Skyfire Down??

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Melkior, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Melkior Active Member

    I just got kicked from game and haven't been able to get back in. Anyone else having issues? All my other connectivity appears to be working.
  2. Seryndipity Active Member

    Apparently we all are. Guild was raiding, lost connection to server. Came back in, raid was disbanded and raid instance was reset after clearing it. Down again. Fix our server DB
  3. Listeriaz New Member

  4. Francoise Member

    Yes, seems to just be Skyfire.
  5. Aaak New Member

    yup I cant get back in either
  6. Caith Developer

    We are investigating where Skyfire is hiding, we'll update you as soon as we find where it went.
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  7. Cuedywene Member

    It's down for me as well. I knew moving to Skyfire was a mistake. Let's go back to Permafrost!!!
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  8. Cuedywene Member

    Woot thanks!!! See if you find any extra plat you can associate with my account while you're at it. Thanks....ur da best!!!
  9. Majesty Active Member

    Not just skyfire, halls of fate not letting you log in either. Just sits with a logging into character but never finishes. This one doing it too Caith. Thanks for checking into it. :)
  10. Yashi New Member

    Blame the eclipse. Seems like a reasonable explanation...even though it is about a week out.
  11. Cuedywene Member

    created a toon on Fallen Gate and stuck at "Entering world as (insert new awesome name here)...."

    Think the problems are a bit more widespread.
  12. Caith Developer

    We are aware that the issue is causing time-outs for other servers when zoning, we're taking a look at that as well.
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  13. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Lot of people crashing while zoning on HoF server, too.
  14. Visper New Member

    shouldn't server status show as down? just because it's plugged in it does not mean its working
  15. Melkior Active Member

    Back up now.

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