SK or Necro for goofing around...

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    returning player . no raiding this time or anything like that. just looking for a fun toon to do stuff on while killing time when I have it. was thinking SK if I go fighter or Necro if finger wiggler. thoughts on this ? will be a boosted toon thanks in advance
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  2. Leeroy Well-Known Member

    First, do you prefer to melee or ranged fight? Do you like having a pet or not? Don't play what you don't like. I recommend doing a "trial" of each class at top level to get a feel for them. Don't just guess.

    A necromancer is more versatile (AA spec for self rez, and remember that their Feign Death has a 100% success rate). Get those stats up and necros can be some really good dps and do a lot in groups especially rezzes when healer is busy.

    SKs do have a feign death, and an evac, but no way to self rez. They are great if skillfully played. But if you group, you've gotta be danged good and have danged good gear at top level. You won't get in a group on an SK to be dps. They want a tank.

    Either way, build your AAs to fit the scenario you plan to use (i.e., soloing or grouping). And learn how the class is played, thoroughly. I can't count the number of times I've been in a group and someone's on their toon who's never grouped, had AAs in some soloing spec that the game gave them, and didn't even know what spells/combat arts to use in what order. Yes, everyone has a first time they join a group, but be informed and ready.
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