Siphoning of Souls outdated?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Garlin1, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Would it be possible to maybe give Siphoning of souls an update? Just a few ideas below.

    Increase trigger chance: To remain by any means useful i'd say it should probably always give you one of the extra spells on death, provided you don't have the current one already.
    Modification of current extra spells: To be honest, and I am sure most agree, they are outright horrible. Only ones I really use are the hp buff and mana buff, and only to supplement lifeburn on me or manaburn for a wizard. The healing one is worthless for the amount it heals. The swarm pet dies to quick to be worth the extra dps. AE def needs a bump in dps.
    >Combine the HoT with the 16% hp buff.
    >Add a mana regen component to the mana buff.
    >Increase the base damage of the AE and add extra component to it: Decreases arcane, elemental, nox resist. and or leave a DoT tick to it after initial damage.
    >Add a cast speed/attack speed or base DPS buff
    > Group mana regen short term buff
    > Group hp regen short term buff.

    Add your other ideas below. This spell just really needs an update, oh and it is still giving the previous tier buffs as well as the new tier. Sorta annoying.

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