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Discussion in 'Signatures' started by ARCHIVED-RetroUK, May 16, 2006.

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    Looking good, even if a little wrong place for a siggy test. Incase you want to get rid of that yellow border around the image which obviously isn't inteded to be there, you could use img src="your siggy url" width="400" border="0" . :)
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    BTW, where was the right place for a signature test? I looked around and couldn't find one.
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    Please make your test posts in this thread to try out your signature, rather than cluttering up the board with lots of unnecessary fluff posts. :)
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    Seagoat wrote:
    >_> test
    Does that make you happy :p
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    Amazingly enough, yes! ;)
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    Seagoat wrote:
    lol :)
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    Maybe we'll have more luck with 2 "official" test threads :) Wouldn't you agree Seagoat? ;P
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    Hehe How many testing threads do we need...?
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    Lots! For testing threads are like cookies! (Though cookies are a sometimes food.... :( )
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    Yes!! Two testing threads should work nicely!
    Actually, I didn't see the first one until after I'd already made this one. Yes, I did feel kinda sheepish. :p
    *** But hey, I used asterisks!! *** I get points for using a high-visibility title, right??
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    Seagoat wrote:
    You win the internet! Yay!

    ...need to cut down on the caffiene...
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    Bumping this so hopefully people [/SIZE][size="xx-small"][face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"] use it.. [IMG]
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    Clyde.... Have I ever told you you're my heeeeeeerooooo?
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