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  1. Bisonhawk New Member

    I play this game mainly solo, I like to do old raids and such so I try to lean towards DPS as much as I can.

    This expansion seems to have shaken things up a bit with the changes to spell and ability double casting and the auto attack change. Checking EQ2u I saw a lot of SKs pumping auto attack stats and such so I went with that but I have a few questions for the SK pros. I'm pretty solid on general MMO theorycrafting and such, just not EQ2 specifically since there's... A lot of stuff.

    SKs last expansion seemed to favor spell double cast, but the spell cast overcapping is gone and the enemy buff seems to give them massive double cast resist so I'm guessing that's useless in current content, and they now seem to be pushing ability double cast. Does it function the same as spell double cast? Would it be worth it to stack back my spell double cast on top of ability double cast for old content where it's still effective, or just focus on ability double cast?

    I saw a lot of SKs with no flurry at all. Is this just a useless stat for tanks? Hard to come by on gear ect? I know most SKs I checked are likely tanking so the damage is unimportant but I'm curious either way.

    I've been told DPS Merc are awful. I currently use the KA Merc, Evania. She seems to be pretty solid but I've read a lot of weird things about mercs. be worth it to swap to a fps Merc when I don't need the healing/cures or are they that bad?

    And finally, how big of a difference does 2H vs Sword/Board make? I've typically run sword and board because I like to do big pulls and it's safer/easier for me but swap when I don't need it. I haven't found a solid 2h yet this expansion, I only just hit 120, so I'm wondering if I should put time into getting one or just stick with sword/board.

    My character is Kaidarak on Halls of Fate if anyone wants to check EQ2u. Any and all advice is appreciated.
  2. Agulo Member

    DoubleCast - Essentially everything merged to Ability DoubleCast this expansion so the spell dc is useless.

    Flurry - In a perfect world you'd want to max both Flurry and ADC as close to 100 as possible. Personally I didn't feel flurry was a huge improvement in MY dps but if you can get the flurry pieces without sacrificing other stats then it's still worth it.

    Shields have little to no benefit, even in raid. Get a good 2h with a decent proc and you'll be better off. The protection rating on shields didn't scale with the new content, making them sub-par.

    In order to take full advantage of the auto-attack damage this expac, you need to spec 5 pts in 'Weapon of the Mind' and 1 pt in 'Vitality to Strength' in the prestige(sk) tree.

    Get yourself the new food/drink!! Hogfish Fricasse and Pome Pome

    Do some reforging and tweak your stats.....Reuse and Recovery - 100%, Accuracy only needs to be above 60 to hit 100%....yeah it's odd. Rest of your stats look okay for the gear/solo playstyle.

    INFUSE! INFUSE! INFUSE! INFUSE! Can't stress enough the importance if infusing all your gear, plat/infusers/, to max! Your potency/hp/cb will go way up, which will crank your dps way up

    My profile is open so feel free to take a look. just double=checked my Solo/MassQ spec and should be good to copy =)
  3. Agulo Member

    Mercs - I only pull out my mercs if im trying to solo heroics. If you need a little extra Evania or the Gathering Goblin are 2 of the better mercs from previous tiers.......


    Once you get a merc to Lvl 5 and have them unlocked to summon anywhere, they begin contributing to the new Merc Battalion buff. Each archtype of merc (healer/tank/support) adds different stats. And the mercs do not need to be out to give you the buff, it will give you the buff of the current merc or last merc summoned. The important thing here is that mercs from BoL have significantly better buff stats than mercs from previous tiers!
  4. Bisonhawk New Member

    Thanks for all the advice! The merc buff is something I didn't know about, so I'll start working on that. I'm waiting to get better gear before I infuse stuff, and as far as reforging, I basically just tried to take the useless stats and make them ones that seemed useful, hit caps and such made sense. My gear is a mess from leveling, should be sorted out soon, and hopefully I find a good 2h weapon. Thanks again.

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