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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Owain, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-banin Guest

    /sign petition

    needless to say this is a very sad day
  2. ARCHIVED-JDDbull Guest

    They definately went too far with the nerf. The concussion i have from being hit over the head with the nerfbat has affected my veiw of this game. Plz fix me SOE
  3. ARCHIVED-Davish_Darkwolf Guest


    Now way im gonna start all over again with other class after they ruined the Zerker one
  4. ARCHIVED-Kigoni Guest

    I play a level 25 Templar and duo with a level 26 Berzerker. They have changed the Berzerker so much that neither of want to play any more, its just not fun. Aggro has never been a problem before or after the patch, but his DPS is down about 25%. My DPS is down as well now as fights take longer and I use more power keeping him alive.

    So to some up, this nerf has affected other classes indirectly and has made the game less fun. Nice!
  5. ARCHIVED-AlienRok Guest

    I'm totally agree with Overlord, and hope to see less jerk that think to play a dps class instead of tank class.
    We still are good tanks as guardians, wear yellow or orange stuff and shield and you having great damage mitigation and not prob to take aggro.
    I always play MT, and haven't any problem to do my job after the pach, and soloing as good as before.

    I have the best gear I can wear for my level. Anything better is red to me....and I am telling you we don't mitigate like before. I DO use the increased defense / sacrifice offense buffs when I'm tanking....always have. That only makes sense to me...the less dmg I take ...the better the group will do. I also had to go back to using a shield after this patch...haven't needed to do that for maximum group efficiency in maybe 5 levels.

    You speak of "jerks" expecting to play a dps class instead of a tank....
    NO...we expected to be a dps tank....not the best tank....not the best dps....but a blend of that. When I chose zerker the quest npc asked if I wanted to be an offensive tank...that would wade into battle with no regard of my own safety and slay the enemy. That my fellow nerfians is EXACTLY what I want.

    I picked the zerker for the ability to wear plate armor and offtank if needed....and the full arsenal of ae attacks coupled with fury of being berzerk. Sorry, it's the mage tank mentality that I adore.

    Now...before anyone else says that we should deal with it because that's not what zerkers were supposed to be....go back and read this post from the top again please.

    The good news is....there isn't much that a zerker has left that can be nerfed.....congrats boys we've reached rock bottom.

    The truth is ....this isn't what they really had in mind for us can't be. They just don't know how to remove buff aggro in a more cost effective manner. Think about it....what's easier....changing one class so they stop buffing themselves constantly....or changing the coding for the entire game to remove buff aggro all together.....which would affect gameplay on a larger scale?

    The glaring problem isn't the nerf....I'm serious....if you have something that may need tweaking.....then you tweak it. The fact that they aren't very gentle about it is not tolerable. No warning of an impending mitigation warning of changing Rampage (boy I can't wait to hit 50!!) and very little testing of these changes before hand.

    Maybe the underlying issue is really having to pay for beta....that is what this is by the way....I don't think any of us are laughing about that statement now. I made the mistake of letting my CoH guildies talk me into playing this game....even though I knew I'd regret playing another Sony title after 3 years in eq1. So....shame on me for having too much faith in player to developer feed back. Instead of supporting these forums that basically gives us a place to argue with each other....why not actually use them and interact with some of the players to better the game....the way WE want it to be....NOT YOU.
  6. ARCHIVED-dragula Guest

    first I want to mention that all classes have been nerfed , mobs have been overpowered...

    for example :
    Chanter got a lot of spells on same timer now, WIzard got nerfed nukes
    Scout dps seems to have increased again.

    and now berserker?

    Probably they dont want us to lvl as fast as before but still, Bloodlust was very good true, it was a good agro holder, true. But like the description said it wasn;t supposed to be like that.
    Don't get me wrong, I am pissed they nerfed Bloodlust but what kind of empirical evidence you have for it? The combat art description doesn't say it increases hate toward the berserker.
    About the dps issue , that one is a very bad one, with Bloodlust I used to use my 2 handed weapon and deal a lot of dmg pretty fast. I am sorry for the lower lvl berserker I got rage not so long ago( which makes you go berserk kinda just by triggering it) .

