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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Owain, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Owain Guest

    Greetings Fellow Berserkers!

    It is abundantly clear from perusing the boards that we are ALL angered by results of this latest patch. What attracted us about the Berserker class was the ability to do damage and get aggro - and we were willing to forgo the extra AC and the self-heals enjoyed by Guardians and Paladins in order to do so. We were willing to take a beating, as long as we could give it back.
    We wanted to be the aggressive, damage dealing fighter - a berserker, in fact.

    Playing our class is not the easiest. I never felt my character to be did 'over-powered' because of Blood Lust. It was precisely because of arts like Blood Lust and Blood Rage (which, bear in mind, had already been rendered useless following a previous 'nerfing') that we picked the class in the first place. We have no heals, no horses, no invisibility, no tracking, no super-high-powered damage spells, quick escapes or superior damage mitigation. But we didn't need that, we never asked for that. We just wanted to be what we chose... the aggressive, damage dealing warriors. The berserkers, in fact.

    I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of months (most of it very enjoyable) reaching level 31, and was proud of honing a character who was (finally) not only a viable soloer but also a welcome addition to any group or Guild. However, after a few hours play today, it was obvious to both myself and members of my Guild that Berserkers have been stripped of exactly those qualities which made them not only attractive to play, but also useful in a group. My damage was pitiful (with good equipment and a strength of over 100) and my ability to get and hold aggro was worse. I eventually had to leave my group as I felt I was contributing nothing. No doubt there will be posts pointing out that these problems arise merely from a lack of skill...and they could be right. I'm not the best player ever to wield a big stick. However, this is a game, not a sport and should be enjoyable for all subscribers, not just those with the skills necessary to fix what is now essentially a broken archetype. After all, we all pay the same subscription. The fact that those of us wanting to play as a damage dealing fighter will have to restart the game as a monk or bruiser is simply unacceptable and an utter waste of all our time.

    It's understandable that the developers want to increase the difficulty of the game - some people are levelling very fast and it's not in SoE's interests for their subscribers to reach level 50 in 3 months. However, emasculating our characters (most of which have cost a considerable amount of money and time to create) is not the way to go. And if it's a balance issue between the 'tanking' classes, I personally don't care if Guardians get another 50000 hit ponts and get to wear 30 foot thick Vanguard Uberplate. I don't care if Paladins get to dual wield lances and have horses that can run 100 mph. I just want to deal out damage and get lots and lots of aggro. I want my berserker back.

    Anyway...I believe that the developers want us to enjoy the game, and, more importantly, that SoE want us to continue to subscribe. So in addition to the various individual posts already here, I suggest it would be useful for us to collectively register our displeasure by signing a petition. And even if only half of us sign, that's a lot of displeased customers and a protest that SoE will find hard to ignore.

    So, my violence-crazed, ale-soaked brethren, please sign on if you agree, don't if you don't - and accept my apologies for the decidedly unberserkerish language in this post.
  2. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    Petitions get nuked.

    play the new zerk a few days.
  3. ARCHIVED-Vanessa Guest

    Overlord you really need to stop defending the total destruction of our class. Yes, thats exactly what it is. We can't zerk, we cant get or hold agro, and we cant take damage. If that is not the destruction of our class I don't know what you would define it as.

    Honestly do not see how with the combined amount of nerfs we took today you can sit and tell people it's all ok.
    I'm worse now then ANY tank in the game, how am I supposed to just be OK with that?

    Good grief.

  4. ARCHIVED-Grimgore Guest

    Overlord is past the effect of this patch until they nuke Tides of War.. I'll sign this.. I just bought WoW.. until the Berserk is back in our class, I'm done with the game.
  5. ARCHIVED-Deeds Guest

    Agree Vanessa
    Agree Grimgore

    What fereakin game is Overlord in? You sure you are not a guardian?

  6. ARCHIVED-Dulanic Guest

    I think our aggro ability was over the top before, Guardians couldnt get aggro from me if they tried, it needed to be lowered. However our DPS should not have been, that's what we are!
  7. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    I think you are having problems finding the agro abilities of our class.

    I am not "defending" the nerfs ..I am however telling my curent experience with the class.

    Personally I do think yall are freaking out about it...and keep pressing the bloodlust button..and upset its not working
  8. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    I am not sure what you are not doing..but to say you cannot zerk is wrong
    total destruction? wrong
    cant hold agro? wrong
    worse than any tank in game? wrong
    Well Im not going to argue with you about it, but my opion differes from yours and you are welcome to have your opion..however you are stating a lot of incorrect things about the current berserker
  9. ARCHIVED-Xxtreme Guest

    Sorry this was double posted... Read the next reply.
    Message Edited by Xxtreme on 01-06-2005 11:37 PM
  10. ARCHIVED-Xxtreme Guest

