anyone specific here on the forums, on discord or in the chat ingame. The issue is widespread, and the misconceptions is considered facts amongst a lot players who otherwise knows their s#2t. - A lot even quote official sources like Kander.
    I dont find it hard to understand how and why the misunderstanding became "fact" with that and the overlap of the releases in mind. But Id like to know if this is something the devs is aware of. As said, Kander has been quoted several times during these discussions, and the structure of the updates we have had on Kaladim suggest the devs also have been under the impression that Skyshrine was a part of AoD.

    We have gu62 :(long version) here

    And we have gu63 (long version) here

    With cherrypicked bulletpoints here:

    Age of Discovery Additions: **

    • Poet's Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items
    • New Dungeon Maker adventurers
    • Tradeskill apprentices with new recipes (one Elite!)
    • One all new elite mercenary and three dragon golem ones
    • New creatures to tame for Beastlords
    Destiny of Velious Content Updates Include: *

    • Level cap raised to 92
    • Withered Lands outdoor zone with over 100 quests and solo, small group, and raid content
    • Play YOUR way in Skyshrine instances with normal and Challenge group modes or choose to solo
    • Experience storyline events with Heroic Group and Raid endgame instances
    • Earn prestige abilities to build on the power of your character
    • All new tradeskill quests and items woven into the story arc
    • New Drake mounts
    *Requires Destiny of Velious expansion
    **Requires Age of Discovery expansion
    DoV is indeed a meager serving, and it doesnt get better if we dont include Skyshrine. Drunder should have been a part of the original release(opinion), the BLs and apprentices is together with the now discarded dungeon maker the "meaningfull" grind we as players had until we got the midcontent: Skyshrine/Whitered Lands.
    But where do the current devs stand on this? - Would it be possible to adjust future TLEs in a way that give the players acces to Skyshiren and WL, the apprentices and BLs at a much earlier stage? - I hear a lot of comments like; I dont like DoV, but Skyshrine was fun. But that comment is unfortunately an oxymoron that have lead peoples expectation a stray, and Im afraid it was adopted by the devs.
    Whats the official take on this?? I think the community deserves to know
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    Start a new TLE except skip it all the way to AoD and then move into ToV from there. With 1 time Bauble to make your character max level
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    You are way to caught up on this dude. The Skyshrine update was released during AoD, that's why it comes out during AoD on TLE. The end. Move on with your life.
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    looks like we get the short end of AoD , we don't get most of what was released .
    But I don't care what came out with what expansion , lets just get on with it .
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    I care because we get ½ an expack stretched out to fill 2 releases, and the server ive called home for a cpl of years is about to
    be taken of lifesupport because of that. - And its not first time it happens.
    Id like to hear the reasoning behind it.
    Until we get an official recognition of the mistake then its bound to happen again. It could be theres a good reason behind, but I have a hard time spotting it. It could be as simple as a marketing strategy, eg. new servers sell more exp-potions,
    If its deliberate then it is what it is, and it kinda ends the discussion.
    But for all we know then the current devs actually think AoD and Skyshrine is from same release. If thats the case then an otherwise good experience has been ended by simple ignorance. I think thats a wrong way of ending an otherwise good TLE.
    The corrections are easy reading and laid so key details can be spotted at glance. Theres no good excuse for doing the same mistake again and again the way I see it. I would love to be wrong. That means I will or have learned something new. But every letter in the links in OP say the same: Yes, SS was released during AoD. But AoD is a "bi-product" - the actual content is/was DoV
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    I know that Daltharr I am saying we got short changed , and all the discussions about what is what expansion does not get us anywhere , I want more contents released more zones , instances and such , or we will be kicked to the curb again .
    I don't care what we get from what expansion , just give me something more .
    I am sure they have trouble updating the material for our server , just to much work , but they have to hurry before everybody leaves ( or is that their plan ), let us commit subside , by finding other games ?
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    Aye. It all boils down to content and when/how its released. - We have to have a higher concentration of content for DoV. 4 factions to grind, a shawl and 3 zones isnt enough. Or flipped around, too much. 40k faction x4 - and 40k x2 for other toons you want to "max". The headache was real with some. Drunder as midcontent is nice, but it could be argued that its the missing link that we need for the first ½ of DoV, -I would use that as the concentrating factor and combine it with a shrtend duration from d1 to midcontent.
    Server was still what I would call very active until we got the note that we wouldnt get SS until jan. That was the tipping point that accelerated the exudous.
    We got AoD(the actual AoD; apprentices, BLs and reforging. DM is removed entirely from game) after posting on the forums, but as a bandaid it wasnt enough to keep people in house. I think it would help a little if the products from the apprentice recipes was scaled as they should rather than having stats from a previous expansion. It wouldnt change the overall perspective, but we would at least be able to get some upgrades while waiting
    SS should be released as midcontent and not as a new expansion. But as long as its being called AoD then that wont happen.
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