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  1. Kalika Well-Known Member

    It seems that KA (kunark ascending) is the latest expansion, when was it released ?

    I Assume that KA include all current content, am i right ? I stopped a few week after AoM release.

    Do you get a level 10 token if you buy KA ? Is there any fun mercenary included ?

    For toons that got their server changed due to a merge is it possible to get a free server transfert ?

    What is the current life expectancy of Thurgadin (the eu server) is it solid ?
  2. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Thurgadin has solid life expectancy, KA includes all previous xpacs, you don't get a free transfer, KA was released fall of last year, and I believe you get a free 100 for buying KA, as well as a free one just for having an account atm.
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  3. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback, Still wondering if i come back, the TLE suffers from may flaws but it is fun and the mechanics are somewhat sound -- even we quite OPowered versus solo/heroic -- The KA game seems a) totally broken especially for wardens b) totally cursed by stat inflation c) exceptionnaly grindy ...

    Still wondering ..

    I know that forums are usually much more negative than the reality, but i also know why i left 2 and half years ago.
  4. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Without much going in details here what you need to know
    a) KA been release last November (like most previous x-packs did)
    b) Unless you use your KA bauble boost - you level 100 will be completely out of whack (heck it will be out of whack even if you use your KA bauble) but you can do/try do solo/AS content in KA
    c) Due to nature of this progression you are WELL behind mainstream you will need at very minimum 25-40 days to catch up because you need at very least completion of Epic 2.0 and that is linked to completion level 9 Ascending
    d) My advise find the guild that carry you over current content while you working on your Epic 2.0
  5. Fairin Active Member

    technically you are ready for heroics after doing the solo quest line for the ethereal offhand
    your tradeskill questline.
    and a few pq's under yer belt.

    now add some proving grounds content to that mix. while working on your ascended daily..

    the difference between you and mains that have been around from the start can be breached with a whole bunch of effort.

    bring friends / get friends / make friends or you're gonna have a bad time. but do try to do as much solo stuff as possible before showin up parsin under 100m - that should be the baseline of any dps just starting out in KA in a group setting with group buffs. (thats 200m on the dummy or abouts is a decent benchmark to start with)
  6. Steelviper Active Member

    By this time into the expac a whole bunch of effort however would sum up to grind endlessly for over 12h a day, to even catch up to those who got their Ascension 10 / Epic 2.0 by themselves bit late into the expac, like me. And seeing as I'm in quite a few things behind those who had a head-start with Tithe grinding during Terrors of Thalumbra, or even just when Kunark Ascending came out...
    Not to discourage you, but the current expac is super grindy and has lots and lots and even more lots of old content pre-requisites like faction and questlines etc. - and does rather little to help out people who're just starting out. Best not to expect to get far ahead before the next expac already hits, probably sometime this Summer.
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  7. Wavern New Member

    Would it be better to just wait and buy the next expac instead of KA for a new/returning player?
  8. Katz Well-Known Member

    Well, I would look and see what you get with the KA expansion and decide. I bought it on my extra accounts because of the free level 100 boost and opening up merc's. Seemed worthwhile for that. Most likely the next expansion will be out in November.
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