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  1. Wintir Active Member

    Hi Folks,

    Hope all of you are well today!

    Would anyone know of a link or website which gives a current listing of all the skill and ability caps (at lvl 95) ? I was hoping to post a grass roots guide to our guild website. I don't necessarily need the hard caps, just the soft caps.

    Also wanted to ask what precisely the "potency" stat affects. The in-game definition(s) are very vague.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    Right of EQ2Wire.

    Potency: Potency increases the amounts of all abilities. Potency does not affect Auto-Attack. This does not cap as of GU56.

    What this means is that the BASE damage of your skills are increased this goes in before Critical Bonus to my knowledge. A skill that this for 1000 damage gets 100 more damage with 10% potency. As with all % increases each increment of 100% is a multiplier.

    To keep with the 1000 point example if you have say 600% Potency (A Reckless Tank) that means this skill now hits for I believe 6000 damage before critical bonus. If you have 200% CB and 600% Potency that means that your criticals are 350% strong (Base + CB) this 1000 point skill now hits for 21,000.

    I am estimating and my math may not be exact to what EQ2 uses but this should give you a general idea what CB/Potency do. Here is a calculator I pulled off Praetoriate's Guild site. What this means though is Potency also raises the cap on Ability Modifiers.

    ([normal amount] * [potency] + [ability modifier]) * [crit bonus] = Damage
  3. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    To expand:

    * (stat%/100 +1) (str/agi/wis/int depending on class)
    * (potency/100 + 1)[may also need to include some base gains from AA for certain abilities]
    + ability modifier[or ability modifier/3 for ae abilities][up to max of 1/2 of max damage]
    * (crit bonus/100 + base cb) [base 1.2, 1.3, or 1.5 depending on ability type/class. can be found by hovering over the crit bonus stat][may also need to include gains from AA, again]
    = Damage
    * debuffs (always 1.5 when capped which is pretty easy. With COE can also be 1.515, 1.55, or 1.65 depending on brig/swash/necro)
    = Real Damage

    I might've missed something though since I just woke up like 10 minutes ago.
  4. Wintir Active Member

    Thank you very much for clarifying "potency"!

    Still wondering if there is link or website which gives a current listing of all the skill and ability caps (at lvl 95).
  5. Lenolian Active Member

  6. Wintir Active Member

    Thank you, Lenolian!

    Very good URL - odd that it doesn't mention Critical Bonus, though. Perhaps there is no cap?

  7. Lempo Well-Known Member

  8. Estred Well-Known Member

    There is no cap on Critical Bonus thus far to answer that question.
  9. Makatiel New Member

    I am not sure how up to date the eq2wire info is as this seems to be from 2010. I know STR no longer affects how much you can carry because there is no limitation any more. Not certain if AGI or WIS affect avoidance or Mitigation either ....
  10. Lenolian Active Member

    The information on that eq2wire page are completely outdated. Most stats caps and effects have been changed since, some are even no longer in game.
  11. Estred Well-Known Member

    STR does not effect carry weight because Mages complained too much as inventory space got too large for them to fill even with light equipment.

    AGI no longer effects avoidance sadly, I happened to like having STR, STA, WIS, AGI being useful to tanks still. STR/STA is just boring and a lazy way to make gear.

    WIS no longer effects Mitigation as it used to add Critical Mitigation which as Drunder proved was a semi-broken and difficult to regulate mechanic.
  12. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    Whoa, don't put that on us dude. ;)

    (We had strength buffs that scaled strangely, and were walking around with bank boxes in our bags)

    But I do miss the old stats system, where different stats did, (it was a wacky concept, I know) - different things....
  13. Estred Well-Known Member

    Hehe never meant it badly. Just that is the stereotype people think of. I also enjoyed the older system where having Wis wasn't useless on a Paladin.
  14. Liftik Member

    So let me see if I have this straight... going off Estred's formula:

    ([normal amount] * [potency] + [ability modifier]) * [crit bonus] = Damage

    (I read Buffrats formulas, but they just confused me further, so I'm going with Estred's LOL)

    Say I have a heal spell that heals between 1000 - 3000 points of damage.

    I have a helmet that increases base heals by 8%. So that would change the base to 1080 - 3240

    Then we add potency? Which say at 300% would set the range to 4320 - 12960
    (1080*300%=4320 - 3240*300% = 12960)

    Then we add Ability Modifier (say, 3000), setting the ranges to 50% of base amount so ranges are 6480 - 15960
    (4320*50%=2160+4320=6480 - 12960*50%=6480, but instead adding the full 3000=15960)

    Now add Crit Bonus again say at 300% (assuming a critical heal) to set the ranges at 25920 - 47880 points healed?

    Does this sound about right? I'm looking for an honest answer from those in the know. I'm really confused by this stuff. haha.
  15. Davngr Well-Known Member

    you can't really tell if it's exponential boost or additive boost until you test it as far as base vs. regular potency unless specified on the item/ability and most are not.

    here's the actual damage formula and as you can see it has many factors that are still a bit shady as far as what affects them:

    base damage calculation
    weapon attacks add in dps and weapon multipliers
    spell and weapon tier multipliers
    attribute modifiers
    base damage multipliers
    normalized damage ( +spell/ca/heal amounts )
    critical multiplier
  16. Liftik Member

    Nope, still confusing... LOL
  17. Davngr Well-Known Member

    you have to test the equipment to find out if it has just plain potency or if it modifies one of the other multipliers that is then modified yet again by your own potency/cb thus making it considerably more powerful.

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