[Skyfire] Grievance is Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Nelenerap, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Nelenerap Member

    Grievance, a level 204 guild, has been active since game launch in 2004. Our Highhold Guild Hall has all of the amenities one might expect out of a guild with such a long history.

    We're in the process of gearing up guildies to meet the minimum requirements to get into T1 raiding of Chaos Descending. We're actively looking for dps & power regen, but all classes are welcome.

    If you think Grievance might be a good fit for you, please visit our forums @ www.grievancegaming.com and contact an Officer or Recruiter in game. We look forward to hearing from you!
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  2. Nelenerap Member

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  3. Nelenerap Member

    Just an update.

    We have started T1 raiding again!

    Again, if you'd like to join a casual raiding guild, then Grievance may very well be the place for you! We have married couples, retirees, veterans, and others from various walks of life. Our community enjoys helping others succeed. Send a /tell to any Grievance member to see about getting tagged so we can help you succeed as well!
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    bad link
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  5. Nelenerap Member

    Thank you for pointing that out. The original post has been updated.
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    Just a short update:

    We've hit level 205, and are still pushing forward with Expert Heroic content and some light raiding.

    We're actively looking for healers and DPS classes, but all are welcome. If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to ask any member of the guild for more information.
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    Still a bad link.
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    Ok, 3rd time's a charm then I guess. Sorry about that.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen of Skyfire!

    Grievance is still actively seeking to add more people to its community! Most of the guild is primarily active in the evenings, and we need YOU to come over, join guild chat and join us in enjoying the game and the company. Make some new friends and get some loot along the way!

    Server populations are struggling, but the love of the game is still there. Send a /tell to any guild member online for more information about joining this small, but dedicated, community.

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