Shrink spell?

Discussion in 'General Priest Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Wyvernclaw, May 15, 2012.

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    After much looking and searching I can't find if either Shammy class gets the shrink spell. One of my group is playing a shammy healer so that she could shrink(don't ask me why shrinking is important to her,because I do not know) but we are not even sure if they can(she is only level 10 def at the momment).

    Sorry if I'm failing a Int or search check here. I really have looked all over the place.
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    You get a Pet Shrink spell at the same time as the Summon Spirit Companion spell. 1 point in the shaman tree will give you both.
  3. ARCHIVED-Wyvernclaw Guest

    In EQ1 the Shammy gets a Shrink spell that shrinks player characters as well as pets ect..

    I think she likes to shriink herself down while playing. The pet shrink while usefull if you have a huge pet that gets in the way....can't shrink down barbarians and ogres that she groups with.

    I think I have heard of some Items in the game that do so but I'm now guessing there isn't a spell that lets you shrink people down?
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    Wyvernclaw wrote:
    This sounds like she wants to shrink other players? I only know of a few class "fun" spells that can shapechange others. Besides you want large allies, especially as a healer, so that It's easier to target and/or find your tank when they get into a mess of mobs.
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    Ferk@Butcherblock wrote:
    Make a macro that has /target <tanks name> and you'll never wonder where they are again or use F-keys to locate them.
    I have raided with tanks that enjoy being as small as possible (however annoying that is...), you shouldn't have to try to mouse target them when the going gets rough - and if you can tabtarget your tank, s/he's charmed - and that's not good either.

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