    The lvl 20 to 30 for berserkers are going to be hard now.

    I can still hold the agro , we got a lot of taunt and aoe attacks but I must admit its; not as much as before.

    I totally understand your point but you should have made it a discussion because we all know as soon as a moderator wakes up he is going to close down this discussion. You can check every single petition that was ever made is in the glass house forum, I dont say it is not an efficient way to express your point of view but the best way to do it, will be to follow the rules of forum and expect a moderator or dev to come read it and talk of the issue with us.
  7. ARCHIVED-Koro Guest

    sign me up as well.

    i've only recently hit level 23 this past weekend and only used bloodlust for a few days before the update. from my personal playstyle i prefer the role of dps while my buddy tanks with his pally for the group, however i switched to the MT role when i found out that bloodlust drew tons of agro. i agree with the other poster that said they should give us an art that allows us to go berserk without it causing us to draw agro all the time, let the guardian draw the hate and take the beating since it's what they're designed for in my opinion.

    as it stands now, i feel like i'm playing as a warrior again since the only time i go berserk is if i'm solo and using focus rage. hopefully SOE will revert to how bloodlust was before the update minus the amount of agro it generates or make it work like the description says without having to recast once we go 'zerk.

    what good is a berserker that doesn't go berserk?
  8. ARCHIVED-bittani Guest

    Try looking at it like This.. Im a guardian to start this off and best friends a Zerker (35 and 34).
    Now He before the patch Utterly destroyed me on DPS and tankly relatively equally, and always stole aggro off me at will and used usually a bubble less or more of power per fight.
    Post patch.
    He comfortably destroys me on DPS, still tanks relatively equally and now I stand a chance of fighting aggro back off him when he takes it, although its tough as hell even with adept 3 taunts and he uses around the same power as me per fight.

    Flame the message if ya like but your making some seriously knee jerk reactions, someone took away your toy and you dont like it and that i understand. I was/am a provsioner level 42 and the changes they made in big patch means 4 buffs in a single combine drains our power totally so essentially, i can barely make counters anymore and each combine takes twice as long but im not having an eppy over it.
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  9. ARCHIVED-Glanoric Guest

    I was fully expecting, and am fairly happy, for bloodlust to be nerfed. What I am NOT happy about are the changes to rampage and the uselessness that is our new focus rage. What is the point of being a berzerker if you can't berzerk? What are we supposed to do now, use those crappy abilities like raging strike or whatever? The whole thing is stupid. This, coupled with the tradeskill nerf, is making me seriously consider quitting altogether.
  10. ARCHIVED-Trixster Guest

    I agree that the change has been drastic but I think everyone knows that to a certain extent, change was needed. I'd be curious to run a few parsers to see where damage is now at this point with various classes as I think this is a pretty important point.

    From what I had read and seen when playing my SK with a 'zerk, it was pretty obvious to me that berserkers were overpowered as they were dealing more damage and also creating more aggro than any other tank class I had seen without really having a penalty to counterbalance this. Taunting should be fairly equal across the fighter classes but it wasn't the case with berserkers. They could outtaunt any class with little to no effort. As for the DPS, I think most agree that DPS should be highest with mage and scout classes but again, berserkers (and SKs from what I hear) tend to be at or near the top of the list when it comes to dealing damage.

    How are wizards and assassins supposed to feel about this when they think they are out there dealing the most damage but then quickly realize that they're 3rd or 4th behind a class that has more health, more armor and can basically keep on dealing damage more damage even after they run out of power? It doesn't seem right to me and if Shadowknights are also above wizards and assassins, I would rightfully expect this to be brought in line somehow. Whether it's through a nerf to shadowknights or an upgrade to the other classes.

