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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Seth, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Seth Active Member

    where do i sign up to become a DBG Game Master.

    Absolutely no experience


    1. To get at least 1 major thing fixed every 3 weeks.
    2. Will spurt out random rubbish and hope you catch on.
    3. As long as u give me a place to stay and food on the table il work for free!
    4. Oh and will also need my own decckked out PC for eq2, quad core etc to reply to all those who need help. ^
    5. Will find a whole bunch of random people and also get them working for free, but under work experience + occasional pizza.
    6. Will grill those random people in the way EQ2 should be run and how we operate.
    7. Will show them the secret Stat list which explains all we need to know but dont.
    8. Will send them out into the servers and make them Present like they should be as GM's.
    9. Will work on fixing everything Borked with the game by designating the handful of people you have availible.
    10. Starting with those infusers. like legit, remove those infusers from the crates and community will praise you.
    11. Knowing what the people want, afterall i am one of them am i not... are you ?
    12. Will remove all awesome looking weapons from the game and add them to the shop.
    13. Will remove all P2W aspects from the game starting with reducing potency requirements.
    14. Will then With utmost awesomeness announce that the premium edition will have new rewards to compensate for the old ones that i reaped from everyone, But they will not contain raid equivilant mounts and super duper op fantastico familiars, i shall give you all your own starter pack of infu-- JOKING, starter pack mhmh, il leave that up to you to decide my fellow gamers, afterall I do listen to your feedback thoroughly.
    15. Will save Norrath from whatever astroid hit it, by going into the planetside twitchstream section and throw some $$$$ in their face to get them to try out EQ2, afterall they are loyal DBG players if they are playing planetside.
    16. Will Then Procede to have a meeting with the 4 current developers and that one guy who makes me bagels and brings me pumpkin spice latte, and discuss how the game should and WILL be run.
    17. And then we plan how we want to go about it for the next 2 weeks finalising what needs to go first in order of priorities / cough INFUSERS... my apologies had a slight tickle in my throat. Must have been all the infusers i downed from blending them up.... you know.. the ones from my stockings.
    18. And once it has been implemented and the players are aware, we can allll be happydolally.
    19. players are aware we are making changes, we are aware players are aware, players are happy, some drop off, but you know what, im here for the survival of EQ2.

    In all honesty though, i totally wouldnt mind that dev job, and i was serious about having no experience in this field.
    Feel Free to PM me.
    Count this as my unofficial application to the team.

    Look forward to working with ya.

    P.S. The People
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  2. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

  3. Seth Active Member

  4. Deckerd Smeckerd Active Member

    I will be the senior systems designer. I am 46, so I already have insight into the senior mentality. Yet, I am still youthful enough to spend up to 6 hours doing work and in a pinch I can spend an additional 2 hours doing research on the forums and internet.

    I think any new Everquest sequels should come with a physical magnifying glass. This cost saving solution I will give for free. To help the senior players, I propose that we design a system to provide hit point damage numbers through voice output. This will reduce the speed that the game requires people to read. I know i get tired. Instead of reading all the numbers, which would be annoying, it reads the numbers as milestones. "50 Billion!" ...."1 Trillion!".

    Oh wait.......or did you mean I need to be a senior?
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  5. dreamweaver Community Relations

    I am concerned by what you believe a GM does. But that's an impressive pitch.
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  6. Seth Active Member

  7. Deckerd Smeckerd Active Member

    Hey Dreamweaver, what about mine? Did you read mine? Dreamweaver, did you like what I wrote? Did you see how I made a joke in mine? Hey Dreamweaver, what did you think of mine? It was pretty good too, right? It looks like I could be useful too right? I could get the bagels and pumpkin spice latte for Seth. Hey Dreamweaver, what did you think? It was good right?
  8. dreamweaver Community Relations

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  9. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Heh, get over those posers. I'll work for beer...or wine. ;)
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  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I'll work for free!! I was a GM in UO for 8 years!!! I was accepted into the guide program in EQ1 just before SOE shut it down.
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