    I have to say I am very dissapointed with the direction they are taking the berserker class. The only 2 abilities that have been nerfed so far are completly useless now, which was bloodlust and blood rage. Now I do feel they could have been toned down a notch but what they did to bloodlust was just totally wrong. Not only do i rarely go berserk but when I do the ability diplenishes instead of staying active for the whole duration of the timer. Being a berserker I feel we should be able to stay berserk 24/7. I use low delay dual wield weapons and before todays patch I would always be berserk when using bloodlust, however they way bloodlust was working was creating some mass amount of agro and thats the only thing I think needed to be twinked about the ability, the agro... The reason it creates so much agro is everytime you hit a mob you would reinstate berserk mode, thus if using low delay dual wielding weapons such as I do, lets say 1.3 delay weapons you would be reinstating berserk mode once every second or even half a second and this constant buffing was where the agro was coming from. If SOE would just give us an ability that made you stay berserk at all times, like place a 12 hour timer on the buff (Not recast time) we could stay berserk and there would be no agro from it since it wouldnt be recasting itself every second. The way things are now goes totally against our title (Berserker). We are supposed to be an angery, high dps tank class that. Heck my character don't have any feel of being angry anymore. Agro is a whole different problem all together.. I think they need to twink taunts for all classes with a taunt ability. Anyway that's my two cents, sorry for the long post, I rarely post in the forums but I just had to get this off my chest. There is simple ideas that could work for us and SOE is just totally messing things up.

    Xxtreme Sunbeard, 33 Dwarf Berserker on Befallen
  11. ARCHIVED-Deeds Guest

    Overlord, let me spell this out for you. We are not pissed about the agro, we are mostly pissed about our damage output, what part of that do you not understand???? Do you think a group will pick you if they have a choice of a guardian? or a Bruiser as a second dps/tank?? If you cant get that then I dunno what to do. I could care less about my agro atm, thats what our Taunt buttons are for. I want to be able to do more freakin damage then a guardian!! We clear?

  12. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    um ToW was nerfed as well... next excuse as to my optomism?
  13. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    well you think a guardian is doing more damage than you?

    Abruiser in light armor with no shield? why are they better than us now....please explain

    Maybe if you didnt jsut rant or state things that are not true without some sort of case I could see your point.

    /laugh less damage than a guardian

    you gusy sure you are not using greay armor and weapons? seriously you all are over the top
  14. ARCHIVED-Mechbeth Guest


    This is ridiculous. They need to leave things the hell alone. It wasnt like it needed to be fiddled with at all.
  15. ARCHIVED-Deeds Guest

    My last reply to you Overlord. Well actually, I cant tell why you are not bothered, maybe you never thought of this class as a dps/tank class in the 1st place. Can you not see that you are the ONLY one on this board who has NO problem with this? You think maybe that would be a sign that something is definitely wrong? Play how you play, if your happy, the rest of us will complain since we paid our money and did not get what was promissed.

  16. ARCHIVED-PlatinumPrincess Guest

    /ignore OverlordMLF

    /sign petition
  17. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    Hmm well I dont know why yall have sucha huge attitude over this...

    Here is a little case I am sure you will not believe but it is fact ..

    Before the patch there were 3 green group kobolds in RE I could NOT solo although I tried as I have aquest I need some items off em...

    I could get the 3rd one down to 25% or so...never could take on like 5 attemps..always ended up running...

    now just now..I went and killed ALL 3 group ups...solo..and was Berserked 75% of the fight.

    so Ill ignore you as well and stop telling you its not taht bad becasue you all want to not try new ways of fighting as berserk

    Up to you if you want to keep looking for the bloodlust button or not.
  18. ARCHIVED-JRS1 Guest

  19. ARCHIVED-Benaire Guest

    If overlord doesnt mind the patch its his choice. Im sure the zerker class still is viable just weakened and from what I read by alot.

    So here is my vote

    No one like a nerf stick and this one seems like its going to far.
  20. ARCHIVED-Owain Guest

    Braxus wrote:

    We are not pissed about the agro, we are mostly pissed about our damage output, what part of that do you not understand???? Do you think a group will pick you if they have a choice of a guardian? or a Bruiser as a second dps/tank?? If you cant get that then I dunno what to do. I could care less about my agro atm, thats what our Taunt buttons are for. I want to be able to do more freakin damage then a guardian!!

    My initial point was that it's the combination of aggro and damage that makes this class worth playing, and it's my personal opinion that we are perfectly entitled to both without breaking the game mechanics. Having said that, if I was forced between the two, I would agree with and take the higher damage over more aggro. However, wasn't it all going fine anyway? I mean, having the golden wispy thing and the quests fixed would have been enough for me
    And as to this guilt about how good Blood Lust was? Why? Are we not allowed a really good skill? Do we begrudge, for example, the scout classes for extreme DPS, escape, invisibility, tracking, etc?
    To be frank, as a first time MMORPGer I was surprised at how weak all the fighting classes were compared to scouts. It made little sense that a seven-foot 300lb barbarian going nuts with two axes would do less damage than a ratonga with a sharp stick. However, that seems to be the way these things work and you just make the best choice you can as to the type of character you'd like to play and get on and enjoy the game. The point of this thread Mr Overlord (and I know that being level 40 you know more about Tanking than I) is that we made our choices, worked hard to learn how to make the Berserker class work and then had the main reason for our initial choice snatched away...

    You can't expect people to accept their character getting less rather than more effective.

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