    If anything, the nerf that went through for berserkers was needed but it was a bit too extreme from what I'm hearing. Granted, it's only been a day and so maybe some of you are just too used to the old "easy" method of fighting and just need time to adjust your playstyle accordingly. The problem I have though is that no skill should be on a 60 min timer unless it really is a "tide turning" ability like our Shadowknight's Harm Touch line (although some argue it really isn't even tide turning).

    So all this just to say that the balancing was needed but went a bit too far. Hopefully this will get fixed and brought in line with the other tanking classes. Remember.. Sony said from the start that all base classes should be able to do the same job equally efficient but just do it in a different way. Each fighter class should be able to hold aggro away from another fighter class requiring roughly the same amount of power to do so.

    But give it a day or two.. try different things with your class.. check your other abilities to see if their efficiency has been increased..

    Just give it a day or two to test it out thoroughly before jumping to the conclusion that it's completely broken.
  11. ARCHIVED-Icarus Guest

    SOE messed up and now they are faced with many potential subscriptions losses. I hope they realize their mistake. I hope they undo this un-needed change.

  12. ARCHIVED-CherobylJoe Guest

    Read more posts here, most folks arent concerned about the agro nerf (most of us freely acknowledge that it was broken to all hell). Its that combined with a 30-40pct DPS loss for non high level BERS that has folks unhappy.

    Many of us played 6+ hours last night and know our class well enough this isnt a knee jerk reaction.
  13. ARCHIVED-sceptre155 Guest

    I agree, Lower agro on bloodlust/rage. Leave the rest alone.


    27 Berserker
    in hibernation.
  14. ARCHIVED-NoSympathy_FUTA Guest


    The aggro on BL needed to be fixed no doubt about that. But I would like to see our DPS back. We are supposed to be mean agressive tank class, not a sub-par guardian. It is stated that the berzerker class is sacrifying defense for offense, I think we are only sacrifying now.
  15. ARCHIVED-PlatinumPrincess Guest

    I slept on it last night and I am still so pissed.. I'm signing this petition again.

    /sign petition

    And all you who say this thread will be closed, S T F U - we'll open new ones until SOE GETS A FREAKING CLUE! THIS IS BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS!!

    All they had to do was lower our AC, but NOOOOO they take away what makes Beserkers Beserkers: DPS and Beserk - W T F is left???!!!
  16. ARCHIVED-Korp Guest

  17. ARCHIVED-Jherad Guest

    I've made my views on this ridiculous nerf pretty clear in a few other threads now, but for what its worth, I'll sign this petition before the Mods move in to delete/move any evidence of a disgruntled playerbase.
  18. ARCHIVED-Rainey Guest


    My zerker alt that became my main is no longer fun to play :smileysad:
    Tested out combat after the patch, and going berserk was pretty rare. I'd be happy if they had actually fixed bloodlust to what the description says (although I did love how it was before). As it stands, it's useless.
  19. ARCHIVED-Bad news brown Guest


    Totally agree to the poster who started this thread, we already don't have anything much in our skill tree unlike other classes, and to make us harder to berserk is just downright unfair.. it's not balanced. I am a zerker, i am suppose to deal damage isn't that what the initial concept of zerker should be ??? If i can' be dealing damage what can a zerker do?? visit asylum?? Having a similar dmg output alongside a pld or guard wil surely send alot of us zerker permanently elsewhere..
  20. ARCHIVED-Ewor Guest

    Well I finally got to play this morning and at 33 I had np tanking lvl 37-40^^ rats in RV and held argo just fine and go berserk repeatly all without bloodlust so I guess I never really needed the skill after all like all of you are complaing about. Focus rage makes me proc plenty I'm still berserk 90% of the time and havoc hold argo like a charm and I see know difference in my defence... So use those 2 skills and you dont need bloodlust I've been using the old call to arms instead lmao

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