Signatures by Lady Akyashaa (UPDATED 11/02/11) with website now!

Discussion in 'Signatures' started by ARCHIVED-Akyashaa, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Celestial Knight Guest

    No problem take your time
  2. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    Happy Halloween everyone. New Sig up in OP !
  3. ARCHIVED-Celestial Knight Guest

    Thank you Lady Akyashaa for the amazing signature!
  4. ARCHIVED-Apollyonis Guest

    Some awesome art work, great job
  5. ARCHIVED-VikodiN Guest

    Sweet Lookin'.
  6. ARCHIVED-Shoenasty Guest

    Hey Aky, you still hangin with that Velo guy? lol

  7. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    Jaklo@Unrest wrote:
    Hey Vorlon, no I don't, actually got divorced heh:p

    Ohh and thanks everyone. I am glad you like my artwork :) Check it out for character portraits: there's also a list of prices there under the commission link :)

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  8. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    Still around and taking requests. Just a heads up for everyone :)

    Ohh and happy new year! Hope everyone had a great start!
  9. ARCHIVED-LordJadar Guest

    I do wish I wasn't a kid then I could pay for a piece of your art to be done for me, that would be amazing, maybe in 6 years time when I'm 18...

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