Siphoning of souls after the expansion

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-MXGinge, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-MXGinge Guest

    I had a few ideas for this spell (and all the little ones it gives you) for when they change around our class in the expansion.
    since it looks like they are getting rid of dumbfires, which on the one hand is good cause they are a waste right now, kinda bothers me because when i made my necro i was thinking summoning legions of undead to kill stuff. i say give us feasting soul and pestilent soul as real spells. and make siphoning of soul not give us any spells but instead an item in our bag and you can have a stack of 20 (maybe multiple stacks?) and either make those spells cost one of those souls and/or make undead tide summon one minion (thats much more powerful) for each soul you have in your back up to 1 stack of 20. make those minions last anywhere from 1-5 minutes? and have them follow your pet commands. obviously im not a dev so there would need to be tweaks and balancing etc but what does the necro community think ?
  2. ARCHIVED-Lorrn Guest

    your idea has merit but a few things

    what about unstoppable soul. US is pretty much the only one of those spells i even use on raids for my lifeburn dmg.
    one of the things im hoping is that the temp pet graphics remain on our swarm pet spells as a visual cue to other mages that our debuffs are in, and at the same time woudl still allow me to have some fun by getting that occasional super shrunk vampire that pops out sometimes (i love that littel thing hehe)

    while i woudlnt mind have feasting soul (thats the wanna be vexing mordania right?) hehe, more and new dmg spells coudl really screw up my casting order (not that new debuffs arent already going to do that heh)
    now Undead Horde. hmm I do liek the idea of actually gaining a soul in inventory that could be used to increase the power of the summoned minions of the horde but how do we quickly control how many souls are used when using it on a raid. say for instance your raid clears all the trash and you harvest a stack of 20 souls. if 20 was the max we coudl carry and we had no control on how many were used per cast after the firsnt named we woudl be out of souls potentially, so there are some kinks in the idea but the idea does have merit. and i absolutely liek the idea of making the horde controllable. i cant stand summoning the horde on a mob only to have it stand there doing nothing after that mob dies cause the other 4 mobs in camp arent linked so they do nothing for half their duration. that isnt a hard fix i dont think the horde only last so long so if it was controllable we coudl actually gain full potential off that long recast spell during multi encounter pulls.

    in short yeah im with ya on the summoning a legion of undead thing being sort of nostalgic these days for a necro in eq2. i will miss the ability to do so on sleeper type fights (you know those mobs that are so trivial the raid is on cruise control for them hehe i pop my blighted out on those mobs jsut for giggles hehe)

    oh jsut had a thought for controlling soul usage for the horde, link it to the undead horde aa that already exists, instead of adding 1 or 2 minions change it to consume 1 or 2 souls to increase the power of each pet in the horde using those 1 or 2 souls.
  3. ARCHIVED-kukiake Guest

    I actually like how siphoning works right now, the only problem I have with it is that you can't stack more then 1 of each spell. Would be nice if we'd be able to stack up to 10 of each, so we could go and farm them before we are to do something actually important.
  4. ARCHIVED-MXGinge Guest

    what if you still had all 6 spells, but when you cast siphoning soul spell it gave you an item (siphoned soul?) and that went in your bag and much like ammo for a bow when casting those spells it consumed 1 soul. and through AA you can increase the siphoning spell to be a more potent debuff/last longer/harder to resist/chance to get soul/chance to get multiple souls? you could limit the amount to how many souls you have too. like 1 stack of 10/20/50/100? can increase stack size with AA? maybe put an AA in that increases the potency of the 6 spells that consume souls? or chance to not consume a soul (you still need a soul in bag to cast it)? the spells are pretty great but i find myself and im sure others are frugal in casting them? and thus dont get the benefit of the spells?


    also instead of having the debuffs have the visual of minions id much rather our nukes/dots have the animation of it however the pet isnt real cant be targeted counts as our dps and is just an animation? maybe make the mage pet have 1 or 2 spells that have similar animations.

    i want my GD legion of undead lol
  5. ARCHIVED-azraelteir Guest

    We use to summon an essence (an item in our bag) every time a MOB would die with Mortality Mark cast on it. These essences would be used to cast Revivacation and Siphoning of Souls. SoE, to my knowledge, did away with spells that summoned components for other spells completely.
    I do like the idea of allowing each of the Temp Spells that Siphoning of Souls gives us to stack however, as it is, in a raid or even group situations, its very difficult to refresh the one charge of one of the spells you might want to use. Having a limited stack of those spells would be great.
  6. ARCHIVED-Revanis Guest

    I would very much agree that this spell would actually be useful and worth anything IF we can stack upto 20 triggers per session. I'd very much like to hear a response from Aeralik, though i doubt he will not like this idea.
    Update: Ok wow, i just spent 30 minutes trying to get Feasting Soul up, my god seriously! (apparently it does not check what triggers you have already up) This spell is officially the most FAIL spell in the game, along with 60% of our spells!
    Solution: Upon receiving a trigger from the targets death, it should cause all the triggers to be up, allowing us to choose any of the 6 temp spells. Giving us stackable triggers along with this change would be highly thoughtful. This is the only way to make this any bit useful, and I am being extremely reasonable. Unless you want to scrub all this and add 20% dmg increase to all our hostile spells is fine with me.
    I understand that Siphoning of Souls is a class defining spell for the necromancer, and I would completely be happy to use this spell if it was any worth using, am I not being reasonable enough? I mean Lifeburn is already a detriment to the group or raid due to the healing necessity, therefore you really have to look at these line of spells and adjust them accordingly. This would be a reasonably realistic goal.
    Aeralik, I know your reading this!
  7. ARCHIVED-Suraklin Guest

    They know what you're doing Aeralik. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    I agree though Siphoning of Souls needs to be reworked into something more useful. I also think Lich should be a group/raid wide mana regen buff. What good is having a buttload of power when most of our spells are low/slow damage anyway? I still love Necro as a class and would love to be able to get groups easier. Most guildies group with me because they like me not because of the dps or utility I can bring. Hopefully the fixes coming make us way more desirable in a group/raid.
  8. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Suraklin wrote:
    He no longer works there...
  9. ARCHIVED-Suraklin Guest

    Jasuo wrote:
    Well if that's the case then it's good news cause he's screwed so many classes up in thisgame it's pathetic. Maybe someone with a brain will come into the department now.
  10. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    Suraklin wrote:
    not really, because the new guy can just play stupid like he did for another 2 years...

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