SIlver Membership?

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  1. ThankTank Member

    Is this still available by purchasing 500 Daybreak Cash? I was searching online and most links I found said that you needed to purchase 500 Station Cash (no longer available) or that grandfathered accounts have access to it. I was told in-game that it may no longer be available except for accounts that went to an All Access status and have it expire.

    Does anyone know? I was planning on subbing, but unfortunately I don't have the available funds at the moment. But my brother had offered to upgrade my account to silver status in the meanwhile so I have world chat access and the ability to buy off of the broker. I believe he mentioned some sort of mail bonus as well, I think it was receiving mail, but not sending. I can't remember.

    As a secondary question, does anyone know where to find an up-to-date free member restrictions? I read that I could only get Adept spells via the wikia, but I was able to learn a Master level that dropped, so that turned out to be false. I do know I can't use mail or broker though, lol!

    Thank you for your time! :D
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Nope. Silver is long-gone. There is only ftp and all access.
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  3. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    As for restrictions. no Grandmasters - other than those you can take in your character class choices, no broker, mail or chat and no access to member only content, gear (prestige) and bonuses. I'm not sure if there is a restriction on fabled gear or not, though.
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  4. Thand Well-Known Member

    From a old site with the exception that I edited this to show that Master spells are useable
    • Free Membership: (once called Bronze) entitles the player to create up to 2 characters. They are limited to Master spells. Silver members can not send mail to other players, though they can receive mail. They can chat with other players by using /say /tell /group and /guild.
    • Silver Membership: for a one-time purchase of 500 Station Cash, the player can upgrade to silver membership. This adds 2 more character slots (for a total of four), enables unlimited chat channels, and allows guild creation. Silver accounts are limited to Master spells, and the Broker can be used for unlimited buying only. Selling on the broker requires broker tokens that must be purchased from the Marketplace. Silver Has been removed on 18/6/2014
  5. Thand Well-Known Member

    and both free to play and Silver can use Fabled geat
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  6. ThankTank Member

    Oh okay, well thank you all for your input/advice! I went ahead and subbed, and am now an All Access Member! :)
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  7. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Welcome! To be honest, you could wait a few levels before you did that. Meant you couldn't broker until you did, but that's fine for most. But I hope you like the game and stick around. If you need help or advice, let us know as well as your toon name and server and I am quite sure someone will assist you.

    Have fun!
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  8. ThankTank Member

    Thanks Meneltel, I love the EQ/2 community. There are the few elitist that exist, but that's the same with most games that are around. Though, I do believe I'll be sticking around quite awhile. I used to play before when I was younger, though I shared an account with my mother, and no longer remember the account info and I have no way of finding it out as it was tied to her account (it was before the merge with Daybreak as well). Though when I did play I managed my way up to 90 and was playing fairly frequently (between work and school), and did some raiding during DoV and stopped playing shortly after the launch of AoD. While it would be nice to not have to re-purchase BL and Mercs, as I mentioned I do not have the account info anymore. So I'll be making my way back up! :)
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  9. That guy. Well-Known Member

    Yep, sucks they took away making new Silver accounts. Luckily all mine are grandfathered in.
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  10. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, That guy. Mine is silver also.
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  11. Anhari Active Member

    If I were to go F2P, I would be silver since I have been playing EQ2 since it launched (with some significant gaps in time!).

    One thing to remember, regardless of subscription or F2P, Merc's, Tradeskill assistants, Beastlord, Akarian race and to some extent the Freeblood race are all locked behind the marketplace. In order to gain access to them you must spend Station Cash (Real $$). Now however over time you do accumulate 500 SC per month while subscribed as an All Access member, so after a few months you can unlock these features.

    Suggestions: Unlock Merc's first, then race if desired. Beastlord can wait for several months unless you are just dying to play one, but at 3K SC, it is one of the more expensive items.

    Mounts: You can purchase some pretty nifty horse/etc. items from the market place, but for basic functionality, I would suggest doing the Butcher block crafting series that starts around level 20. This gives you a mount, and when you complete the BB series, unlocks read-only versions of the level 20-29 advanced crafting books for your crafting class.

    BTW Warden/Fury/Wizard and its evil counterpart all gain port spells around level 24. Druid rings or wizard spires in many of the zones make getting around Norrath a lot nicer with the port spells, and they can be used in an emergency to "bail" pit pm a bad situation (if you have time to cast the spell before getting the crap beat out of you!)

    Hope this helps, good luck and Welcome to EQ2 and the World of War...err... Norrath!
  12. Katz Well-Known Member

    I wish they still had silver. I have two accounts subscribed and one that is silver. My fourth acct is ftp and I would love to make it silver. :oops:
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  13. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I have access to six accounts that I would take silver in a heartbeat... but I won't pay for All-Access for them. I already have All-Access accounts.
  14. Zizinana Active Member

    Dear friends, maybe someone will tell you. I have three accounts.One has full access. On the second and third I play without a subscription. But if on one of them I have created three characters and I have access to all three, then on the other I cannot create more than two characters. Why is that? After all, it seems, for free, you can have 4 characters ...
  15. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    ftp allows access to only 2 characters. You can,at character select, add a character slot. That will give you access to the next character up the list.

    So if you have:

    character C
    character B
    character A
    character D

    ftp gives you access to A and D with C and B locked.

    Adding one character slot, at $10, gives you character B with C only available with all access and/or you add another character slot at $10.
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  16. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    And older accounts may have even more slots that were grandfathered in.
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea maybe you bought a slot, or one of your accounts is silver without you knowing, that would be cool.
    I's 2 for ftp 4 for silver, and I think 8 for subscribed, I don't know my oldest 2 accounts have over 20 slots open, I keep on buying more, lol.

    Thanktank, can't you ask your mother about the account information?
    If that is not possible anymore, you could try to find out and reclaim that account by sending in a ticket to DB,
    you would be surprised what they can do with some information, like the Creditcard used for the purchase,
    characters names on the account and such.

    And as a brand-new member returning to the game, you can also play on any of the premium servers, I suggest the TLE server Varsoon, this server is at the moment locked to level 70 and is halfway through Kingdom of Sky.
    The live servers can be a little intimidating, because of all the new technics. and new spell groups, like assentation so it's a steep learning curve.
    On a TLE server things are close to what you remember.
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