show off your creative created item ideas 2!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Tenchigirl15, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    since I have 2 cats in my house and made food bowls for them in the kitchen, they have to go to the bathroom somewhere. just made a litter box for them in my laundry room. ;)

  2. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Nicely done! Though the litter box needing cleaning is, possibly, a little more realism than strictly necessary...
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  3. Senya Well-Known Member

    Coffee pots must be popular! That's what I'm posting, too. :) I actually built mine a few months ago and posted it in this thread. I've been MIA for awhile, so nothing new since then..*yet*. :)


    Actually, here's a few more screenshots from my sneak peak post in my Consolidated Works Thread, since I don't know when I'll have anything finished and I've missed Homeshow! I think the stove and toilet were in the old thread, too.


    Stove (different house than the kitchen above of course)

    A toilet (bathroom is unfinished still, but the toilet has been installed)
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  4. Senya Well-Known Member

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  5. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    lol! :D that's why I have a scooper and a fresh bag of litter by the litter box. Justinalyn will scoop up their poop whenever she get's home from killing stuff. :p
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  6. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    wow! I just love that kitchen! you picked out nice earthtone colors to it! :D and also I love the counter top on the stove pic. what item did you use on the counter tops?

    and thank you for sharing the coffee maker idea with all of us. I made mine just like that but in white. :p
  7. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    1 jester plate, 3 marketplace pool balls (any "flavor") 2 gold trim Frostfell stockings, 1 red bauble, 1 spoon from our favorite staring halfling feerott quest. Editor needed to flip the bauble 180' and angle the spoon, but you can just set the spoon next to the split on the table. ^_^ but now that I've had it published for a couple days and gotten some votes... I realize i could have used the end of the fishing rod L&L trophy as a stem for the cherry. >.< (Qeynos counter under it so the sunken parts aren't visible)
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  8. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    this makes me want to have ice cream, I love the idea! :D
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  9. Aloriana Member

    Here are a few more of my creations
    Aloriana - Butcherblock server

    Guild hall litterbox for all our Kerran Guildies

    My warlock's Aquarium

    Country Bathroom

    Indoor Garden Pool



    Reptile Tank

    Center Room Glass Fireplace


    Another Playground
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  10. Kisy Active Member

    Those animal bouncies are just too cute
  11. Atmu New Member

    YaY, yes they brought a smile on my face...I was just thinking the exactly same thing.

    Greetings Mu!
  12. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    here's more stuff I made that's in my " Revaew Family row home." ;) and also bump the page, lol! :D

    my new microwave. (had to get raid the old wooden one because it didn't match the other appliances and it broke on Justinalyn :p )


    dishwasher (it's a must!)


    refrigerator magnets and a drawing


    guitar stand for the ice guitar. (for my hubby's side of the bed, he's in to guitars)


    matching dresser with mirror stand (switched the tinkered mirror to the iron mirror, Ithink it fits better with the stand) ;)

    garden light

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  13. kianne Well-Known Member

    OMG im gob smacked you kept it going ...I love everything i have seen, to the lady who wanted rabbits if ur on freeport server i dont mind letting u us my rabbits :).

    Happy Decorating

    Kianneoftroi xx

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  14. Dave New Member

    Indium Tile
    Tizmak Stool
    Feyiron Fence
    Baneful Pokers
    Tinkered Carbonite Divider
    Halasian Andiron

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  15. Perditta New Member

    I didn't make this, my sister/guild leader Wynndi did for my Tenebrous Island (Everfrost Hall of Fame)--
    (really all I said was--wouldn't it be fun to ride a bike around the island? and BOOM I had a bike! lol)

    And then there is my wizard Bizy's cat compulsion that had to be dealt with--
    She has 12 cats and had to hire someone to take care of the litter box!
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    OMG! That is so cute! As a kid, my favorite riding things were the critters... What were the ingredients? :)

  17. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    This was created in early 2011. I call it The BookRegister, and it's thanks to Casiphia that it exists (she was instrumental in helping me think of ingredients).

    If I were to remake it, I'd probably redo it with some other bits and pieces now that we have glass-like objects that would actually work for the top part. I'd also align things much better than I did.

    1 Ornate gold gear
    1 Small Quellithulian Decanter
    1 Tinkerer's Mining Lantern
    2 Loving Cups
    5 Rack of love potion
    ~20 books!

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  18. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    I LOVE books! They're so versatile! That's what my Tardis is made of.. mostly books!
  19. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    a pristine vale briarwood bar x 24
    Shallow basket of oranges

    Grain chute:
    bale of hay x12,
    Plain briarwood tile (x4 I think)
    A wooden bucket
    A Maj’Dul door knocker x1
    Briarwood trough x1

    Fabric Rack:
    Twisted Steel Pole x2
    Bolts of fabric x6

    Tile displays:
    a pristine short maple shelf
    Tiles for display

    Espresso machine:
    sumac chest x3 (top, bottom, and back)
    Tinkerer’s mining lantern x1
    Rack of love potions x1
    Alchemist’s Amore x2
    A coffee cup and saucer x2

    White marble half block x1
    Blue marble stair x2
    Blue marble railing
    Rack of love potions x3
    Kromzek Stein x1

    Half Block of Redwood
    Kelethin display counter x2
    Moving gears x2 (can’t remember which ones, and couldn’t check without moving stuff)
    White marble rounded tile x1
    Railing of redwood x2
    The Trials of Sir Morgan x12
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  20. kianne Well-Known Member

    Hi All hope you dont mind me putting these in here i thought it might give inspiration for designs and such

    All these houses can be found on the Freeport Server just ask and ill give the addresses out if they are not on LB

    Happy Decorating

    Kianne xxx

    Temple of doom..

    These 2 pictures are of my late mums bestest bathroom she loved that i did for her:)

    the next few pics are of my fairytale museums shots...Snow white, 3 piggys and narnia

    Pyrorats halas house

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