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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by SikkoB, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. SikkoB New Member

    So I pre-purchased the Chaos Descending expansion and decided to buy the one that allows the use of the Merc Skando Eyespot for all characters starting at level 20. Since the patch on Nov 20th the devs locked the zone for only 100+. Is this a permanent lock or are they re-coding so players less than 100 do not get the discoverable area experience (I got 3 levels and AAs at level 20 just getting my merc) to gain a couple levels?

    Or will Skando be moved so we can get to him again?
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  2. SikkoB New Member

    Since a marketing manager or dev hasn't posted on how this would be fixed...the GM who had my ticket recommended a "bump".

    Flora "Violetann" R.
    Today at 00:36
    Greetings again!

    You will not get any reply from either /feedback or /bug, but they both go directly to the Developers. That's why I usually recommend posting on the Forums as there's a chance of getting a Dev reply. I hadn't seen anything in the recent posts so you might want to bump it for discussion and maybe make the Subject more descriptive. Barring that, all we can do is wait and check the Update Notes to see if it's been addressed.

    If there's anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.


    GM Violetann
    EQII Customer Support
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  3. SikkoB New Member

    bump again
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  4. Test Taffies Member

    I too received that type of response. My biggest question and yet it is a suggestion... Why can't they had the Mercenary to the Merc center in Qeynos and Freeport? That would solve this issue for lower level characters they did this for the personal avatar merc.
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  5. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The Rules of Conduct prohibit bumping posts, regardless of what you were told in a support ticket.

    There are three ways you can make sure your comment is seen by a dev. Not a single one is guaranteed to get a developer response.
    1. Use /feedback in-game. That puts your comment in their work queue.
    2. Send a PM to one of the red names in the forums.
    3. Get on Discord and send a PM to one of the devs.
  6. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    If you are going to sell Skando as being available to players at level 20, then you need to make sure that they can attain the merc at level 20. Putting the merc in a zone locked to players under level 20 makes no sense and is essentially false advertising. If this is an oversight, then I hope it is corrected asap.
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  7. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    Edit: Correction: locked to players under level 100
  8. SikkoB New Member

    Thank you Sigrdrifa for that info.

    I guess the only thing really to do is file a complaint with the BBB. Although, the only thing I think DB will do is grant a refund and delete the /claim items already or they will just delete my account and say that it was hacked or something. Based on other complaints.
  9. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I know that if you have a credit card chargeback, they ban you. Imma gonna bet that a BBB complaint won't get you any results you like.

    Why don't you PM Roxxyl and ask if she can forward your info to the accounts people and ask politely if they will just remove Skando from your account and refund your money? That's the most likely course of action that will get you positive results?
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  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Or maybe they will put Skando in an area where a character under level 100 can attain it. They put the merc from ToT into Qeynos and Freeport for that exact reason.
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  11. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Right, either way, send a PM to Roxxyl and ask her to forward it to the correct people. You have to decide whether you are willing to wait until they ever get around to making the merc available elsewhere, or whether you want to ask nicely for a refund.
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  12. SikkoB New Member

    With the amount of time I played and claimed items from the expansion I will lose alot. I also payed forward the lifetime membership, so I have to wait for them to place Skando in a place useable to players 20+. I don't think that will ever happen though, but will still PM Roxxyl
  13. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    I just don't understand why the level requirement is needed in the first place. Haven't high level crafter - low level toons been able to access any zones? And with the promise of 20+ to obtain the merc, this, for sure, makes little sense.
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  14. SikkoB New Member

    I think it is more along the lines of the experience players under 100 get for "discovering a new place" at level 20 I gained a level for zoning in and moving to discover the library.
  15. SikkoB New Member

    Still no update? That is rather disappointing.
  16. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    The devs need to add him to the merc galleries in the cites and be done with it.
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  17. Rupe New Member

    I doubt this will ever change. Things seldom do in EQ 2
  18. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Discord has an average of 2 to 4 devs on most times, and i'm sure there are others at DBG monitoring. A lot of the changes I've seen in the game that corrected reward/items bugging were first posted by people on there. Join the discussion, and give 'em an earful it can't hurt.

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