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    Novelty Signatures by Quiarrah (with a personal touch)

    A long time ago I had a thread here hoping to pick up some work for sigs. It had gotten lost in the shuffle as did many others so I am here to open up shop once again.
    For the time being I am using my own sig as a sample. . . however as time permits I will add samples of my work on past sigs (most of them for Guild Wars)
    Things I require:
    1) A good screenshot (this is a must unless you want me to just use any Fantasy art)
    2) Your favorite colors (at least 2)
    3) Your class, sex and race (male elf warrior, female human mage. . . etc, etc, etc)
    And last but not least. . .the personal touch. . .
    4) Any hobby you might want to incorporate (besides gaming of course. Have a love of Cats? I can put a big wild cat in the bacground. . .like science fiction? Perhaps a space ship ghosting by in the back . . .)
    My hobies for instance are Bellydancing and Wolves. . . .most of my sigs have a wolf in them or a bellydancer somewhere. . .
    Operators are standing by!

    .......... .................. .......................... ............................. .......................
    Samples as they come in
    For the Dark Hunter Series and Website a Sig with matching Avatar
    [IMG] [IMG]
    Some GW Sigs
    As you can see, I have no qualms about mixing games. . . (in my own sig because I play them all!)

    2007 Snowglobe Sigs
    These started out as a Novelty item. . . but have gotten quite popular. . and not just for Christmas anymore either!

    Here is a globe I did for a sitemate whose name was Rikar. . I had no idea what to do Guild Wars wise for him so I did the next best thing. . he LOVED it!
    Last but not least. . .my favorites from when I first started making sigs.
    Don't know if anyone here remembers the guild Yamabushi Clan form EQ1. .but they had broken up and became Shadows of Yamabushi. . .they also became a non-existant guild. . .and this was my first Guild Wars sig in memory of them.
    Thank you for looking. . and I hope I have sparked some interest.
    Another Globe for Valentines!
    My Fae. . .Jasmynetea
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    *bringing back to front*
    Taking Orders
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    Love your snowglobes!!! Might have to get one for a guild wars character.
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    Just say the word. . .anytime. . . .contact me privately and I will give you my email to send screeenshots to and info.
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    NEW for EASTER:Faberge Eggs
    This is my Mystic Kiannarose.

    OPEN for Orders!
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    My newest sig for my fae, Jasmynetea.
    This section is only inactive because no one has requested anything lately. . but I am still very much OPEN!
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    Thanks so much these are just wonderful!

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    You are very welcome hon. . . glad you like them!
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    I just have to say.... <3 Acheron
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    Still OPEN for business
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    are you still making sigs?

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