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    Hi. So here's the deal. I have my first character in their 90s and I've run into a bit of a problem. I have almost 6 bars worth of abilities (roughly). I am by no means complaining I am just lost. I realize some have very specific situational use however it's the rest that have me completely lost. I have not power leveled this character or anything like that, I've worked hard for all 303 AA. Let's face it basic leveling is super easy and I've never had to use more than a couple of spells to kill mobs. I was looking at my bars now that I am nearing end game and I had a panic attack last night and seriously considered starting over with another character.

    I don't really know my class, not because someone helped me "speed" my way to the end. I have for the most part played solo and some low level instances. There was just never a reason to use so many abilities. There must be somewhat of a rotation at least to ramp up or some high priority order. I have my bars broken down to types (buffs, dd, aoe, wards, etc) this doesn't seem very optimal either. I could really use some advice on placement and usage. So I come to you.

    Note: I'm not looking to raid maybe some heroics eventually, I have still never used reforging or seriously tanked anything but low level so I still have tons to learn, right now it's my hotbars that seem to be my undoing. :-(
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    Hey Runestone,

    So I'm gonna put this out there for the world to scrutinize and criticize, LOL

    You can better judge my advice here based on the kind of player I am. My SK is my main. I played an SK in EQ1 as well. I have never been in a hurry to get to the end game--it took me over 2 years to get to level 95. I primarily solo and run occasional dungeons with friends. I'm wearing a mix of Visionary crafted, CoE quested, and a few pieces from the Advanced Solo dungeons (since I just finished the CoE sig line a few weeks ago). I have never used a merc nor felt the need to. I know all this will sound like blasphemy to some. :eek:

    My guildies have referred to me as either a "force of nature" or a "freak of nature" because of my damage output and survivability. In a group wipe, I am the last lizard standing and the one who finishes the encounter. Yeah... there's a little swagger there. I'm an Iksar SK after all. ;)

    So now that you have some perspective, here is my personal rotation:

    I keep the following buffs up:
    Innoruuk's Caress
    Grim Harbinger
    Dark Blade
    Unholy Hunger
    Unholy Strength
    Seething Hatred
    Servant of Thule

    I am normally in Offensive stance, but switch to Reckless with a big two-hander when if I am supporting a main tank in a group. We have a Guardian as our tank, but unless I really hold back my attacks, I will unintentionally grab aggro about halfway through the fight.

    When I solo, I almost always pull with my bow, since it does triple the damage of my primary weapon, so starting with a big hit gets things off on the right foot.

    If I am pulling a named mob, I start with these:
    Crusader's Faith
    Death March
    Shadowknight's Furor
    Legionnaire's Conviction
    Devouring Mist
    ranged attack

    If I am pulling a group of mobs, I start with these:
    Hateful Respite
    ranged attack
    Unending Agony
    Death Cloud

    If the I'm pulling a group that includes a named mob, I will start with Hateful Respite, work through the first list above, then continue with the second list, focusing on the boss. The AoE damage in the second list is usually more than enough to take care of his friends.

    I will skip Pestilence if there is a named mob in the group, since I won't get the benefit when everything else dies before the named.

    Once the melee has begun, I work through the following to build hate and debuff/buff-tap the mob:
    Dreadful Wrath
    Mana Sieve
    Insidious Whisper (+hate)
    Blasphemy (+hate)
    Swift Attack
    Siphon Strength
    Legionnaire's Strike

    With a good grip on the mob at this point, I start burning it down and begin my health maintenance:
    (heroic opportunity)
    Painbringer (+heal)
    Cleave Flesh
    Siphon Strike (+heal)
    Devour Vitae (+heal)
    Hateful Slam (+hate/knock down)
    Shadow Coil (+heal)
    Unholy Blessing (light HoT)

    If I still have things to kill, I start back at Dreadful Wrath and work down the list again.

    I keep the following abilities in reserve:
    Soulrend (single knock down/stun)
    Hammer Ground (AoE knock down/stun)
    Harm Touch
    Divine Aura (stone skin)
    Aura of the Crusader (spell breaker)
    Zealous Smith (group spell breaker with an attack combo).

    I also keep these in reserve for group pulls that start to get out of hand:
    Reaper's Mist (+heal)
    Doom Judgement
    Chaos Cloud (+hate)
    Tap Veins (Grandmaster - big AoE life tap)

    So that's pretty much it.... I will tweak things a little in a group, just three or four abilities that I haven't listed here, but they are on a hotbar that I hide unless I'm going to use them.

    You can also look up my gear and AA setup on EQ2U; my tag here is the same as my SK's name. I have done some reforging and adorning, and that definitely helps.

    Good luck to you! Keep it evil. ;)
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  3. Drumstixx Active Member

    You want to get your group taunt off first because nox debuff. Get up Siphon Strength right away, and on a mob that you want dying fastest because it decreases HP.

    Always cast Essence Siphon for the group buff, Devouring Mist on encounters or long solo mobs, and follow up with your strongest damage over times abilities. Fill in the games with random other ones, because it really doesn't matter much. With the right cast speed, you should have just about everything down on reuse at all times.

    Your temps should never be cast on pull unless you expect to die. Save them for when group buffs and debuffs are going. Furor, while our best defensive ability for melee survivability, boosts spell damage by a good chunk.

    Death March, also while a good buff, should be saved to reset Chaos Cloud. Always follow up Chaos Cloud with Death March so it's an instant reset and starts the reuse of Death march (unless in a strange situation in which Death March can be used to help avoid control effects for the group). Don't instantly recast Chaos Cloud over itself. Let it tick out for it's duration first.

    If Chaos Cloud is up in less than 20-30 seconds or so, don't reset it with Death March unless the mob is just about to die. Let the recast come up normally, and then you will have another reset ready to go soon afterward.

    For minimal gains overall when fighting mobs, know that some DoTs last longer than their max reuse. Lance, Insidious Whisper, Painbringer and Death Cloud come to mind. If you're fighting multiple mobs, you can kind of switch between each one at least casting the single target DoT's. It's not always best to let the reuse run out on the AOE ones because I think their initial hit is pretty hefty. Can't remember for Lance off hand.

    Don't deny Pestilence, it actually does decent damage even if it doesn't spread.

    Don't delay your auto attack.

    Melee damage, death cloud, chas cloud, and zealous smite are pretty much our top damage dealers. Recklessness amplifies this (except melee of course)

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