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    Good afternoon everyone.

    Well, yes, im a very new player.
    Was looking for something not-so-modern so I started with EQ2.

    Now, to the reason(s) why Im producing this thread:

    I've got into game and quickly noticed potential roadblocks when it comes to being f2p.
    So, since i have no problem with spending money on entertainment, there goes my all-access after two days.

    After a week, I realized Ive got no more reasons to wait with buying expansion.
    So I went to buy it.

    Here, the problems started.

    Im from Eastern Europe, from a country that issues its own currency. Therefore, it is not Euro, and it is also not
    one of the few that are visible in the selection input: (for example here: https://www.everquest2.com/expansion-content).

    Since the current currency exchange rates make payments in dollars very inefficient for me,
    i tried to pay in Euro. But the website was forcing me to pay in USD, and also adding tax to the price.

    Then i noticed that currency is already set in my account, becouse i earlier paid for all-access in USD.
    But the currency selection is disabled and cannot be changed.

    I contacted support, and the chill guy there changed it from USD to EUR.
    But then i couldnt make a payment becouse website was saying that "no payment methods are available for your Country and/or Currency".

    Then the chill support guy came back, saying that changing my account currency was error on his part becouse:

    Anyone encountered something like that ?
    Seems like a bug for me, hard to actually believe its intentional and im wondering should i take it to the "Bug Report" subforum, as its year 2022, not early 00' (which would somehow explain an obvious flaw that punishes players for being from certain parts of world ;) )

    I bought the expansion in collector edition, but as its stands I will simply not buy anything else:

    i have to pay in currency which at this moment has almost same exchange rate as EURO, on top of nominal USD price being higher.
    Aside of that vat is added (Im making assumption here: since eu/us regulations are different, im assuming that when daybreak allows you to pay in euro, vat isnt added - im not able to confirm couse of above errors)

    Oh, and my currency is PLN.
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    No, it's not a bug so please do not clutter up the bug forum with it. Even if it was a problem to be sorted it would be an issue for the accounts/systems people not the game devs. The system does a check of country against currency and if it cannot process a payment in your currency you're limited to theirs - ie USD. And if tax is due in your country it will be charged regardless of the currency in which you are paying.
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    Thats what i tried to do, couse an easy workaround to 'fix' this is to change accounts country, so it passes country-currency check on 'their' side. Unfortunately this was the answer:

    Thanks for input. I do not agree with your notion of me possibly cluttering forums but its been noted.
    Aside of that, what you describe seems to be exacly how the system is built. Tax not due btw.

    Now, if its not a bug, then whats the adjective to describe such practice ? I would say it's simply unfair (for some).
    But since I dont want to go into such tones, i will say: its counter-productive.
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    It's simply a limitation of their commercial systems. And I highly doubt they'll be forking out the significant amounts of $$$ that would be required to replace it.